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  1. That pretty much depends on what you want to animate
  2. Why not have a look at the (video) tutorial? Should give you a good impression on that.
  3. Did you change the name of the scenery folder after adding SAM? BTW the scenery only appears in the menu if you have disabled automatic connection in case there are no other button animations like hangars or similar.
  4. You have to compare the values in the aircraft.xml with the one in planemaker. Use the default 738 as an example to determine which values are required. Then compare that to your aircraft of choice and change/insert them in the xml.
  5. You have to save the Jetway after applying new values and you can set the initial position right below the test test sliders. Furthermore have a look into the developer guide, it is described there as well.
  6. Which Jetway height and which template did you use? You can change the positions in the description tab by adapting the values to the one of your liking.
  7. The LOD distance for the pole is indeed a bit too short. We will extent it in the next update.
  8. That's right, RG Mod is not supported because of it's dubious legal situation. You may manually insert it into the aircraft.xml in the SAM plugin directory by dublicating the 738 entry and adapting the values to the ones in planemaker (author, acf name etc.).
  9. That would indicate that you are not using The latest A350 version?
  10. Then please replace the XML from above with the one in your SAM plugin directory and give the A350 another try.
  11. I can confirm that the config for LF2 was not 100% perfect which I corrected with the file attached. However the position shift on your screenshot looks more like an old scenery with a wrong jetway template. Did you tried other aircrafts on that jetway or other sceneries? aircraft.xml
  12. Hi all, with the initial release of FSDG - Graz scenery we found a bug, where SAM was not able to detect animated objects correctly when restarting the simulator multiple times. This now has been resolved in version 1.0.8. Greets Marten
  13. If you installed the library correctly it should have a template for every library Jetway object.
  14. Did you use the correct template in the Jetway setup? You have to choose the one according to the object name (type and height).
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