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Yesterday I did a flight on the inibuilds Beluga from EDHI to LFBO. At my origin airport the Controls menu that controls the Beluga Line Station doors worked fine, however on my arrival airport, even though I have a LFBO scenery that has fully working Beluga Line Station doors, the Controls menu fails to appear and therefore I cannot control the Beluga Line Station doors. This is an issue that did not occur in SAM 2.

However, when I started a new sim session at LFBO with the same aircraft, the Controls menu does appear and the doors can be controlled again. How come SAM 3 fails to show the Controls menu on arrival to the aforementioned airport, but works fine when I start a new sim session? Any other inibuilds Beluga users experience this kind of problem?

Image description:

  • Image 1: on my inbound flight to LFBO, the Controls logo fails to appear. It should've been a little logo on the top right corner that resembles a control tower.
  • Image 2: on a new sim session starting at LFBO, the Controls logo does appear, the logo that looks like a control tower.
  • Image 3: how the inside of the Controls menu looks like. The controls to operate the Beluga Line Station doors are visible.
  • Log file from the flight with the SAM 3 controls bug is also included
  • SAM log files from the flight in question, as well as my new flight are included (note file timestamps)

A306_ST - 2022-12-26 00.40.02 1.png

A306_ST - 2022-12-26 17.00.10 1.png

A306_ST - 2022-12-26 17.00.06.png

Log (586).txt

2022.12.25-21.19.42-log.txt 2022.12.26-16.56.50-log.txt

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