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PFD MFD Reflections


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Today I was doing a flight in the 737-900 ER from KDEN to KMSP and noticed the PFD and MFD were being washed out from a light source.  I checked all of the lighting and even turned all lighting off but still noticed the illumination.  I then changed the time of day to night and the lighting issue went away.  I changed the time back to real time and it came back.  I then went to the outside view to check the position of the sun.  It was directly behind the aircraft about 10 to 20 degrees above the horizon.  So it would appear that the aircraft fuselage is not blocking out the sun in this particular instance, but it is only showing up on the glass.

900ER sunlight.png

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I did some testing with the sun at a low angle.  I can barely see the issue on the LR 737.  Don't see it on my IXEG 737, X737 or my FF 757.  Can see it a little more on the Zibo 737. On my FF A320 I see a yellow sun dot on the displays.  And it is so bad on the 737NG that I have turned off window reflections.  Is there any way to edit the level of reflection by the glass?  The aircraft is fantastic.  I just wasn't expecting to see this issue.

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