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  1. FlyAgi

    FlyAgi Vegetation

    Version 1.00


    FlyAgi Vegetation is a scenery library which contains volumetric grass, flowers, HD trees, some shrubs and fruits. There are many grass colors in four different sizes available for achiving good results on orthophotos as well as on landclass based terrain. The flowers are available in four different sizes as well to match your arrangement's grass sizes. Sample sceneries: The Screenshots above are taken from the following sceneries using the vegetation library. If there are any questions or you need examples just download them for free and look into the included WED files for the corresponding vegetation and forest layers. EDXE Rheine-Eschendorf EDPW Thalmässing-Waizenhofen EDDK Köln Bonn Some notes: For best visual results the grass colors chosen should match the ground colors. If this is done right the grass will almost seamlessly fade out into the terrain in the distance and from higher view angles when taking off or landing on your airfield When using orthophotos use decals as well for a more natural grass effects When using grass on larger scale airports make sure you're using WED and it's density options for the grass files. The grass can have an impact on GPU performance and on larger airports this impact can be massive if you place the grass with maximum density Installation: Unpack zip file Copy folder 'FlyAgi_Vegetation' into your Custom Scenery folder Start X-Plane
  2. Version 1.00


    FlyAgi Vegetation Global Trees is a replacement library which enhances all trees and forests globally. Installation: Unpack zip file Copy folder 'FlyAgi_Vegetation_Global_Trees' into your Custom Scenery folder Copy folder 'Resources' you can fin in the folder 'FlyAgi_Vegetation_Global_Trees' into your X-Plane 11 main folder and overwrite files Start X-Plane More Screenshots
  3. FlyAgi

    FlyAgi Tweak Utility

    Sounds great. And thanks to your feedback I finally know that it's indeed working on Mac systems - this was a good guess before. I am currently working on a manual for the utility, the current state can be found here: https://flyagi.de/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=153 If there are any more questions, or mabye issues, let me know.
  4. FlyAgi

    FlyAgi Tweak Utility

    Okay... you are using the FlyWithLua Core Edition - this is incompatibel because it does not allow access to so called private datarefs. You should use the Next generation Edition instead: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/38445-flywithlua-ng-next-generation-edition-for-x-plane-11-win-lin-mac/
  5. FlyAgi

    FlyAgi Tweak Utility

    I think I need the whole file... there should be a more specific error description inside which can tell me what is going wrong.
  6. FlyAgi

    FlyAgi Tweak Utility

    Well... the folder got created on startup automatically? Then it should work on mac, basically. Maybe there is a conflict with another script. Du you have any water or xvision scripts running? Water scripts (and the xvision ones too) have to be changed slightly for not crashing lua when used with the utility. I think I can look into this further but you have to reinstall the utility again, crash lua and then send me your log.txt or flywithlua_debug.txt.
  7. FlyAgi

    FlyAgi Tweak Utility

    It is supposed to work on Windows, Mac and Linux. The code does not make use of system specific stuff so it should work - however, the latest version 1.03b has one system specific event for creating the subfolder for save files and I could not test if I did this right for Mac/Linux because I can't test this myself.
  8. FlyAgi

    A Decent Guide to Crisp Shadows

    It has many options. Originally it was a performance tuning script but the gui was to powerfull to stop there so it can handle different things now. If you don't want to use a certain feature you can just tun it of and just use those you really need. The main stuff it can do is: Performance tuning (just stuff that really has an fps impact and is changeable without scenery reload, except extended dsfs) Configure Bird Strikes Configure Shadows Configure Fog (and X-Visibility Haze Control if installed) Configure Controller Settings (deadzone, centerzones, sensitivity, stability) It can make Weight & Balance persistant and has some ohter aircraft related features All settings are stored per aircraft, so you can use different setups in different situations (and always the same setup using the sync function)
  9. FlyAgi

    A Decent Guide to Crisp Shadows

    On request I added some of the shadow stuff to my tweak utility so it can handle (and store) most of the shadow tweaks using the utility gui (submenu 'shadow control'). https://forum.thresholdx.net/files/file/83-flyagi-tweak-utility/ (I hope it's okay to post that here - there is not intention to hijack this thread)
    I never liked the X-Plane 11 haze but using this plugin I really love it. ?
  10. Version 1.07


    I finally made a more complex lua script for optimizing performance and fix or tweak some other stuff. The script provides a graphical interface for high usability and can be controlled by keyboard or joystick button commands as well. You will need FlyWithLua Next Generation if you want to use the utility - it WILL NOT WORK with FlyWithLua Core Edition! FlyWithLua NG - X-Plane.org Why do you need another tweak and settings script? I know there are some settings and tweaking tools out there but none of them did satisfy me so I always kept tweaking myself with simple scripts for changing the parameters that really impact performance without sacrificing visual appearance to much . For making this easier and to have the possibility to use different tweaks and settings in different aircraft I wrote the tweak utility. All the settings the utility gives access to have an instant effect without the need of a scenery reload (except the extended DSFs switch, it initiates a reload when clicked) and I think they are more or less self explanatory. Features and Settings Graphical user interface Automatic loading and saving of all settings (except extended DSFs) on a per aircraft basis Manual LOD control Automatic LOD control LOD control presets for 60 or 30 fps targets Cusomizable fps target for automatic LOD control FPS drop compensation for reducing frame drops Customizable threshold value for fps drop compensation Clouds tweak for faster and more natural looking clouds White out control Road traffic control Water effect control Water reflections control independent of X-Plane reflection slider Fog control Disable extended DSFs (including automatic scenery reload) Fuel tank selector for automatically switching fuel tanks Control for automatic barometric pressure and gyro compass adjustment Quick access for weight and balance menu (incl. support for third party payload managers, currently Thranda, JustFlight, Carenado, vFlyteair) FPS display with LOD level information Status information for all settings with auto fade out Presets for quick access to some more usefull configurations (incl. XP defaults und utility default settings) Most settings are accessible using customizable keyboard or joystick buttons Nice looking user interface Aircraft specific features (currently supported: Dmax3d Tecnam P2002) GUI integration for XPRealistic GUI Integration for X-Visibility Shadow options Joystick calibration (Nullzones, centerzones, sensitivity and stability) Synchronization of most settings (no need to configure all aircraft from scratch) Bird Strikes configuration Update: X-Visibility GUI Support The tweak utility now supports GUI integration for X-Visibility Dynamic Haze Control. If X-Visibility is installed the fog control button in the main menu will be replaced by a new button 'X-Visibility Fog Control' that gives access to a new advanced fog control menu where you can enable and disable X-Visibility as well as configure some parameters for adjusting the haze behaviour. Manual fog control can be brought back by disabling X-Visibility if needed. Get X-Visibility here: Update: Shadow control menu and joystick calibration menu On request I added some shadow option in a dedicated sub menu currently supporting the following settings: Switch on/off dynamic cockpit shadows (can have a huge FPS boost in certain aircraft, depending on graphics card used) Cloud shadow intensity Cloud shadow resolution Scenery shadow distance Scenery shadow resolution Further I added a menu for advanced controller calibration that allows to manipulate nullzones and centerzones. The X-Plane standard options for sensitivity and stability can be set from within the same menu to avoid the need of switching between two different menus when configuring the controls. Update: More shadow options and synchronization feature There are now some more shadow options: Cockpit Shadows Quality (replaces static/dynamic switch) Cockpit Shadow Distance Aircraft and Scenery Shadows Quality The synchronization works as following: At first you have to setup your tewaks to your likings Then, in the main menu, you find a new button 'Prepare Synchronization' in the bottom row When you click the new button, a sync file will be created and the button will give new options With 'Create New Sync File' you can update the sync file any time with your current settings With 'Synchronize Aicraft' you can load the saved sync setting with just one click into any aircraft so you don't have to configure them all from scratch It's still possible to use different settings with different aicraft Update: Bird Strikes Configuration Added Bird Strikes configuration with the following options: Switch bird strikes on/off Define altitude for bird strikes to occur Define bird strikes intervall Options for the damage by bird strikes Switch damage on/off Disable damage when on ground Define minimum airspeed for recieving damage Define chance to be hit by bird strikes, 10 - 100% Update: Launcher configuration The utility now has a launcher that allows the following options: Utility can be switched off/on permanently Utility can be manually launched on demand Launcher menu provides some basic diagnostic information for the startup process Utility behaviour for unconfigured aircraft can be configured (auto open menu, auto sync if available, do nothing) Auto sync feature allows to automatically setup all aircraft if synchronization file is available Further, the code has been restructured for most parts and there are changes to the bird strikes options: Minimum and maximum altitude is now shown in feet instead of meters New bird strike hit on screen message featuring a quick fix for damage when the message is clicked on (can be disabled) Some bug fixes Update: X-Plane 11.30 There are some changes in X-Plane 11.30 which render some of the utility's features obsolete (white out control, water reflections) and the drop compensation does not work very well there so I removed them. If you're not using the X-Plane 11.30 beta please use the older version 1.03c which is working perfectly fine in X-Plane 11.26 - the new update does not bring new features so you will not miss anything. Presets no longer affect fog but only performance tweaks Removed drop compensation for LOD control Removed water reflections setting, the dataref does not work in a useful way in X-Plane 11.30 Removed white out control, this got fixed in X-Plane 11.30 Minor changes Update: Extended aircraft persistance I added many new parameters to the aircraft persistance featur so the utility now can restore most of the important things - the default C172 can be restored completely. Further I fixed a bug in the FPS target button which leads to a lua crash when reducing the FPS target. Update: View Options I added some view options for having control over the aircraft's default view (W key) without the need of editing the aircraft in planemaker. If you want to use this feature you should reassign the W key to a new command provided by the utility 'FlyAgi_Tweak_Utility/Default_View' in aircraft with modified default views. For completeness I also added field of view parameters to the new submenu - this allows for having different field of view settings in different aircraft. Added view options submenu Added 'default view' controller command View options provided for default view modification: screen center, lateral position, longitudinal position and vertical position. Field of view options: field of view, non proportional field of view, vertcial non proportional field of view All view parameters can be stored per aircraft allowing different setups in different aircraft
  11. FlyAgi

    List of best freeware scenery

    If grass strips are appropriate in the list, maybe EDXE Rheine-Eschendorf (Germany, NRW) by Johannes Schuster and Jens Hicken could fit well in there: https://flyagi.de/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=17 I did the X-Plane related stuff for this scenery as well as the orthophoto, if that matters.
  12. I have recently created my own tweak utility providing a brand new and easy to use interface for accessing the most efficient parameters for Performance tuning in X-Plane 11. Some of the stuff is well known, some is new but I think the overall package could be worth a look. As I did not translate my website to english yet (I will do so and create a club at threshold forums in the next few days hopefully), I will just provide my demo video that shows how the utility performs, looks and handles. For the Performance keep in mind that the video has been recorded on my pretty average machine: i7 2600k 4200MHz 16 GB DDR3 2133 MHz GTX 1060 6GB XP11.25 Download (non german speaking users: just scroll down to the download at the Bottom): FlyAgi Tweak Utility - FlyAgi.de If you have any troubles or questions just let me know. If the script crashes it is very likely incompatible to another script accessing the same DataRefs. I will definitely fix those issues but I need Information, so please tell me what is going on and send me your log.txt as well as the flywithlua_debug.txt.
  13. FlyAgi

    Simmershome Sceneries

    Try this link: https://forum.simmershome.de/ Register to the forums, login and then click on the tab for the club membership. After you have send the pdf back to Rainer, he will give you full access to all downloads.
  14. FlyAgi

    FlyAgi Sceneries

    My pleasure. Glad to see you like it. ?

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