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  1. That has already been fixed in SAM 2.2.0, please update
  2. I honestly don't get it. Looks all like it should be: I just noticed the VDGS animation is overlapped itself, need to fix that in the objects
  3. Yeah, ORBX Central is usually not up to date. BTW we will release 2.1.9 within the next 12 hours so you might need to update the Base Plugin again.
  4. Oh the default ESGG scenery is definitely strange. The parking position you used has no jetway, the scenery author didn't place them. There are some on other positions though: EDIT: Comparing that with the real airport it looks like that the author tried to simulate the fixed jetways that are present at the real airport with this construction without actually using an X-Plane jetway: I opend a bug report for you: https://gateway.x-plane.com/bug_reports?selected_issue=XSG-11307
  5. Could you please provide your scenery package so we can give it a try, thanks.
  6. We do already but 1) we have a +-45 degrees cone for detection 2) we only show the marshaller with the "best matching" values.
  7. We extended the drawing ranges for marshaller because for some airports with long parking positions like EDDB the marshaller where appearing too late and people requested the marshaller to be visible when entering the position and not on the very final leg. Which parking position did you test at EHAM?
  8. You're getting something wrong here. Each plugin (either SAM or Autogate) will identify its objects automatically. So if a scenery author places autogate jetways they will work out of the box, same with SAM. Therefore you don't have to bother. If a custom scenery folder contains a sam.xml file it's likely to be expected using SAM (jetways).
  9. You can but in that case SAM Suite won't read them out. If you can deal with it, go
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