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  2. Sim - Thanks for replying. I was all excited to get home and try your recommendation because it was one thing I didn't think of but then I realized that after the most recent clean install I only had ever tried 2.2.4. Curious if at the time of the upgrade that was the problem, as I also use xOrganizer. But that was many wipes ago. Regrettably, even ensuring a completely clean slate (Plugins folder, Custom Scenery folder, SAM cache folder) I still consistently get the sim to crash with SAM content present. I remove it, no problems. It's truly perplexing. The good news, I don't ne
  3. I had similar issue and I found the reason. I was using the option "manually copy SAM to Custom Scenery" folder, so that xOrganizer will be able to detect and track SAM (instead of SAM coming up with a random folder name). The problem is when this option is enable, SAM updater will update the "plugin" folder but "Custom Scenery" folder will have outdate version. The two being different version will collide and cause CTD. The fix I did was create a shortcut/symlink from plugin folder and place it in Custom Scenery instead of copying. This fixed CTD issue. @Marten@Stairport if
  4. Hello, I found more custom airports that causes sim to crash. Trying to get hold of those author is not possible as many no longer develop scenery anymore. The reliable work around I am using is turning off AoS through plugin admin. If you want to debug this, you will be able to reproduce this using default airport. For me the sim will crash to desktop when fly between default KJFK and default KLGA. Is it possible for keep track of the nodes SAM is controlling and if it exceed certain amount then SAM stops controlling anymore jetway/GSE/etc?
  5. SAM3 is in the pipeline with a lot of restructoring so that might fix it for whatever reason
  6. Well, I'm throwing in the towel on this one. I've never been more perplexed with a plugin, so I'm just going to roll without it. I did a completely vanilla XP11 install (no add-ons, no custom scenery, no plug-ins) it's fine. But the moment I start adding things the inconsistent of CTD on sim load begins. Installed SAM I launched the sim 25 times with just SAM installed after a fresh XP11 install, no crash. Installed Toliss A319 I launched the sim 25 times with the 319 + SAM and the sim crashed on launches: 4, 17, 22, and 23 Uninstalled Toliss A319 I launched
  7. Maybe so send them a message and advice to use the correct template for the used jetway. Here is the documentation: https://stairportscenerieshelp.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/77000004378--step-2-use-sam-library-objects
  8. MRLB / LIR - Daniel Oduber Intl ,Costa Rica v2 - Scenery Packages (v11,v 10, v9) - X-Plane.Org Forum (x-plane.org) I believe it was the devs first time using SAM so that may be why.
  9. The jetways are definitely configured wrong in the scenery you're referring to. Which is it?
  10. Hello recently I've been having the issues with SAM gates connecting to the toliss 319/321 and FF75 on version 2.2.4 . Here are some screenshots, any help is appreciated.
  11. Okay yeah then something is totally off with your setup
  12. Marten - I don't have either files. So something is wrong with my sim. I'm going to work on rolling back to a vanilla XP11 install and then I'll add SAM first and report back if I can isolate the crashing to SAM.
  13. Post your latest files in SAM/log and SAM/dumps when using 2.2.4 please. If all those versions crash there must be something wrong with your setup. Maybe an incompatibility is causing the issue.
  14. 2.2.3 - Crash to Desktop 2.2.2 - Crash to Desktop 2.2.1 - Crash to Desktop 2.2.0 - Crash to Desktop 2.1.9 - Crash to Desktop 2.1.8 - No crash with OpenGL, crash with Vulkan So that's fun. I can get the sim to run in OpenGL but not Vulkan. If I remove SAM all together, everything is still normal (OpenGL and Vulkan)
  15. I recently updated KBOS by MisterX and discovered that older versions of SAM would cause the sim to crash at that airport. So I upgraded from 2.0.7 to 2.2.4 and now my sim crashes immediately on startup. If I remove SAM completely both the sim and the airport launch without issue. If I roll back my backup of 2.0.7 the sim launches properly but the airport causes the CTD. I'd obviously prefer to have the updated SAM and KBOS. In reviewing other topics, it looks like I should have logs or dumps in my SAM folder but I don't. So I'm perplexed, as there's nothing in my log.txt to indicate
  16. you can use the same URL and change the zip file to each extension like /SAM_GlobalTrees_1.0.3.zip
  17. Use this: http://sam-suite.com/SAM_2.2.4_AEROSOFT_STEAM.zip
  18. I have the same problem and could not work with those 3 steps
  19. Hi, This is a bug that exists since the first release of SAM, occours with all airplanes and it happens with both marshaller and VDGS. When approaching park position there is a "gap" between final meters and stop, like the images below, do you have any idea about this? Thank You! Increadible plugin
  20. Thanks Marten, but as I wanted to add FMT docking guidance to many of the gates and therefore needed to use the authoring tool I have now replaced all that airport's jetways with SAM library objects and set them all up in the authoring tool. It takes longer, but at least it works consistently!
  21. I have been flying some flights with only some necessary add-ons and the SAM plug-ins and enabling more add-ons as I go. I had only 1 crash which was not related to SAM at all I think. The reason I thought it was the Follow Me was because the crashes stopped when I disabled it and started again when it was enabled. Thanks for your help and sorry for bothering you with this issue. You can consider this solved. If something is going to happen in the future I'll just create another thread.

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