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Download and Support for the SAM Plugin by Stairport Sceneries
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  2. @Marten@Stairport Could I request the addition of the Felis 747-200 classic, and the Toilss A340-600.
  3. This is mostly resolved but there is still a small issue. The power flicker still happens when the generator (ground power) is present and available, but not in use. Once ground power is “in use” the flickering stops and ground power works as expected.
  4. Directly from the SAM window in XP or Windows Content Manager (if you are using Windows). With v3.0.6 all problems have disappeared. Thank you
  5. ello, I have the SAM2 suite and I want to install the SAM3 but I don't know if I have to delete the SAM folder in Resources / plugins, and put the new SAM, or overwrite it
  6. where? the link on the org forums still links to 3.0.4, and the link on your freshdesk page links to 3.0.5
  7. So, I was faced with the same problem and I am politely waiting for a update. But everyone writes here (or I think ;-)) about version 3.0.4, but when I use Manager it shows me that there is a newer version available Base Plugin v3.0.5. When I install it, unfortunately, many sceneries are loaded with errors. What this is about ??? (sorry, I never had to go deeper into SAM -> I had no problems before).
  8. Just found the issue: If you are at a jetway providing external power it works as expected. However if you are on a remote stand or at a jetway without external power SAM currently forces the entire power logic to stay off. We will fix that in the next version.
  9. I tested the issue with jetway power disabled, and the issue went away. Looks like jetway power is the cause.
  10. Thanks Marten. I have reverted to V2 meanwhile unable to find a solution, I'll try with jetway power turned off to test if it works. To elaborate the issue, any aircraft on GPU even at airports without SAM or jetways would cause the power connection bus transfer sound to play again and again while the interior would flicker at unison.
  11. In fact it's not an issue but a feature. In SAM2 we implemented Jetway Power but unfortunately it was not working but nobody including us noticed that We now corrected it to be working as expected which does now cause issues with certain aircrafts. You can still disable it in SAM settings and we're currently discussing if we should disable it by default.
  12. With SAM 3.0.4 plug-in installed, when I enable ground power, the power flickers on and off rapidly. This happens on my Aerobask Phenom 300 and my X-Crafts E-195, but I have not tried other aircraft. When I disable the SAM plug-in, everything works as expected. SAM 2.x plug-in does not cause this issue.
  13. I have an error with SAM where It won't load up at all.
  14. I managed to download SAM but I have a problem with it, It won't load up so I can't do anything, why?
  15. Hi, I just wanted to ask where can I download the latest version of SAM for XP11. I can't seem to find it.
  16. It's doing it with other aircraft -- I assume this is a problem with how the scenery is configured, but if there's anything I can do to fix it, please let me know.
  17. About Sam's behavior I attach my post to the Greek Site X-Plane Greece along with the rough resolution I achieved.......''Good morning to everyone. At 25-7-2021, a comment from me on the lack of Traffic at Kos and Rhodes (Gaya Sim LGKO_IPOKRATIS, and FSDG - RHODES XP (LGRP)) and has been confirmed by any other friends and other friends -Lide of the site. Of course, always in relation to Traffic Global I use for traffic, and its cooperation with the SAM plugin that is installed. Well, "traffic returned" to airports (shown in images) by intervention + addition to Scenery_Pack.ini. And what were this? Added the indication that appears on the top of the SCEEENERY_PACK.INI file (F: \ X-Plane 11 \ Resources \ Plugins \ Sam \ Lib \ Sam_Library \) In the picture below. WILL SAVE THIS AREA The above airports are deserted. Of course, I have no explanation for this happens. Membership friends face the same problem Let's try. It can not only happen to me''.

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