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  1. Unfortunately not with the current version. The only thing you can do is download the gateway airport and replace the Jetways with SAM library objects but you would have to configure them manually through the authoring tool.
  2. The Icao code would have been helpful. Anyway there are probably only a few airports in the world with these type of Jetways so it won't be included by us. But you are free to create an own object and animate it according to the developer guide.
  3. It should be connected clear of the opened door anyway. If you provide me your exact test case I will try to reproduce your misalignment.
  4. Not sure what you mean. The Jetways are supposed to stop centered at the given coordinate of the aircraft.xml. No magic in here
  5. The AGP preview in WED only works in the latest beta release from yesterday, not in the current official version. To change the height you can always use the msl placement in the object options. We can't simply put in every height which could ever possible but through msl height you can.
  6. Oh that could be a reason. Didn't know there was an update. EDIT: replace the file attached with the existing one in plugins/SAM. That should fix it. aircraft.xml
  7. We had a couple of hotfixes which have been missing in the initial upload. Nothing to worry about...
  8. I tested a clean SAM installation in a clean xplane installation and a glas type 2 3.5 and 4.0m config with the included template. FF A350 version 1.4.8. That's my result. Is it possible that you accidently changed the template?
  9. Haha I was really wondering how that object came into our bridges
  10. Oh no, me again. It's getting quite difficuilt to manage that many aircrafts. It should be corrected now, please redownload!
  11. Have you checked the templates of the jetways? Are they correct? The aircraft door locations are set up correctly.
  12. Sorry, my fault. Forgot to include the config. Please redownload now.
  13. Oh interesting, I've never seen something like that before. Difficuilt to recreate, that would require a new logic. But it's on our long term list now, thanks for the hint.
  14. Ehm, you need to give more detailed information about that error. Where is it? Inside X-Plane? In the downloaded archive? The marshaller has been changed to an .agp file format but there is a legacy version. In case you are already working on a scenery simply change all marshaller.obj to marshaller.agp and you're fine. You shouldn't see any error message anyway.
  15. Hi all, Version 1.1.0 is online with new stuff to play with: Jetway Bridges: New objects are available in the SAM Library. Please refer to the new Developer Guide entry. X-Crafts ERJ series: Keep in mind that the ERJ has it's own stair and therefore doesn't need a Jetway connection. However the 0.0m jetway will work although the pax might have to jump a little All Changes: ⦁ Added bridge facades for each jetway type and height ⦁ Added 737Max configuration ⦁ Added Colimata Concorde configuration ⦁ Added X-Crafts ERJ Series configuration ⦁ Fixed jetway solid 4.0m type 01 ⦁ Fixed Peter Hager A380 livery variant compatibility ⦁ Fixed white shimmering on Safegate VDGS displays
  16. Since SAM 1.1.0 bridges are available to connect the terminal building with a jetway. The following types are availabe: Type 1 - Glas | Type 1 - Solid | Type 2 - Solid You can access them through the World Editor in SAM_Library -> bridges. Here is how to place them: Select the bridge type. Draw the bridge to your liking. It has to end on the vertex of the jetway (rotunda centerpoint). Please note that only one segment is available, multiple segments are not possible (yet). Select one node of your drawn facade and select the bridge height in the object options to match your jetway.
  17. Hello please report your bug properly in case you would like to have any help: https://forum.thresholdx.net/forum/110-bug-reports/
  18. Hello guys, since XP 11.33+ the default library system is broken. You shouldn't see any major malfunctions of SAM but some sceneries use a fallback for certain SAM objects like marshaller or jetways so that you won't get an error when loading the scenery without SAM_Library. This backup command is currently corrupt which causes the fallback object to be used even when the library is installed correctly. In EDDF Frankfurt for example some marshallers are replaced by invisible objects so at some parking positions you won't see any. This happens randomly and might depend on your scenery and visual graphic settings. We already reported a bug to LR but we don't expect a fix soon.
  19. We don't have similar reports on that. You may provide me your scenery through PM so we can check what's the issue here.
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