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Diagonal line across sky


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I'm trying out the demo on Linux and wherever sky is drawn there's a diagonal line across the whole screen. I've tried a couple aircraft/locations/times of day and it seems to always be there. The manual says the demo is functionally identical, but is this part of the demo, or an issue with the paid version too? Any way to fix it?


Edit: I see there's a note on Discord about the recent Nvidia driver having issues. I'll see if either downgrading to 515.48 or the 515.65 that just dropped today will fix it.

Edit 2: I tried 515.48 and 515.65 (both regular and open source versions) and the line won't go away.

Edit 3: In case anyone has this issue, I finally figured out that it was the SeaTraffic plugin causing the line. Tried several of the newer forks and they all have this issue. If only MarineTrafficX worked on Linux... oh well, it was a cool plugin but this one in much cooler.

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