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    Aaron, you can use the StepToSky 3ds max exporter. There won't by any blank liveries (the ones included are more or less blank) so you can simply paint them out of the box.
  2. Marten@Stairport

    SAM - Scenery Animation Manager

    Version 1.0.4


    SAM is a native XP11 plugin offering different possibilities to animate sceneries with jetways, hangars, marshaller and more. Detailed information can be found in the Threshold Club.
  3. Version 1.02 Parnik Simulations AN24 Aerosoft ATR72 Dreamfoil EMB110 FlyJSim DHC8 Version 1.01 JRollon CRJ200 Version 1.00 Laminar Research B738, B747, MD82 Zibo B738 Ultimate B739 JARDesign A320, A330 Toliss A319 SSG B748, E170, E195 FlyJSim B727, B732 Avroliner Project RJ100 Flightfactor A320*, A350, B757, B762, B763, B777 IXEG B733 XCraft's E175, E195 Riverie A320neo, A321neo, A330neo, A380plus EADT x737, x738 Francesco D'Arpa DC9 Pilot Sanya Tu134, A310, Tu204/214 Ramzess IL96 Magknight B789 Michael Wilson 707, L1011, DC-8, HS Trident RW Design A330 Felis Tu154 Peter Hager A380 LES Saab 340 Rotate MD80 * Flightfactor overwrites the beacon light so no automatic jetway connection is possible. However you can use the user menu to connect a jetway manually.
  4. Marten@Stairport


    Ok that indeed excludes the heading yet. We will try to improve it.
  5. Marten@Stairport


    I bet you still have set an override to the marshaller which is saved for your current session as long as you don't deactivate it.
  6. Marten@Stairport


    Hi Patrick, once you configured a docking object (marshaller/vdgs) only the nearest one will be triggered. That should include the rotation as well.
  7. Implemented Aerosoft - LIMJ Genoa Aerosoft - LSZH Zurich Aerosoft - KDAB Daytona Aerosoft - EDDT Berlin-Tegel AFLOSIM - LRCL Cluj-Napoca Risuali - DTTA Tunis Carthage Egardin39 - WICA Kertajati Javbs - MROC San Jose (Costa Rica) cicmen - LJLJ Ljubljana tod - VHHH Hong Kong rbrahimi - MMPR Puerto Vallarta InFInItyKiLL33 - WSSS Singapore Changi ColaKev - CYVR Vancouver Elsaday Marçal - SVMI Caracas Otavio Bonomi - SJGK Helicopter Base Rio de Janeiro x-plane.at - LOWG Graz x-plane.at - LOWI Innsbruck axmiha - SBEG Manaus Upcoming Aerosoft - EDDB/BER Berlin-Brandenburg Aerosoft - EDDF Frankfurt ShortFinal Design - EDDM Munich Aviotek - OMDB Dubai Hayri Büberci - LTFM Istanbul New Hayri Büberci - LTFJ Sabiha Gokcen Tailstrike - LIME Bergamo x-plane.at - LOWL Linz x-plane.at - LOWK Klagenfurt x-plane.at - LOWS Salzburg x-plane.at - LOWW Vienna
  8. They probably changed the acf file of the 747 (again). We will include a correct configuration in the next update.
  9. Marten@Stairport

    Mammoth gate

    Hi Igor, you can implement custom objects. A tutorial and further description can be found here: Your mentioned "jetways" are very unique and rare so it is probably easier to create a custom object for the scenery which requires it than creating a global object which does not really fit.
  10. No the docking object don't have to be reconfigured.
  11. The door rotation problem was a bug which has been fixed in 1.0.4.
  12. Hello guys, another fix has been released: There was a calculation error of the door rotation value in specific geographic areas which has been corrected. Get version 1.0.4 here. Greets Marten
  13. Hi Ron, we have to figure out some things in the background. Once that's done we can actually start to implement new features. There is a long list of things we like to do but don't want to disappoint you at this stage in case our plans fail so stay tuned. Greets Marten
  14. The jetways you are using don't use the updated templates we released in 1.0.3. You will have to delete and reconfigure them in the Authoring Tool. That should fix it.
  15. Marten@Stairport

    default airports

    I would propose these videos as well as the WED manual.
  16. Ah indeed. Let's see what others report.
  17. Well you didn't use the beacon as far as I can see so the jetway did not disconnect properly. But I have no idea why the jetway is initially connected.
  18. No chance for me, neither in the latest FF Beta build nor the final version.
  19. I'm using 11.30 as well but don't have your success. Are you able to disconnect the jetway via beacon light operation?
  20. Marten@Stairport

    SAM - Scenery Animation Manager

    Oh no I messed up this object Please redownload the library, should be fixed.
  21. Hello guys, SAM is updated to 1.0.3 and it's a crucial update in terms of jetway operation. We had numerous issues with incorrect docking locations on different aircrafts. 90% were correct while under some circumstances some offsets appeared. The reason was that we didn't consider the door rotation into our calculation as well as the fact that a jetway does usually not connect in the middle of the door but with a slight offset to allow the door to be opened within the rain cover of the jetway. So in short: We recoded the animation so that it should work correctly on all aircrafts now. Unfortunately we had to change all library jetway templates so you have to update your configurations. If you created custom jetways please change the description values to the exact ones of your object. Use your 3D editor to read out the correct numbers. Furthermore we changed the file format of the pole VDGS objects. You can still use them as legacy objects but they won't be updated anymore. Please replace them by the new pole objects which does not require to reconfigure them in SAM. For the already supported sceneries we created updated configurations including the changes mentioned above so they will be up to date pretty soon. Greets Marten
  22. Tested and confirmed. It takes the setting from the previously loaded aircraft. However that does not change anything as long as we don't get a readable dataref to access to...
  23. That's pretty strange. I just installed a clean copy of the A320 and can't bring it up to life. Maybe you accidently switched on force connect in the authoring menu?
  24. Hi Juan, the plugin identifies the jetway objects by their position (coordinates). In case you change them you will loose your entire configuration. The Overlay Editor is quite outdated but should work. It might be possible that it changes the coordinates in a decimal place everytime you export the scenery. Please compare the exported .dsf files in terms of coordinates of the objects. Greets Marten

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