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  1. If you place objects from the SAM Library and then uninstall the library it is obvious that they won't show up no?
  2. You should not change ANYTHING after configuring an object in SAM. The reason is that SAM connects your settings to the objects coordinate and heading. Whenever you change that values after configuring it will add a new object instance. The old will still appear as you saved the SAM config before but won't work anymore. So first place the objects correctly then configure them in SAM. Simply create a post in this channel with your ideas or write directly to contact@stairport-sceneries.com This is up to you but in most cases they are centered in real life. Nope but keep in mind that a SAM scenery can never be used as a Gateway Airport because it contains links to our individual SAM Library. Happy configuring
  3. If you position them that close next to each other only one would work simultaniously. Try to configure them to 2 different parking positions.
  4. In order to see AGP previews correctly you should use the latest WED version. An AGP file is a container for multiple objects. Makes object structuring easier in libraries. The pole is a seperate object and referenced in all AGP files as well as the VDGS itself. When we change the pole we don't have to touch all objects but only one. For you it handles just the same way like normal objects.
  5. It is exactly the same workflow like the marshaller. However to test it I propose to either run through the status test values in the authoring tool or start with engines on and move the aircraft out of range first before moving back. The VDGS starts off when you load your flight at a gate. The differentes between the VDGS systems are not documented but it is mainly a visual difference. At least it is the same setup.
  6. No, we only use UTC as it is the main time in aviation.
  7. They should show the xplane time no matter of your system time. Can you provide an example where it is not the case? By using (shift+) K/L you can change the ingame time.
  8. The VMAX aircraft was never officially supported. I checked the configuration of every SAM version and it was never included because we don't own the aircraft. However I'll try to contact the developer and see what we can arrange.
  9. Then you obviously have to invert the wheels animation.
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