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LevelUp 737-700 porpoising at cruise


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I had some porpoising issues on my flight in the LU -700 at cruise with LNAV and VNAV engaged.  Cycling the AP fixed the issue temporarily, but then issue returned several times within my 2 hour flight. The -800 did not have this problem FYI, and I did a 2 hour leg in it.  Couple other sim pilots experienced porpoising in the -700 in a Facebook post as well.

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I have had this on -600 on climb and descent. I think most of these have happened when I alt-tabbed out and came back but I think it once happened without alt-tabbing. F-sim was 19.900/sec after coming back for few seconds so that might be connected?

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same in the 600 late in cruise.  Not overspeeding at all. Normal flight until it randomly started.  Immediately started bleeding off speed when it happened.  Was near enough to TOD that I just started down a bit early to stop it.  

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I had the -600 oscillate above and below the G/S on approach.  Did it twice on the same approach (I performed go around first time), no issue with winds as was 7kt headwind.

I have heard it also happen on an RNav and if you watch FD2S stream before he disconnects the AP you can see it suddenly go to -1000fpm then back to 0.

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22 minutes ago, chasekelly21 said:

@samy_k97 Can you confirm we need to have "Experimental Flight Model" enabled when flying the aircraft? I had this issue as well but EFM was not enabled.

Current finding of the Team suggest that it's best to activate "Experimental Flight Model" in order for the aircraft to behave better.

If possible could you give me your Log from when you were experiencing problems with the aircraft?

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