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  2. I am exactly experiencing this problem as well.2021.02.24-23.06.41-log.txt 2021.02.25-03.59.00_sam_dump.dmp
  3. As a temporary solution you could add marshallers yourself, it's not difficuilt at all. I have to agree, they should have done that before though.
  4. Hi Marten, issues I'm having with FlyTampa Las Vegas are jetways not lining up appropriately. This isn't a problem on your end it is an issue with the scenery itself since I'm not having issue with this in any other SAM airport scenery. The marshaller issue is that FlyTampa didn't add them in which I think they should since the scenery is kind of expensive and freeware developers have been gracious enough to add them in.
  5. Besides you didn't describe the actual problem, you can see which jetways and Marshaller have been configured in the sam.xml in the scenery folder. And there is no backward compatibility issue unless it has been configured in a version lower than 2.0.0 which isn't the case here. So what's not working for you?
  6. Anyone have FlyTampa Las Vegas and having issues with SAM? I've brought this up on their forum and haven't really got an answer from them. I think that their scenery isn't working well with the newer versions of SAM. I really like their scenery but I'm disappointed that for $32.00 I think I should get at least marshallers at all the gates. I'm interested in hearing from anyone having the same issues as me. Thanks!
  7. Thanks. After a few weeks, this appears to have worked. What exactly does this setting do? Do I have a somehow broken setup if it needs this tweak to work correctly?
  8. Can you please check: run as admin not blocked by antivirus active internet connection
  9. Hello, I've been trying to install sam base plugin using the sam suite. But when i click on the button to download, i get an error message saying Installation failed for package : SAM base plugin Can you please help ? Thank you
  10. I was able to proceed by pressing Enter. You should fix this.
  11. Marten, I don't believe that I'm using Steam with anything on my computer. I'll check to see when I open SAM Suite if Steam is running in the background. All works in X-Plane as it should and the plugin does recognize that I have World Jetways. Just thought it was odd that it started lately displaying that World Jetways was showing unlicensed in Sam Suite.
  12. Can you please verify that steam is running in the background when opening SAM Suite? If it still shows unlicensed while steam is open that would definitely be an issue.
  13. Noticed a bug today. I have Sam World Jetways. In Sam Suite Version 1.4.3 it's showing unlicensed. I've uninstalled and reinstalled and it shows it's licensed. If I close Sam Suite and reopen it, it shows it's unlicensed again. In X-Plane I checked out the plugin and it shows World Jetways is activated. I'm assuming there is a problem with Sam Suite recognizing World Jetways.
  14. good night I had no answer about the log sent from sam thankful
  15. If you use the jetway templates to set them up you can check out Resources\plugins\SAM\lib\SAM_Library\sam.xml. The <jetwayDescriptions> section contains all templates where maxExtent= is the extension range in meter. If it's still too short you can manually increase the distance in the description tab in authoring tool for each jetway but be aware that it might lead to glitches in the visual appearance. You may also read through this.
  16. Hello. I'm still relatively new user and I've just been updating a default airport in WED by replacing old-style jetway objects with the newer facades. I have a registered copy of World Jetways but I'm finding that my newly added jetways are often showing as 'out of range' (ie. Grey icon) even when they are realistically placed (according to charts/satellite imagery. This is particularly the case where one jetway serves two alternative parking spots (e.g. one for Cat C aircraft and another at an offset angle for Cat D/E). Is there any information about how the range works, or anyth
  17. I would rather bet on a missing/incorrect route network here. Let me talk to Aerosoft on this. Meanwhile please upload your SAM/logs/log.txt as well as SAM/dump file AFTER a crash so we can see what's triggering the CTD
  18. I have SAM (Jetway, FollowMe, Airport Vehicle) working very well in almost every airport except one. In Aerosoft "The DFW - Dallas Fort-Worth" the sim crashes to Desktop. My guess is due to the extreme size/complexity of this airport. If I start my flight in KDFW then no issue but if I start somewhere and as soon as I reach near the airport the sim crashes. If I remove SAM then KDFW approaches remains stable. There is nothing in the log file that indicates the cause of the crash. This is the reason I am looking for a way to disable SAM plugin on the fly in the sim when I am near
  19. I can't update SAM, because the changelog window is too big for my 1440p monitor
  20. Deactivated Windows Firewall + Antivir but sadly no luck. This is so weird. Also tried other packages like Scenery Developer Pack, since I need that at the moment Any other idea? EDIT: Just noticed, any failed installation of a module like DeveloperPack or Trees succeedes to create the specific folder but it is empty. I have "SAM_DeveloperPack" and "SAM_GlobalTrees".
  21. That worked. SAM Suite even recognized it and states SAM Base Plugin as "Installed". I now have tested "Global Trees" but still get the same error as previously with Base Plugin. log.txt
  22. Hm nothing to see there. You can donwload the package manually here: http://sam-suite.com/SAM_2.2.1.zip
  23. Can you post your log.txt from C:\Users\[YOURNAME]\AppData\Roaming\StairportSceneries\SAM Suite please?

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