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  1. Well the limits are there for a good reason. The object has obvious limits of movement which are preset in the template. We still didn't find someone willing to contribute more Jetway objects so until then you have to deal with the limits of the included objects. Or create your own Jetway
  2. Marten@Stairport

    GA and Taildraggers? YES!

    I should have mentioned that. The docking objects don't require an aircraft config but only the most forward wheel axis which should be set up correctly in planemaker to give a correct guidance.
  3. Maybe you saved the Jetway in another sam scenery accidentally?
  4. I bet it's because your are to far away from the jetway (out of limits). Use "force connect" in the Arrangement tab and read out the values of each slider. Check them against the ones in the installation tab. You can increase the limit for each jetway however that might give you an odd appearance of the jetway object as the limits are set to maximum of what the object can handle by default.
  5. Marten@Stairport

    macOS plugin minimum version

    And is there a specific reason why you don't use 10.13?
  6. In theory yes but as you said due to the small number of airports (personally don't know any these days) we skipped that. Furthermore we would like to use this door for something else in the future
  7. Generally yes so it's probably more a configuration issue. The next version will indicate the wrong values so it will be way easier to check.
  8. Marten@Stairport

    VDGS Guidance Visibility

    Confirmed, will be fixed.
  9. Confirmed, will be fixed.
  10. Not sure if they might changed the identification names in the acf for the 350 after the latest update. That could cause it in case you can't connect it at any airport. Will check that.
  11. This is some kind of the reversed situation like here: So to keep things short: We won't put in any feature which will increase the complexity of either the jetway logic or the integration process until people got used to the current workflow. Your case would require pretty much the same, more complex logic stated in the other topic so nothing for a quick update.
  12. Marten@Stairport

    Ground-level jetways?

    We will create some 0.0 / 0.5m versions of the jetways for the next update. Not specifically your mentioned jetway types but at least something close.
  13. Marten@Stairport

    macOS plugin minimum version

    Hi Tim thanks for your feedback. The Aerosoft File Details are changed. Can you confirm that the plugin is not working/loading in macOS 10.10? Greets Marten
  14. Marten@Stairport

    Jetways and Templates

    The templates are stored in the SAM.xml file in the SAM Library or if you create your own template in the selected scenery. The phantom Jetway issue occurs when you delete an object in WED which has been configured before. SAM won't delete it for you in the config you have to do it manually in the edit Jetways menu. So you better place all objects first before starting to configure them in SAM.
  15. Marten@Stairport

    Identifying Marshallers

    Correct or at least set the status to 1 instead of 0 to show the Marshaller.

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