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Download and Support for the SAM Plugin by Stairport Sceneries
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  2. @martin@stairport Hi Martin. I have been trying to get SAM to work with XP12 (M1 Mac) but while the plugin opens and I was able to activate gates and follow me, neither of these functions actually works. Also I cannot seem to enter a departure or arrival runway into the planning screen. I read here that SAM is supposed to be working in XP12 but my experience says no. Can you tell me what I need to do to get SAM to work properly in XPlane 12? Let me know if you need any further info on my setup. Note... I am running XPlane with minimal plugins and only the default scenery. I get application crashes if I try to run shareware airports. Thanks for your advice.
  3. The weather message has been eleminated in SAM 3.1.10 however the weather API is still not available.
  4. @slicker55 Mm my first post... You ask questions, and then you found the answers.... Very interesting. Anyway, to my point... LR knows very well that X-Plane can't function without these plugins.... So, what's the point holding back on APIs'. Just my two cents... Cheers.
  5. I am uncertain about the integration of SAM3 and Toliss ISCS panel. One of the reasons for raising this question is that my ACARS report shows numerous adjustments to fuel quantity which I would like to explore. After importing my Simbrief flight plan, the block fuel and number of passengers shown in SAM3 mirrors the values in the flight plan (but, for some reason, the cargo weight has to be manually adjusted). I don't know if the values shown in SAM3 are only used to determine loading times (i.e. visual only) or if they physically impact on the performance of the aircraft? My next question refers to 'block fuel' where my practise is to round up to the nearest 100 kg and add an additional 100 kg (learned from RL pilots on Youtube). Should the revised amount be manually entered into SAM3, ISCS or both? My system: X-Plane 12, Windows 10, Toliss A319, A321, A346, SAM3 Base Plugin 3.1.10, SAM GroundService 1.0.4
  6. Hello, I have updated SAM for XP11 and XP12 yesterday. Everything seems to work under XP11, but not under XP12. There are no vehicles approaching the aircraft. The only thing that docks are the stairs and the luggage loading vehicle. Also the time in the SAM window does not run down (except Cargo). Can you help me?
  7. @Marten@Stairport ... thanks, your advice is appreciated I seem to recall with previous versions of SAM, the end-user was required to install the SAM plugin into resources/plugins and a SAM library into custom scenery. Do we still need to install a SAM library and if so, where can we get the latest version as it is not included in the download?
  8. They have a very very outdated version. I don't think they maintain ther versioning in their central app anymore. So no, just use the latest SAM version.
  9. Shifted back to XP12 from FS2020. On FS2020 I had GSXPro which is a decent plugin and thus looking for something similar for XP12. I already have the follow me car as I bought that few years back. Are the jetways and ground service any good ? worth it ? work in VR ? What I loved in GSXPro was the pushback and the 3d Passengers and Crew arriving by bus and embarking on the plane I normally fly either a toliss a321 or 340
  10. I am always confused when it comes to verifying files via Orbx Central as it always tries to download their version of SAM Is this required when SAM3 is already installed?
  11. You can ignore these messages for now. Waiting for the weather API to integrate the new system.
  12. and this? https://gyazo.com/67eb70bf0d2a7b6d9aa2ca8397946d4a
  13. Is this one of the issues being looked at in XP12 and SAM? https://gyazo.com/b1a1ff1520a299068e419fde88bc684b
  14. Not yet, Laminar is quite about a jetway API to hook their new jetways.
  15. Unfortunately not yet with the standard airport, with Payway Top
  16. is the jetway will works for SAM XP12? @Marten@Stairport
  17. @Marten@StairportConsidering XP12 is in early beta, I don't know how much of priority you'll make these, but I would like to request the default A330, which has datarefs for door animations. On this note, I would like to point out that many addon aircraft that have received XP12 updates don't work, even when editing the xml files to the new acf names. The ones I have tried and need updating are the FFA320 XP12 upgrade, The FF757v2 XP12 update, the FF767 XP12 update, and the ToLiss A340-600 update.
  18. A few quick answers to my previous questions, place SAM into resource/plugins folder, check for any extension updates (none available right now) and what does the base plugin bring to the party... well, I have a payware-only system (19 Orbx airports) 6 of which would not load prior to installing SAM... Just a little tip, unzipping on Win 10 PC produces several errors during the extraction process albeit relating to other operating systems. However, this does not happen if you unzip using a Mac and then transfer the unarchived SAM folder to the Win 10 PC. This is probably unnecessary but I tend to be a bit OCD about things like this!
  19. @Zebulon thanks for the link... I found this one last night and ran into the same issues which you highlighted at the start of this post. To be honest, I wondered if the page / link was genuine especially as the installation instructions do not appear to be correct. As far as I can recall and contrary to the instructions on the download page, we have always been told to place the SAM folder into the resources/plugins folder. Out of interest, how have you installed his latest version of SAM and with the extensions not yet compatible with XP12, do you know what the base plugin is actually bringing to the party right now?
  20. I have purchased most of the SAM extensions and just wish it wasn't such a PITA to find a link to download the latest version of the base plugin... It's very frustrating, will someone point me in the right direction please?
  21. It's not an issue, you can use SAM as usual and discard the message. Once Laminar provides a proper API for the new weather system we will fix it.
  22. Hi all, following message directly appears after starting X-Plane 12: Here some excerpts from the log files. X-Plane 12 log: [SAM]: Dataref 'sim/weather/use_real_weather_bool' is deprecated and will be removed in a future version. 0:01:28.892 E/PLG: The plugin SAM called the SDK function XPDisplayDismissableAlert from outside of a drawing callback. This is illegal! This plugin needs to be fixed. SAMv3.1.9 log: [weather:warn] unable to get real-time weather data from METAR.rwx for icao EDDL Is there any easy fix for this issue? Cheers Zebulon
  23. yes, always. We only have one SAM version and they are compatible for both XP versions.


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