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Download and Support for the SAM Plugin by Stairport Sceneries
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  2. I'll preface that I'm running on a Mac, so maybe there's a bug, but I tried creating a new config, and took screenshots of all the coordinates. It did not save to a new "aircraft.xml" file under the main SAM directory. I had one previously that just had the aircraft type and door config done (which didn't load in sim), so I took that file, using the data from the screenshots, and fleshed this file out. @Marten@Stairport, can you look at this and see what I'm missing? It's for the AD Simulations CRJ-900. Unfortunately, I have to copy and paster the text from the file, but the file name and the acf id do match. If I can figure out how to customize Ground Services for a few aircraft, I'll be a pretty happy camper! <?xml version="1.0"?> <acf id="CRJ_900" name="crj-900.acf" author="Andrzej Borysewicz Dimitris Koronakis Kostas Koronakis" description="Bombardier CL-600-2D24"> <service> <passenger supported="true" max="76" unit_weight_kgs="80" load_speed_per_min="1428" unload_speed_per_min="1285" vehicle_dispatch_delay_sec="2"> <vehicles> <stair dispatch_delay="1" vehicle_type="boardingRamp" spawn_pos_rel_x="-15.0" spawn_pos_rel_y="-13.45" spawn_pos_rel_psi="-90" dock_pos_rel_x="-4" dock_pos_rel_y="-13.43" dock_pos_rel_psi="-90" precise_docking="true" use_manual_routing="false" open_acf_door_before_docking="false" use_aircraft_door="true" aircraft_door="LF1"> <manual_dock_in_points /> <manual_return_points /> <vehicle_anim_sequence> <animation label="deployed" idle_value="0" active_value="1" /> <animation label="height" idle_value="2.0" active_value="1.8" /> </vehicle_anim_sequence> </stair> </vehicles> <baggage supported="true" unit_weight_kgs="35" load_speed_per_min="650" unload_speed_per_min="590"> <vehicles> <loader dispatch_delay="0" vehicle_type="baggageLoader" spawn_pos_rel_x="-15" spawn_pos_rel_y="40" spawn_pos_rel_psi="0" dock_pos_rel_x="-3.4" dock_pos_rel_y="7.8" dock_pos_rel_psi="-90" precise_docking="true" use_manual_routing="false" open_acf_door_before_docking="false" use_aircraft_door="true" aircraft_door="C3"> <manual_dock_in_points /> <manual_return_points /> <vehicle_anim_sequence> <animation label="height" idle_value="0" active_value="2.282" /> </vehicle_anim_sequence> <cart dispatch_delay="20" vehicle_type="tug" spawn_pos_rel_x="-5.0" spawn_pos_rel_y="40.0" spawn_pos_rel_psi="0" dock_pos_rel_x="-14.0" dock_pos_rel_y="9.0" dock_pos_rel_psi="130" precise_docking="false" use_manual_routing="true" open_acf_door_before_docking="false" use_aircraft_door="false" acf_dataref_open_name="" acf_dataref_open_type="dataRef" acf_dataref_close_name_unique="false" acf_dataref_open_value="1" acf_dataref_closed_value="0" acf_dataref_anim_delay_seconds="5" trailer_count="2" trailer_type="baggageCart"> <manual_dock_in_points> <point pos_rel_x="-5.0" pos_rel_y="30.0" pos_rel_psi="0" /> <point pos_rel_x="-10.0" pos_rel_y="17.0" pos_rel_psi="0" /> </manual_dock_in_points> <manual_return_points> <point pos_rel_x="-20.0" pos_rel_y="20.0" pos_rel_psi="0" /> <point pos_rel_x="-5.0" pos_rel_y="40.0" pos_rel_psi="0" /> </manual_return_points> <vehicle_anim_sequence /> </cart> </loader> </vehicles> </baggage> </passenger> <securing> <pylon rel_x="13.0" rel_y="5.5" rel_psi="0" /> <pylon rel_x="-13.0" rel_y="0" rel_psi="0" /> <pylon rel_x="0" rel_y="18.5" rel_psi="0" /> <chock rel_x="-1.88" rel_y="1.32" rel_psi="0" distance="0.838" /> <chock rel_x="1.88" rel_y="1.32" rel_psi="0" distance="0.838" /> </securing> </service> <door position="LF1" x="-2.45000005" y="-0.340000004" z="-15.1999998" psi="3.10899997" /> </acf>
  3. Nearly all SAM jetways should reach that location when extended. The maximum average extension is 20m + the jetway length itself (average 15m).
  4. That is the manual way. But you can share your aircraft with contact[at]stairport-sceneries.com and we'll set it up.
  5. Ok. Now I am confused. Is there an option to setup new profile manually?
  6. https://prnt.sc/UmCbgUU8G2M8 this photo shows that there is no bridge or anything for this jetway, the length required is about 21.5 they only go 16. If there is anyone out there that knows of a workaround or something let me know.
  7. The newly created xml needs to stay in the aircrafts subdirectory, see the other ones in there.
  8. So it means the aircraft xml has to be in the aircraft folder too? I want to add the GS for a non-published aircraft project.
  9. That's a bit weird indeed. It will be saved in SAM/aircraft.xml. From there you need to copy the entries into a seperate xml file and place it in the aircraft subdirectory. Which aircrafts do you want to set up? Maybe we can cover them too.
  10. I'd like an answer for this as well, as I was trying to add a GS config for an aircraft not on the compatibility list. Where does the data go when you hit "Save Configuration" for things like door location, fuel tanks, and ground vehicle configs. I'm not finding anything new under plugins/SAM/aircraft.
  11. It doesn't want to work. Is it possible if there is any problem with dataref or other setup in the xml the plugin doesn't recognise it?
  12. The ID is just the name of the xml file and name is the name of the acf file. Author and description are inside the corresponding acf.
  13. I don't want different setup for the same aircraft. I would like to add new aircrafts with their own profile. I already tried and add a new xml but still saying there is no setup for that aircraft. I guess the second line of the xml describes which aircraft belongs to the xml. "author" and "description" is clear. Where can I find the "acf id" and the "name"?
  14. There are no profiles like different setups for the same aircraft at the moment. You can modify the existing config (xmls are in plugins/SAM/aircraft but they get overwritten in case you update. We might come up with a more comprehensive solution one day.
  15. Your update rocks! no crashes and the add-ons are working very well - thanks for the help Marten.
  16. Hello, Is there a way to add aircraft profile to SAM Ground Service?
  17. Hi please give us more details. Which aircraft? What's your exact scenario? A step by step guide would be useful to test it in our side, thanks!
  18. We just updated to SAM 3.1.6. Get it here: https://cdn1.aerosoft.com/sam-suite/download.php?version=SAM_3.1.6.zip
  19. Nope -Using SAM 3 -Just wanted to know at this point what base plugin is the the safest and should I update? Thank you!
  20. Did you contact the official support team with your latest log from Resources\plugins\SAM\logs?
  21. They differ depending on the regional set but we will have individual liveries in the future. Not for now though.
  22. Good to buy the ground services less than 30 minutes ago and I found the textures very lifeless, all white. Is it possible to edit the paintings? Create a painter of its own for each company? Another doubt is that in the 787-9 Magknight the cargo vehicles, only the one in the rear cargo hold works as a loader and does the loading, is it possible to change this? Also the positions are kind of disconnected because the ports don't open when the service connects.
  23. After my $100+ investment on SAM - seems there is little to none support. More of a (did you try this?”) effort. Crashes with “Follow me” massive crash - any help would be helpful. A (SAM for dummies) would be helpful?
  24. The crash always when “follow me” is enacted. Major crash of X-plane at any airport. I have read and done re-installs, deleted and reinstalled. Is there a basic 101 understanding how to fix this? I love the SAM app, but with the $ there should be a fix it for idiots document or post - could you please provide one? Thank you


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