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  2. Hi, I need to start by apologizing as I made a huge mistake and forgot to close this forum before moving the support to Discord, which caused me to miss all of the support threads opened here afterwards. I just have been made aware of the situation. In short, Enhanced Skyscapes support has been moved to Discord. Here is the link to the Discord server: https://discord.gg/sYTTueXVaS
  3. Hi, I wasn't even aware of this thread until someone mentioned it to me. I had moved all of the support to Discord which is why I haven't been checking here, but turns out I somehow managed to forget closing the forum, so people kept posting here without getting answers. I'm extremely sorry for this. To answer your question, a Log.txt would be really useful to help me to diagnose the issue. Please join the Discord server linked above so we can further discuss what might be happening. Regardless if the issue cannot be resolved you indeed can get a refund. I'm really sorry for the inconvenience this has caused. Now I will close the forum to prevent any further confusion.
  4. Does anyone who owns this read these topics. I’ve asked a question and no answer!! Looking back and same question asked by someone else in January and no answer!! Either you disrespect your customers are can’t be bothered?! Either way not good! Where do I get a refund?
  5. Hi All. Heard good things so went and bought Enhanced today. Downloaded and followed the installation and all in and ok. Went to launch Xplane and it got to the load page so i selected load default situation. It then proceeded to load and the bar across the bottom of the screen showed it loading, It got to the end and then immediately Xplane disappeared! Tried an number of follow on attempts and same thing. So uninstalled Enhanced and xplane loads normally! So what is it doing to my Xplane and any ideas on how to fix before I give up on it as i'm not wasting my life going around in circles trying to fix it. Many thanks
  6. So I Followed The Instructions Of Installing Enhanced Skyscapes But When I Open Up Xplane It Doesnt Work (There Arent Any Graphic Changes). I Also Noticed That Enhanced Skyscapes Doesnt Show Up In Plugins In Xplane Although Its In The Plugins Folder In The Files. Tried Reinstalling And People On Discord Told Me That It Was Most Likely A Problem With The Installer. (I Have The Latest Version Of .NET Installed)
  7. I'm trying out the demo on Linux and wherever sky is drawn there's a diagonal line across the whole screen. I've tried a couple aircraft/locations/times of day and it seems to always be there. The manual says the demo is functionally identical, but is this part of the demo, or an issue with the paid version too? Any way to fix it? Edit: I see there's a note on Discord about the recent Nvidia driver having issues. I'll see if either downgrading to 515.48 or the 515.65 that just dropped today will fix it. Edit 2: I tried 515.48 and 515.65 (both regular and open source versions) and the line won't go away. Edit 3: In case anyone has this issue, I finally figured out that it was the SeaTraffic plugin causing the line. Tried several of the newer forks and they all have this issue. If only MarineTrafficX worked on Linux... oh well, it was a cool plugin but this one in much cooler.
  8. It's for security. Try this .net: https://dotnet.microsoft.com/en-us/download/dotnet/thank-you/runtime-desktop-5.0.10-windows-x64-installer
  9. I have the same problem! Have Net desktop Runtime installed, but it keeps asking again! I can't get any further. I must have spent €15.00 for nothing! Why does it even have to be an .exe file?! Everything else is copied in x-plane!
  10. So I did not buy this with the intent of using it for VR. I have been using it for quite a while now and just recently got my VR headset. After setting everything up I noticed the issues it creates with the right eye and after some testing and many hours of pain I figured out that it was Enhanced Skyscapes causing the issue. Is anything in the works to make Enhanced Skyscapes VR friendly?
  11. Hi, i just bought enhanced skyscapes and its saying that i need to install .NET to run the installer, can anyone help me out, Thanks.
  12. Hi, I have this weird problem since downloading the new Enhanced Skyscapes update that the scenery is a weird orange colour and that it only goes away when I disable Draw Sky. I have tried removing all addons and a complete reinstallation of X-Plane itself and nothing has worked. Thanks.
  13. Hello again, During some testing of lights effects during night time I noticed severe distant horizon flickering/flashing high up in the sky. After a process of elimination, disabling various add-ons and resetting most tweaks to XP defaults and also trying various video drivers, this issue was narrowed down to ES unfortunately. As soon as ES is disabled the flicker stops. Only visible during hours of darkness. I can't spot or at least detect the same issue in day light display. Let me know if you would want a screen recording (if that would show it?) or any other specific setting info. Cheers TinkerNZ
  14. Update for all who are following the in OpenGL performance of Skyscapes. I downloaded the latest nVidea driver 516.59 (release date 26/6) and this appears to have fixed the issues encountered with driver v516.40. In fact, I can not see any lines or artifacts at all anymore and the haze density also seems to have improved and is very much more realistic. A flight just completed over Canterbury, NZ with low overcast conditions, visibility below 10km looked very realistic (compared with actual as seen out my window at home). And even better my FPS despite running XP in OpenGL was still in the 50s. Excellent outcome. TinkerNZ
  15. Thank you for updating the documentation. When will the next update be released please? My reported issue regards Visibility/Fog display and the issue with XP Real weather not loading (reported back in Feb by @Boboy) really need resolving asap. Both these issues are game breakers for realistic weather usage I feel.
  16. Hi @BiologicalNanobot and anybody who is experiencing display issues when running in OpenGL. I have been posting regards display issues, lines showing up on display when running XP in OpenGL, in the Tech Support on the Org Forum. However as this is the Skyscapes support location, I will post my observations here and link to it in the Org Forum. I and others have found lines and artifacts on scenery (tree edges etc) when running Skyscapes in XP OpenGL mode. After trial and error and comparing results I believe this is linked to the visibility/fog settings and how Skyscapes deals with those. Not something I believe we as users can adjust via the presets config file. In short when there is a level of fog/haze Skyscapes tries to depict/show this. but fails to do so in OpenGL causing the lines. In Vulkan mode the Fog/Haze is clearly visible, in fact a 10Nm distance view causes rather hazy view conditions. (too much I feel) Below are 6 screenshots with settings and conditions noted on each image. Noteworthy is that when the visibility is manually pushed out too 100Nm while inn OpenGL mode, the problem disappears. So it must be that which causes the issue. So if this 'bug' can be fixed and maybe also a Fog Intensity control can be added to the 'presets' controls that would be excellent. Cheers TinkerNZ Edit/Update: With the help from @marc15 on the X-Plane.Org Forum it has been found that the lines graphic display issue was caused by the latest nVidea driver v 516.40. A rolling back to previous ver 512.95 appears to fix the lines issue. It would still be nice to get some control over the intensity with which ES depicts Fog. For example when real weather delivers reduced visibility to say 10km the view is filled with Fog/Low Cloud Haze by ES. Without ES the visibility is more correct at 10km but of course no 3D clouds.
  17. Hi, thank you for your remarks, I will mention incompatibilites with ARO in the documentation.
  18. Another compatibility issue I found and resolved. ARO is a rendering plugin (which I am not willing to disable, great for water effects) and there appears another conflict causing flashing/flickering of the distant horizon view. For both plugins to work alongside each other, open ARO menu in the simulator and on the Global Settings tab, disable Dynamic fog. (see image) This has fixed the flickering for me at least. (edit: this Fog effect conflict is noted in the manual 2. Add-On Compatibility:) Cheers TinkerNZ
  19. Just bought Enhanced Skyscapes and mostly am very impressed and happy with what it delivers. Especially the 3D Volumetric Clouds which finally are the first clouds I have experienced not turning away as you fly into them. However as a left over from other sky and visibility improvement attempts I found that the X-Visibility lua script was still lurking in my FWL script folder and this turned out to be the cause of colour issues and display flashing at times. Once removed Skyscapes was able to do its job without interference. Just in case anybody else is having colour display and/or display flashing problems. Btw the dev may want to include this fact as a mention in the manual pdf. It's already in the manual. Cheers TinkerNZ
  20. x plane 11 has not real sub texture. Please update skyscapes with new sun textures.
  21. Hi, Happy that you were able to exclude Enhanced Skyscapes for your case. If you encounter any more crashes feel free to post a log file.
  22. Suspected ES wrong. Deinstalled ES and the error still occurs from time to time. Next candidate is Volanta which i am using for a few weeks now.
  23. Since approx. 2 weeks i have exactly the same problem with ES. Doesn't happen anytime, but if it's happening it's continous for the day at this specific location. When i spawn at EDDM it might be that it will crash there and at EDDL not. I assume some weather conditions contained by the METAR file might trigger this problem. Maybe something changed in the structure of the Metar file. When turning off ES or automatic weather (or using a offline Metar.rwx that worked before) everything is fine.
  24. Hello, Thank you for your reply. I'm looking forward to the next update of ES. P.S. I have already joined your Discord server.

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