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Settings in the tablet


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First of all, congrats for creating such a beautiful plane (planes, actually).

Here's the thing:

I've spend a few hours with some test flights (using the "bare metal" livery, you know, the factory green one) and I have used that time to change all the settings of the tablet that I wanted to change (kgs instead of lbs, etc.).

I've saved all those settings by pressing "quick save all config" on the tablet, but the problem is that when I open the same plane (we're talking about the 737-800) but with a different livery (Ryanair, Prime Air, whatever) I can't load the settings I have saved, and I don't want to tweak the settings for every livery there is (again, I'm talking about the SAME plane, just with another livery).

Is there a way to load the settings I have already saved with my Bare livery (when I open the plane with that livery everything looks as I sabed it) with other liveries? 

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Thanks for the answer Matt.

I've found a way to solve it: I just need to copy the 737_80NG.cfg file of the Bare metal livery (which is the one I've tweaked) and paste it on the folder of the other liveries, and all the settings (even the seat configuration, etc.) remains the same.

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