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  1. Glad to hear - may I ask you what framerates you get when this happens? And, if this happens once gain, could you please check in the launcher options if the 'global settings' save file has been loaded properly (before reloading the scripts)?
  2. The messages should disappear by themselves once the save files have been loaded properly. If the don't disappear I think there is something messed up with the save files. When this happens try a scripts reload (XP header bar > FlyWithLua > Reload all scripts), this should solve the issue for this session. I experienced something like this myself but only once and only with exccessive testing some stuff, loading and changing aircraft and if this is done too fast the save files writing and loading can get currupted - this is why the message actually exists, this is for making sure the user waits for the utility too finish loading before doing anything. If lua scripts reload does not work try deleting the save files for the aircraft affected by this issue and try again - the message should disappear if the save files are okay.
  3. In Atmosphere + Visibility check the DSF visibility buttons and set them to default values: min 20.000, max 100.000 This is the only utility setting affecting the lights because the lights depend on the DSFs to be drawn.
  4. Actually the utility should not do anything to the lights but I can imagine this could have something to do with the lod control. If this is true setting fixed and higher lod values (this means no auto LOD) should solve your problem. If this does not solve your lights issue pklease report back so I can have a look into it.
  5. That's fine and I think you have some interesting points to tell. If you still want to develop for X-Plane I suggest to just grab a project and start doing it. I did never do any programming before and made the utility while I learned the basic lua it needed and designing sceneries as well I learned by doing and all this startet about 2 years ago - at the beginning of 2017 I had absolutely no clue about anything X-Plane as I just switched from P3D some months before. X-Plane however was very different to me, it made me create some gateway airports (I was never interested in creating anything for FSX or P3D) and soon after I was creating full custom sceneries and then some simple lua tewaking here and there and it all added up, step by step. X-Plane is really developer friendly, you can just start doing as the most important tools are provided and documentation is also pretty good for the most part - all you need is a project to start with and, maybe, some people to work with. I can't tell you much about aircraft design (modelling part) but if you, for example, want to create custom systems you could start with an aircraft available which does lack in the systems department and create some systems yourself with lua (xlua, FlyWithLua, SASL). I'm doing this myself for some parts of the utility, the force trim and other helicopter stuff are in fact custom systems which can be added to helicopters (I made xlua versions as well). If you don't want to do the modelling but more the systems part I think this is a chance for you as many aircraft come with great modelling and all this but they often are limited in the curstom features and systems department - so if you can do this it should be easy to find a developer to team up some day. Well... thank you very much, Adam. To see that others like my work is the biggest reward I can get and this is also what makes me keeping on.
  6. I've been reluctant to fly in XP11 so many times... then I started tweaking and then made the utility. With some lua knowledge from the utility work I can now fix almost everything so XP11 is finally fun and possibly problems can be solved easily.
  7. Great to see someone who benefits from the controller options - I made this originally with my quite sluggish xbox 360 gamepad in mind and I needed nullzones and a mnual calibration to get this working properly. This all ended up with me flying helicopters with a gamepad, no stabilization of course but proper setup.
  8. Hi Adam, you can find the most recent information on my website, there is also a changelog giving some hints on new stuff when introduced: FlyAgi Tweak Utility Regarding the hot keys: There are many hotkeys available for most important things (in the X-Plane keyboard/joystick menu) but the weather reload can be handled with a native X-Plane hot key, look for 'regenerate weather' in the key configuration (the tweak utility triggers this command to redraw the clouds). If you have set up everything you don't need to redraw the weather btw, the utility does this automatically after startup and this is only needed to activate some changes so as long as you don't change parameters in the GUI there is no need to do this. Regards, Agi
  9. The X-Visibility menu is now named 'Atmosphere + Visibility'. In there you find all the X-Visibility controls as before, the menu has just another name and has more atmosphere related options now.
  10. Yes... I cann see the benefits already as I don't have to roll over them on departures.
  11. Thank you... I got it now. The marshallers are not visible on departure (as with the autogate plugin) so it works now.
  12. Well... I started near a marshaller at the parking position. Do I have to move before the marshallers appear?
  13. Hi there. I placed some marshallers into a scenery but can't see them in X-Plane. I also tried one of the sceneries from the supported airports list to investigate but this happened there as well - is there something I did wrong? Thanks, Agi
  14. Version 1.00


    This is an upgrade for the default LOWI Demo Area containing the following features 30 cm/pixel orthophoto covering the LOWI Airport and ist close surroundings (data source: Land Tirol - data.tirol.gv.at, license: Creative Commons Namensnennung 3.0 Österreich, https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/at/legalcode) Custom groundpolys including bump and specular effects Volumetric Vegetation and HD trees TerraMaxx seasons Winter textures for JSGME based winter mods
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