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  1. You can revert back to 2.0.7 through the details page in the SAM suite in the tab "old versions"
  2. Only the base plugin, the extension are not affected.
  3. Why don't you simply revert back to 2.0.7 through SAM Suite? If you have issues with jetway heights it's likely to be a wrong setup by the scenery author but if you describe your test case we might be able to check it as well.
  4. Thanks for the feedback. Please use 2.0.7 in the meantime.
  5. In the SAM suite go to details if the base Plugin. There you can install the previous version again. Oh and please post your log file!
  6. By telling us what aircraft at what airport and which 3rd party scenery you use? You may also open a ticket
  7. SAM Seasons does not include objects, only vegetation and ground textures
  8. Well then it's all fine no? I guess it's not in the highest priority but usually all replicable issues will be solved at some point. Whenever that might be
  9. No it's all fine. The reason why there are white aircrafts is that the scenery didn't define any airlines for the parking positions, that the StaticAircraft Library contains. We have a limited numbers of repaints but continue to extend it.
  10. You're one of the few who would even notice something like that, let alone question it. There is a (more legacy) reason for that but we are already changed it for the release of 2.0.8.
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