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Club for Enhanced Skyscapes and Enhanced Cloudscapes users
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  2. Hi there. Where should my X-Plane be located, if not at 'C' drive? Every other plug in and software for X-Plane works as soon as installed. I did run the executable as admin. I can try uninstalling and reinstalling the software and seeing how it goes, in case I did something wrong during the install process. I'll let you know.
  3. I believe this is happening because your X-Plane directory is at C drive. Have you tried running Enhanced Skyscapes Installer.exe as administrator?
  4. Hi, The same was happening when choosing C:\X-Plane 11. I just retried this directory and I am getting this message: "Access to the path Enhanced Skycapes Installer.exe is denied". What could cause this issue? Details.txt
  5. Hi, This is because you are choosing the wrong direction. You should choose root X-Plane directory ("C:\X-Plane 11" in your case) instead of the plugins directory.
  6. In the Installer, I am simply selecting path "C:\X-Plane 11\Resources\plugins". I am not sure why, when I select 'Install', the Installer adds all the other stuff after plugins? My Installer is in the correct 'C' drive. Let me know what I am missing please.
  7. That's really weird, for now I just gave you a Member role but I will look into it. Sorry for the inconvenience. On second thought, I might have confused you with someone, so what is your Discord name?
  8. Hello. Somebody please help. There is a problem with shadows. When I set the "overcast" in the sky the shadows looks sharp and the sun shines on all surfaces like the no clouds at all.
  9. Well I'm still weirdly stuck at the same place no matter what I click on the tick emoji this time?
  10. Shame on me, my bad! I clicked on the wrong button instead of the tick one!!! it should work then, tks!
  11. Tks for the quick reply Yes I did click on the emoji, even many times hh Igo on discord now to check this out again
  12. Hi, It seems like you still haven't clicked the tick emoji. Are you sure that you are unable to click it?
  13. Hi, I bought the plug Enhanced Skyscape, since yesterday I try to join discord, this is the only link I can't join, have to wait more than 20 min to react with the emoji, later I left the page open for more than one hour and nothing has changed, same this morning? Why's that? Tks
  14. Hi, I'm running Enhanced+Skyscapes_2021.10.29 and I observed no fog at EDLP when it should have been 5000m (typical at this time of year). When I disabled Enhanced Skyscapes, the fog re-appeared. I used ASXP, FSGRW, and XP11 real weather; no shaders or other environmental LUAs. Thoughts? Fabio
  15. Hi, Firstly I'm really sorry for the issue you have - this is currently a limitation of ES which has been mentioned in the "Limitations" section of the documentation. It can only read the current weather station and draw the weather globally, so when you are flying a clear region all clouds disappear. This is mostly due to the fact that X-Plane does not have an API for reading its coverage map. However I am working on an ASXP integration which will feature smooth weather transitions and local weather drawing. I am also working on making default weather integration better, so more localized formations might be possible in the future. If this is a really big deal breaker for you, I'd recommend requesting a refund. I am really sorry for any inconvenience.
  16. Has anyone come up with a solution to the clouds disappearing while inflight?
  17. Just purchased Enhanced Skyscapes and I'm noticing the clouds do disappear while in a middle of a flight, making this very unrealistic. I noticed someone else complained about the problem already in earlier months, but has a fix been found to avoid this from happening? Any response would be greatly appreciated.
  18. I do have plans to add VR support, currently there is an issue causing all of those artifacts with VR, which I am trying to fix. However I make absolutely no promises, as I don't even know if I can address this issue.
  19. I'm also interested in this - @BiologicalNanobot do you plan to add in VR support at some point? I for one would be a definite purchase if you do... In any case, keep doing the great things you do!
  20. Hey, download the beautiful clouds and have one problem, I dont know how to describe it but i see a lot look like dots pumping in the clouds in the sky witch make them look unsharpened
  21. Hi, I will be posting news & information about upcoming Enhanced Skyscapes updates in this thread. Here is a summary of updates to date:
  22. Hi, No, you don't need to get another copy of ES for things to work correctly. In theory ES should be compatible with multi-computer simulator setups as long as OpenGL coordinates are sycnhronized between the instances. However it is still a very uncommon use case so it is possible that some issues were overlooked. I'd recommend requesting a refund if you purchased the add-on for that.
  23. Hello, I am running 2 computers for my cockpit build. The Computer #1 is my "Master Computer" which runs X-Plane 11 and #2 computer is my "Externals" computer. The weather is displaying correctly on the front view, (windshield view), but not correctly on the left and right screens. Do I need to buy another copy of ES for my second computer to get the weather to display correctly? Or is ES not compatible on a multi monitor sim setup... Thanks, Scott
  24. Hi, I agree that fog is overdone in current Enhanced Skyscapes version. There is a patch you can find on my Discord server, which addresses this issue. Alternatively you can wait for the upcoming update (due very soon) which fixes this issue.
  25. Hi there. When Xplane default live weather is told to have 15 miles visibility or less, ES always shows some weired fog and I hardly can see the end of the runway which is weired I guess . Am I the only one having this bug? Will this be fixed within the next Update? Regards, Steve

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