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About This Club

Download and Support for the SAM Plugin by Stairport Sceneries
  1. What's new in this club
  2. Im getting vehicle instance error for the follow me vehicle function. Now I can no longer use follow me or marshallers. I tried removing plugins to see If any changes with no luck
  3. Help please, Just got X Plane 12, re-downloaded everything to find out that A) the safedock system doesn't show up at all when parking at the gate and the marshallers do the same thing (they don't show up to guide you in). I also noticed on the default A330 that comes with X Plane 12 that the jetways aren't even close to matching where they should connect to the plane to, is going well below the doorway and too far to the left. I have my X-plane log uploaded as well as the SAM log from my most recent flight. Some help to fix this would be totally awesome, rad, cool! Log.txt 2023.11.17-14.15.40-log.txt
  4. i am getting the same error, any chance of some help please. That link to download doesn't work
  5. Hello. I just wanted to follow up on new developments at SAM and so was eager to know if SAM WorldJetways was about to be updated soon for XPLANE 12. I already use SAM GroundService XP and would like to enhance my sim experience with SAM WorldJetways and SAM Airport Vehicles XP. Thanks for any feedback. Kind regards.
  6. https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/288240-sam-ground-service-compatibility/
  7. I agree it looks like it sadly. No updates or anything for XP12. This sucks.
  8. Seems like it. Shame on the devs, we pay good money for their products like the Ground Handling plugin and newly released addons dont get a proper set, the community has to take care of that. They dont respond to emails or anything like that either. So it seems pretty dead to me
  9. Is it possible to modify the existing .xml files for the old E-Jets to work with the new version which was released yesterday? Can someone maybe do it themselves or share how you can patch it yourself? Or does it require a bit more than simply editing the .xml? Thanks in advance
  10. Hello! I am not sure if this is the place to ask about this, but I am trying to make a ground service profile for the 737-MAX8 and 9 for X-Plane 11, but I cannot seem to get it to work no matter what I try. I have tried copying the 737-800 profile for the MAX8 along with making my own (when I make my own, I can click save as many times as I want but it won't actually save). I have attached the 2 profiles I have for the MAX8 and 9 below. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know as I'd love to get this to work. Thanks! Could not get it to upload directly so here's a drive link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/140JRxTEZ6lAOJl2z7IgY0FvVeP9Z0aFd/view?usp=share_link Fixed by changing description name.
  11. B1900D is listed as having ground services, and I can see the .xml in my aircraft folder, but when I load a flight it says the plane has no configuration. Log.txt 2023.05.06-20.57.58-log.txt
  12. Is there any further development. seems as though this is a dead project
  13. @Marten@Stairport Wondering if the FF Airbus-A320-Ultimate-12-extended can be added to the any soon-to-be updates.
  14. i really was hoping for a sign of life or any kinda update. i ave been using sam with groundservices and i felt it was a huge improvement. i thought the devs would have waited until xp12 would have been a bit more stable but i cant see any sign of life. it would be a huge shame.
  15. I have attempted to follow the instructions to add tanks to the FlyJSim 727-200Adv and ended up with this xml file. However, SAM tells me this plane does not have a valid ground service configuration. Do I need to add more services. I just have the doors and tanks. The documentation at https://stairportscenerieshelp.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/77000515065--groundservice-aircraft-configuration-guide is pretty sparse. I'm attaching the xml file which is in SAM/aircraft. 727-200Adv.zip
  16. " That's a bit weird indeed. It will be saved in SAM/aircraft.xml. From there you need to copy the entries into a seperate xml file and place it in the aircraft subdirectory. Which aircrafts do you want to set up? Maybe we can cover them too. - Marten of Stairport" This is great to know. My aircrafts folder has a file for the FJS 727-200ADV so when I added the fuel tank information it never showed up in this file. After reading this I found the aircraft.xml file. I was using the Aircraft config guide on the website and it never mentioned this. Is there a reason an existing file is not just updated?
  17. Late reply but I've just started working with SAM again. The Jetways and ground services are good. I like them and use them for the immersion. They are the equivalent of GSX Pro which I have (I fly MSFS2020 as well as X-Plane). Some notes though. If the plane isn't one of those supported by SAM or there isn't a profile you have to use the authoring tool but be warned the documentation is very sparse. I'm trying to add a plane and all I can find is how to set the fuel tank config but that isn't working. I haven't found docs on any other ground service. Also, the question has been asked if SAM is still developed and I have no idea. Stairport has a website but support tickets go unanswered and there is nothing on XOrg. I finally found this site which seems to be the official support unless you bought from Aerosoft and if that is the case you can go there. If the plane is supported out of the box it works very well but if not your are on your own.
  18. It does not seem compatible with ToLiss - the passenger, cargo loading is all wrong!
  19. Are you going to update the SAM_Seasons_SDK so that it points to XP12 default 3D forests?
  20. Yesterday I did a flight on the inibuilds Beluga from EDHI to LFBO. At my origin airport the Controls menu that controls the Beluga Line Station doors worked fine, however on my arrival airport, even though I have a LFBO scenery that has fully working Beluga Line Station doors, the Controls menu fails to appear and therefore I cannot control the Beluga Line Station doors. This is an issue that did not occur in SAM 2. However, when I started a new sim session at LFBO with the same aircraft, the Controls menu does appear and the doors can be controlled again. How come SAM 3 fails to show the Controls menu on arrival to the aforementioned airport, but works fine when I start a new sim session? Any other inibuilds Beluga users experience this kind of problem? Image description: Image 1: on my inbound flight to LFBO, the Controls logo fails to appear. It should've been a little logo on the top right corner that resembles a control tower. Image 2: on a new sim session starting at LFBO, the Controls logo does appear, the logo that looks like a control tower. Image 3: how the inside of the Controls menu looks like. The controls to operate the Beluga Line Station doors are visible. Log file from the flight with the SAM 3 controls bug is also included SAM log files from the flight in question, as well as my new flight are included (note file timestamps) Log (586).txt 2022.12.25-21.19.42-log.txt 2022.12.26-16.56.50-log.txt
  21. Running Rotate MD-11 in XP12, when I open SAM it says "The selected aircraft doesn't have a valid ground service configuration"
  22. I tried to install SAM3 but the files are damaged or smth. (I am on Mac). I know you have to run the remove attributes code, but when I run it in the terminal, it 1. doesn't do anything 2. can't find the files. how do I run this code. this is so confusing and I've been trying to get support from everywhere. its never been so hard to install plugin.
  23. Howdy All, I Have noticed that SAM is still not working properly with the CRJ9 by ADSim. The Developer says that it is a Problem with SAM. Do we know a fix or the status of getting it fixed?

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