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  1. Hi all, with the initial release of FSDG - Graz scenery we found a bug, where SAM was not able to detect animated objects correctly when restarting the simulator multiple times. This now has been resolved in version 1.0.8. Greets Marten
  2. If you installed the library correctly it should have a template for every library Jetway object.
  3. Did you use the correct template in the Jetway setup? You have to choose the one according to the object name (type and height).
  4. Yes it is technically but its a lot more work than you might expect. If we find enough people willing to pay for that we sure do.
  5. Just a quick fix: Fixed jetway 4.0m solid template
  6. Yes there is a plugin out there (can't remember the name) which simulates this PTT function. AFAIK it's more often used on small/remote airports in the US for runway lighting. We will add this to our list. At the moment you can only change it through the menu.
  7. You may read through the provided information: https://forum.thresholdx.net/forum/119-features/ https://forum.thresholdx.net/forum/111-developer-guide/
  8. HI guys, Version 1.0.6 has already been available for a few days. Changelog: ⦁ Fixed wrong warnlight on jetway type 1 glas ⦁ Added B737-900U 1901 Beta compatibility Have fun!
  9. There are 3 main challenges: Get the information where which aircraft has been drawn: This has to be provided by the traffic plugin developer. As they use XPLMInstance to place objects the necessary information like object/aircraft type, coordinate and heading is not accessable by default. If they would be willing to share those data it would still require some additional work for them so we don't know if they would jump in. Find a performant checking method: To get a good performance only visible jetways are included in the check nearest jetway with aircraft position query. If we would add this query to all placed static aircrafts it creates a massive calculation load. And if your own aircraft is moving and therefore the amount of visible jetways changes it creates an additional load just again. The best way would be to shift the entire jetway system to XPLMInstance but that would require a high investment which none of you would be willing to pay I guess. Create aircraft configuration files for all 3rd party objects: This is the easiest but no less time consuming task. But let's say we find a solution for everything and enough user willing to pay for it still the most difficuilt challenge is: FIND A SKILLED C++ DEVELOPER Our developer is busy with other projects so as long as we don't have additional resources all those ideas will remain in the drawer for the next time.
  10. On all aircrafts or only on the FF 320? Works fine for me with the latest version.
  11. We might do it someday. However I still don't understand why they don't connect that to the default x-plane datarefs like all other developer do. They know how to do it because their Boeing aircrafts work perfectly.
  12. Sorry, small error in the config. Copy and replace this file into your scenery folder. sam.xml
  13. As they are not required for departure Just another approach compared to AutoGate Plugin.
  14. Technically it is possible but it is quite complex so it won't come in any free extension. I will check the green lights though.
  15. Yes you can publish it no problem. You may also contribute them to the SAM library if you like so everyone can use them.
  16. Green? Not sure what you are talking about. Why not posting a picture of your problem?
  17. The one on my picture? Upcoming Aerosoft BER.
  18. The aircraft setup is correct. My guess is that the sceneries you are using have not been reconfigured for version 1.0.3+ where we changed the docking calculations.
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