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Multiple monitors problem with clicking the switches


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Hello all, 

First of all congratulations for the great work you have done.

I ve made my first flight today and had some problems clicking on the cockpit. Ex. I was rotating the altitude knob and I could hear the sound but another knob was rotating.  Sometimes couldn’t press some switches in the cockpit . I think it has to do I’m running x plane on 3 monitors.

Another problem that happened and already mentioned here was while on autopilot the aircraft was going up and down . Had to cycle ap to fix it but happened again after a while.

737 800.



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I currently don't have multiple monitors, so I can't help with that.

But with the Autopilot issues, I recommend enabling Experimental Flight Model in the X-Plane Settings. Somehow the setting on Plane Maker isn't making it enable automatically and we are in contact with LR.

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I have a multi monitor setup, and can't recall having that issue. But then again I have views set up, so most switch/button actions happen on my center screen.

I'll have a look later today and report back on my findings.


Update: On a flight EGYP to SAVC in the 737-700 and no problems using the buttons/switches on any of my screens.
It can sometimes be hard finding the right "click" spot for the switches/buttons when you see them at an angle, but that is with any airplane in the simulator

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