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The LevelUp 737 has not been developed further so far. There also have been no updates since its release yet. The current version is still 1.0.0.

The version you are talking about, 3.51.10, is not the LevelUp 737 but the ZIBO 737-800X. The last XP11 version for this aircraft was 3.54.17. But there are already early access XP12 updates. Here is a link to a page where you can find all ZIBO versions:

Please note that this is the ZIBO 737-800X. This is not the LevelUp 737.

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I was just wondering, and im not sure whether this will be helpful to the designer or group that created this fine B737NG addon, and im sure I will get my head chopped off for this by the community. But I feel personally that for a model done so superbly, in payware quality, then these designers spent many hours bringing joy to the community. And if they can't be rewarded in a form of donations, then maybe a small sub fee can be charged to access special updated content. I mean incorporating something similar that FTsim fmod group did? As you already released the B737NG which is version v1.0 as freeware, and then major or minor updates can be accessed via subscription fee per month?

Would a form of paid subscription benefit the team to update this plane to where it should be? Just thinking of a way that would benefit both the sim community and especially the design group.


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I hear what you saying, but again im sure lots of designers who prefer to keep their addons freeware, will do so and many of them stated they will always keep it freeware as their choice.

This suggestion/idea is already at play when you look at 1) DCS, with freeware simulator and payware content in order to expand the sim, and even 2) FTsim who also releases freeware sound packages but are limited to certain sounds, and for a few bucks a month, you can access full sound packages, so in this sense, if this idea has not spread to variety designer groups by now, then it will eventually, with or without my posted suggestion.

But the suggestion I made specifically for the LevelUp B737NG Series, was aimed at encouragement to continue with updates and work for this fine addon, as we value their work and the even the fear of losing a great addon such as the LU 737. I mean, how many payware addons even, have some of us not purchased and eventually ended up as abandonware and incompatible over time?

So yes, i hear what you are saying that this idea will spark fear of being the end of freeware. But we also need to look at the big picture from a flightsim community point of view, if we lose these fine designers, then we lose the addons too, and how far are we willing to go, to keep them active and motivated to produce more or even better addons in the future?

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You're right. But it remains as it is. As soon as you ask for money, freeware becomes payware. Whether you call it donation, help or fee. I have made freeware for 20 years and never asked for a cent. That is freeware for me. Everything else is payware.

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