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Download and Support for the SAM Plugin by Stairport Sceneries
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  2. Here are several airports with SAM that I have tried: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/65492-kavp-wilkes-barre-scranton-international-airport/ https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/52898-kmdt-harrisburg-international-airport/ https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/54402-keug-eugene-mahlon-sweet-field-sam/ https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/54708-kgeg_sam/
  3. Can you link the sceneries so we can give it a try please? Generally the static aircrafts should connect however if it doesn't work for your aircraft it probably won't for static ones either.
  4. Yes, I read the guide. I've downloaded six airports that authors submitted with SAM parking places so I think it would be unusual for all six airports to have the wrong coordinates for compatible aircraft such as the default 737-800. I've also used the X-plane map to slightly adjust the position of the 737-800, but this did not work. Is it correct that the grey A only appears at airports with SAM moving gates? Also, none of the airports show a marsaller at any gates. Using your static aircraft, if the plugin is working properly, should static aircraft be connected to gates? S
  5. Did you read through this guide? https://stairportscenerieshelp.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/77000004466-jetway-connection-problems
  6. Running Xplane 11.50 with vulcan and SAM Suite2 using base 2.07 as 2.10 crashes Xplane on startup. Also, I have checked adding libraries manually in settings. When I load the Laminar Boeing 737-800 into a SAM-enabled airport, there is a grey A on the upper left side with no marshaller and no connected gate. This also applies to the X-Craft E-175. I have also tried to move the aircraft with the map screen, but to no avail. I don't know why SAM is not working.
  7. The application does not work, the window does not display products.
  8. Same issue, i can't install SAM . @Marten@Stairport Edit: 14/09 SAM Suite is working again
  9. Ok, I'm sorry. I'm getting old and grumpy. Could you guys delete this whole thread?
  10. Hi, i have the same problem when i open the sam suite it doesn't load the info. Fixed, SAM Suite working Again normally!
  11. Just forgot to release the updated version Download DeveloperPack 1.0.2 through SAM Suite and you should be good.
  12. Okay we might have forgot to replace it in the DeveloperPack as well, I'll check.
  13. Its changed slightly since i posted that, sam suite is showing 2.1.0 (with developer 1.0.1 which I installed after i initially posted), I only replaced the 3m file from this post as that's what im using. In Wed just selecting, as the active object WED crashes to desktop. The other day, i had tried placing a safegate, then edit the resource to point to FMT which crashed the sim too, but now its loading in the sim doing that, I must have miss typed the asset name or something. I replaced the above 3m file in the Custom Scenery\SAM_Library\dockings folder and it started working. R
  14. Are you sure that you use 2.1.0? I just compared the files attached above with the 2.1.0 repo and they are exactly the same.
  15. Him this seems to have resurfaced in v2.1.0 Kept crashing until i replaced with the files linked above.
  16. Opening the SAM2 Suite today ends up in an empty window (except the header)
  17. Hello Yes with that version everything is working again. Now the Static Aicraft helper popup also shows on the start.
  18. @Marten@Stairport do you have any idea why this would be the case?
  19. Interestingly, the jetways DO show up in X-Plane, but for whatever reason no preview shows in WED, which makes placing them accurately almost impossible. I'm using WED 2.2.0 and X-Plane 11.41.
  20. I have deleted my install of SAM, redownloaded it through SAM Suite, copied the SAM_Library from resources > plugins > SAM > lib, into my custom scenery. Then gone into my airport in WED, chosen SAM_Library, and when I select any jetway, the preview is empty, and it places a ? when I place the object. I don't believe I'm doing anything wrong, but can someone please assist?
  21. Had the same problem. Thanks for new win_x64. Sound is working again.
  22. I want to do so, but I'm making replica for EPWA airport from official AIPs and still thinking on acceptable compromises. Airport main terminal and Ramp-start positions are from AIP BTW BIG thank to you for fast response.
  23. I would propose to place a bridge element inbetween. Maybe not 100% realistic depending on your airport but still better.

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