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  1. There are generally only two reasons where that happens and they haben been around from version 1.0.0 on: 1. You reload a scenery after changing it in WED. SAM does check all objects on reload but doesn't delete object positions from cache if the actual object is not present anymore. Therefore a restart is recommended. 2. You configure an object in SAM, then change the object position and delete the configuration after reload. Same like above the old object positions won't be loaded. In a normal workflow that doesn't happen: finish your scenery or at least the ground layout, place Marshaller and finally configure it. If you really have to move an object afterwards make sure to delete the configuration in SAM for that specific object FIRST, then close XPlane and then move the object.
  2. I just had a quick look into the object animation and to me there is no unbalanced animation, whatever Laminar would like to point out with that expression. The object still works fine and as long as the error is in the log only you can use it. We will investigate furthermore for the next update (2.0.2)
  3. That's correct. Default jetways are not supported (yet).
  4. Ok I would recommend you to contact the developer that they can tune the jetway configs. Unfortunately we don't have a direct contact to them.
  5. The grey icon means SAM detected a jetway but it is not in range. Probably the jetway is not configured correctly. Try to move the aircraft closer to the jetway or rotate it until the blue door indication appears in the parking menu. Also try other aircrafts and parking positions.
  6. Did you had any visual indication of the jetway status on the upper left side (green/grey/blue)?
  7. You have to remove it from the scenery and it should never run inside a scenery folder. Then you have to restart the sim and you should be good to go with v2.
  8. Hello developers, as SAM get's more complex in terms of installation we try to make it as easy as possible for all user. Therefore all required SAM art assets (libraries) will be moved into the plugin folder so there is no need to bother with scenery priorities and other problems from version 2.0.1 on. The only disadvantage in terms of your scenery development is that the SAM_Library won't be visible anymore. The following additional step is required to show the library objects: Option 1: Copy the SAM_Library folder from resources/plugins/SAM/lib into your custom scenery directory. Remember to do this after each update. Option 2: Use a LinkShell Junction to drop a static link to the SAM/lib folder into your custom directory (tutorial)
  9. You didn't hear about the upcoming WorldJetways extension right? Probably exactly what you are looking for
  10. SAM can provide datarefs for any animation. But I wouldn't have any idea how you would create the water effect. If you find a proper solution for that you can use SAM datarefs for the animation for sure.
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