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737-800 Oxygen and Gen1 Issues


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I have persistent problems that have entered my aircraft recently, and I cannot figure out how to resolve them.  The first is that GEN1 will not fire up with the engines running.  Or perhaps it is fired up but the GEN OFF BUS and SOURCE OFF lights are on incorrectly?  The AC monitoring panel when switched to GEN1 shows 114 volts.  

Also in the last few days I'm having issues frequently with the cockpit and I assume cabin not getting oxygen so after achieving cruise altitude everyone is asphyxiated.   I have turned off the checkbox in Xplane so that it doesn't mess with my flights.  I've got the FLT ALT set for cruise altitude, LAND ALT set for destination airport altitude.  Valve is open, flow is on AUTO.  I do not know what else to look for that would affect this functionality.  And I believe it worked several days ago, but now is not.  Any ideas?

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