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  1. Oh maybe the default scenery wasn't excluded properly, I had to delete some library items because I can't have installed 3rd party libraries on my dev rig. Anyway, if it works, I'm happy
  2. I can't confirm this. I tested KAVP and it works fine for me after adding the scenery and restarting x-plane. You may try the just released version 2.1.1 but that shouldn't make any difference.
  3. Can you link the sceneries so we can give it a try please? Generally the static aircrafts should connect however if it doesn't work for your aircraft it probably won't for static ones either.
  4. Did you read through this guide? https://stairportscenerieshelp.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/77000004466-jetway-connection-problems
  5. Just forgot to release the updated version Download DeveloperPack 1.0.2 through SAM Suite and you should be good.
  6. Okay we might have forgot to replace it in the DeveloperPack as well, I'll check.
  7. Are you sure that you use 2.1.0? I just compared the files attached above with the 2.1.0 repo and they are exactly the same.
  8. I would propose to place a bridge element inbetween. Maybe not 100% realistic depending on your airport but still better.
  9. You have to install the DeveloperPack through SAM Suite in order to get them visible
  10. Can you guys please try the attached version and report back if it's fixed? Just replace the .xpl in SAM/win_x64 with the new one. WARNING: This is just a test built and can cause other issues. SAM.xpl
  11. Can you please test the attached version? Just replace the sam.xpl. win_x64.zip
  12. Hm thanks for the hint. Must have been an error during compiling.
  13. Oh good spot. Don't know why that's happening but we will check it.
  14. So which scenery is it? Post a link and we will try to debug it.
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