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Club for Enhanced Skyscapes and Enhanced Cloudscapes users
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  2. Are you an AMD GPU user? This is caused by a driver bug, you might want to update to the latest beta driver version.
  3. While it is officially not compatible, you might do fine by just unticking fog & scattering option.
  4. Thanks for the Link that worked but now I have another problem I think it will be the best if you will see in the picture because I really dont know how to explain this sittuation
  5. I was flying around the FDW area yesterday at high noon, weather was clear, and at about 2000 feet with so much haze/fog, it looked like I was flying through a forest fire. Could barely see anything. As the sun started to set, the western portion of the scene was totally fogged in with weather set to clear.
  6. Hi, as mentioned in the store page, the product does not support VR. You might want to request a refund if you purchased the add-on.
  7. Same problem here, doesn't work in VR, pretty useless so far.
  8. Not too much haze here, looks spot on just a little more atmospheric haze in the higher flight levels would be the best
  9. The lua script x-visibility does this well, maybe you can incorporate a max vis in the options or something. But these clouds are really awesome.
  10. Hi, from the description, it looks like you are using an AMD GPU. Some AMD driver versions are known to have this issue, could you update to latest beta driver for your GPU?
  11. Hi, I am still working on cloud shapes as well. Sadly there isn't much to do as I have very little control on volumetric cloud shapes, but I will do my best.
  12. Anyone who purchased the add-on thinking there was VR support, you can request a refund on Threshold Store using the chat bubble!
  13. Hi, it is perfectly fine! It is mentioned on the store that it is not VR compatible, so you probably missed that notice as well. Just contact Threshold Store through the chat bubble, you should be able to get a refund.
  14. I am still working on visibility, it looks like my main mistake was how visibility was depicted based on full distance instead of horizontal.
  15. Hi, I think you downloaded the wrong runtime (there are two, one is for console applications and the other one is for desktop applications), I'd recommend downloading it from https://dotnet.microsoft.com/download/dotnet/thank-you/runtime-desktop-5.0.10-windows-x64-installer
  16. Hi, it is very likely that you chose the wrong version. Could you try the one from this link: https://dotnet.microsoft.com/download/dotnet/thank-you/runtime-desktop-5.0.10-windows-x64-installer
  17. Hi, night sky is visible. I believe clouds are covering sky visibility, or there might be another issue. Could you try with the clear preset and check if you see the sky?
  18. Thank you, sadly haze is pre-computed for performance considerations so it is hard to adjust. I will do my best though.
  19. Amazing plugin thank you! Just a suggestion to have less visibility at high altitudes (>FL300).
  20. Hey, Recently i brought the Enhanced Skyscapes and downlaoded it, I am trying to install Enhanced Skyscapes and I only got an Error that says that I need to downlaod the NET 5.0 and I instaelled it, and still I am getting this Error I have windows 10 and also downloaded the Visual Studio to make it work
  21. Hello, I Download the Enhanced Skyscapes Installer Demo to Test it. I Download the Runtime Installer, Reboot but there is no Chance to Install. My System say anytime that I Install the Runtime. What is the Problem? Kind Regards Sascha

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