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SAM Jetway and Ground


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Shifted back to XP12 from FS2020. On FS2020 I had GSXPro which is a decent plugin and thus looking for something similar for XP12.

I already have the follow me car as I bought that few years back.

Are the jetways and ground service any good ? worth it ? work in VR ?

What I loved in GSXPro was the pushback and the 3d Passengers and Crew arriving by bus and embarking on the plane 🙂 

I normally fly either a toliss a321 or 340

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Late reply but I've just started working with SAM again.  The Jetways and ground services are good.  I like them and use them for the immersion. They are the equivalent of GSX Pro which I have (I fly MSFS2020 as well as X-Plane). 

Some notes though.  If the plane isn't one of those supported by SAM or there isn't a profile you have to use the authoring tool but be warned the documentation is very sparse.  I'm trying to add a plane and all I can find is how to set the fuel tank config but that isn't working.  I haven't found docs on any other ground service.

Also, the question has been asked if SAM is still developed and I have no idea.  Stairport has a website but support tickets go unanswered and there is nothing on XOrg.  I finally found this site which seems to be the official support unless you bought from Aerosoft and if that is the case you can go there.

If the plane is supported out of the box it works very well but if not your are on your own.


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