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  1. Maybe so send them a message and advice to use the correct template for the used jetway. Here is the documentation: https://stairportscenerieshelp.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/77000004378--step-2-use-sam-library-objects
  2. The jetways are definitely configured wrong in the scenery you're referring to. Which is it?
  3. Post your latest files in SAM/log and SAM/dumps when using 2.2.4 please. If all those versions crash there must be something wrong with your setup. Maybe an incompatibility is causing the issue.
  4. you can use the same URL and change the zip file to each extension like /SAM_GlobalTrees_1.0.3.zip
  5. Are you saying you replaced autogate jetways with default ones so they get animated by SAM? The trigger is Beacon and fuel flow off.
  6. First you shouldn't run DatarefTool if you are not a developer and need to have access to datarefs. It's continously polling all XP datarefs which is not good for the average use. Again this crash is not caused by FollowMe so you should be fine using it. I would try to switch off weather addons to see if it happens again (using the same test scenario is a plus).
  7. Oh art controls is nothing related to SAM at all but to something that changes XP art values like shaders etc. the last line is just indicating that the last sim action was SAM dealing with an object. But that can happen even after XP crashed. What other plugins do you use?
  8. Judging from the logs it's not related to follow me but to AirportVehicles. Probably a VRAM overflow when too many vehicles are being drawn. If you receive an XP crash information that crash is NOT caused by SAM because if SAM crashes it will not show any report but write the necessary debug information silently into sam.log. This is to prevent you from sending SAM crashes to Laminar because they don't care about it Please replace the airport vehicles files with this low res mod: http://sam-suite.com/SAM_AirportVehicles_LOW-RES-MOD.zip And report back if the issue still occurs.
  9. Okay, the good thing is, SAM didn't crash because in that case the SAM log would say so. It is likely to be vram overflow while too many airportvehicles have been loaded. Could you please try again without using AirportVehicles?
  10. Well let's hope they convert it as well. As they did with other of their major airports.
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