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  1. It's already fixed. We had a wrong path in the worldjetways install directory.
  2. Found the error in literally seconds: [AOS] [2020-03-27.17:38:01] Error loading Seasons extension : Installation failed You didn't install it correctly. We can't debug what you did but the SAM_Seasons folder has to be put into Resources/plugins/SAM/lib
  3. There is no seasons Plugin, only the library for the SAM Plugin. Do you mean that? Please post your log if you would like to receive help.
  4. Oh I just saw that you are using X-Plane 11.00. Please update to the latest stable release 11.4.
  5. The Plugin does not appear in your log so you probably didn't install it correctly. Please follow the install instructions carefully.
  6. It's not possible unless you "hack" your animation according to the Jetway datarefs like Jo Erlend did at EDDK to use stairs.
  7. Could you please test it at any non-payware SAM supported scenery to verify if it is caused by the aircraft or the scenery and report your result through our ticket system.
  8. That is correct. The XCrafts erj unfortunately only uses the airstair door version which prevents the Jetway from connecting to the aircraft. Therefore the Jetway will be lowered as much as possible so people can exit onto the tarmac and walk the remaining distance before boarding via the airstair. The only thing we miss yet is the stair on the Jetway end.
  9. In the US they have jetways mounted to the ground for small aircrafts. That's what is used for. There is another thread somewhere with the request for it and reference airports/pictures.
  10. Version 1.0.0


    In addition to the latest Scenery Animation Manager and the additional SAM Seasons Library we created a stand alone tree replacement pack which can be used in combination with SAM Seasons or stand alone. SAM GlobalTrees can be controlled through the SAM plugin menu just like SAM Seasons and offers our latest vegetation works in a global scale. The SAM GlobalTrees package is a further development of the FlyAgi Vegetation Global Trees addon already used by a wide range of flight simmers which is included in the SAM Seasons Library package. Of course, the SAM Seasons Library will be updated with the latest vegetation from time to time but if you use SAM GlobalTrees you can update the SAM Seasons vegetation without the need to redownload the whole seasons package again and again. Further, if you don't need seasons, you can use SAM GlobalTrees without installing the Seasons Library just to get our latest vegation assets. FAQ Replaces global forests and trees with high resolution ones including those placed by the urban autogen areas (every single tree gets updated) Can be used without the SAM Seasons library installed Forest density can be reduced if performance issues arise (configuration is described in the manual) Replaces SFD Global forests if you wish so (needs configuration as described in the manual) Supports SAM Seasons Supports SAM Colors (some colors need configuration to be available as described in the manual) Updates SAM Seasons vegetation without redownloading the seasons library Comes with a python based configuration tool but also allows manual copy and paste based configuration SAM Seasons SDK can be incorporated by scenery designers to match SAM GlobalTrees color appearance (supporting all SAM GlobalTrees color and season styles) Further information and help: support.stairport-sceneries.com


  11. Which sam version do you use? What color does the Jetway icon on your left screen edge have?
  12. Not as long as you have the authoring tool opened because in that case the "temporary disable Jetway movement" is activated. If you close the authoring tool it will be set to the configuration that your user will get.
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