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  1. You may have a look in the feature tab in this club
  2. Marten@Stairport

    EDDF - Gates B28 not working?

    Sorry, small error in the config. Copy and replace this file into your scenery folder. sam.xml
  3. As they are not required for departure Just another approach compared to AutoGate Plugin.
  4. Marten@Stairport

    Static Jetway Extenders

    Technically it is possible but it is quite complex so it won't come in any free extension. I will check the green lights though.
  5. Yes you can publish it no problem. You may also contribute them to the SAM library if you like so everyone can use them.
  6. Marten@Stairport

    Static Jetway Extenders

    Green? Not sure what you are talking about. Why not posting a picture of your problem?
  7. Marten@Stairport

    A350 alignment

    The one on my picture? Upcoming Aerosoft BER.
  8. Marten@Stairport

    A350 alignment

    The aircraft setup is correct. My guess is that the sceneries you are using have not been reconfigured for version 1.0.3+ where we changed the docking calculations.
  9. Marten@Stairport

    [UPDATE] Version 1.0.5 released

    No, see here:
  10. Yes I will investigate in that later.
  11. Please try the attached sam.xml (replace it in the airport folder). I finetuned some values, that should fix it. sam.xml
  12. Marten@Stairport

    Static Jetway Extenders

    Because of limited time and resources that won't happen unless someone is either is willing to pay for the object creation or to contribute their work to the SAM library free of charge. I remember another user played around with the default Jetway extensions to an acceptable level, try to use the search function for that.
  13. Could you please do the following: Taxi to jetway position, set brakes, switch engines and beacon of and THEN upload the SAM.log again? The current one does not include the taxi in but only a loaded flight.
  14. Please post the necessary logs as usual. As you seem to be the only one with that issue we can't help without the logs...
  15. Marten@Stairport


    Hi Chris. It's beacon and engines off. At LSZH not all parking positions work because some are out of range due to a limited Jetway object. I hope to have a new Jetway model in the future but the original developer PADLabs is quite busy with other projects so that's a limit for now.

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