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  1. You're referring to a 1+ year old thread. The current version of SAM requires 10.14+.
  2. It's working fine for me so I guess you forgot to select the appropriate template?
  3. Hi Josh, generally yes. However the WorldJetway jetways are usually not designed to lower that much to the ground (the CRJ door is pretty low). That's probably why they don't work. You could try it with a parking position far outside on a long extended jetway. In worst case you could manipulate the WorldJetway values to lower it but that causes visual glitches so I will only describe you that if you really like to know it Greets Marten
  4. Please contact the scenery author. Probably the Jetway limits are not sufficient for your parking position.
  5. Is the SAM_WorldJetways folder present in plugins/SAM/lib? And please upload the full log
  6. Those entries are automatically added by the Plugin. If you delete them they will be added on next startup again. So you can keep them as they are. Yes, the WED preview is already adapted to the latest WED beta release and will be published within the next week I hope.
  7. Please Check out the manual in the installation chapter. There is a special instruction for scenery developers to make sam library files visible in WED and OE.
  8. Hi, we haven't heared of such a problem yet. We use the FF A320 ourselfs and don't have any issue so far. I personally just updated to 1.0.1 and can load a flight as usual. So whenever your crash happens you have to post your log.txt so we can see what happened before.
  9. Generally speaking developers should set up a wider range for each jetway to cover all possibilities and test it out with as many aircrafts as they have. I can assure you that it is not a general SAM issue otherwise the entire x-plane crowd would have gone crazy already
  10. SAM stores its files in the Plugin directory. It is not necessary to have any sam directory in the custom scenery folder anymore.
  11. We forgot to increase the version number in the last update. I have just uploaded a hotfix to 2.0.2. If you redownload it now it should be fine. The versioning in the forum download pages is the same like the core SAM Library. All extensions have their own internal numbers. WorldJetways is on 1.0.0 and Seasons on 1.0.1.
  12. It does! You have a custom mesh which could lead to a different positioning of Jetways. Try without and see if that works fine.
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