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  1. No, the presets are designed to work stand alone without anything else but you can also try to use them in combination. If you want the full cloud art as designed by the author you have to put the lines of the script into the FlyAgi_Tweak_Utility_Static_Override.lua in between the marked blocks so it will override FTU settings at launch. Then in FTU set the advanced clouds to 'Default', disable Auto Clouds Lighting and Cloud Level Fix and reload everything by reloading all lua scripts. Now you should have overriden FTU Clouds completely with the cloud art parameters. The static override script is needed to make sure other authors stuff is loaded with higher priority because FTU loads up slower than most simpler script and because of that it will load it's values later and override other scripts. If you put the lines into the static override script this will be loaded last and thus have highest priority.
  2. I'm currently not planning to bring back shadows manipulation as most of the DataRefs are useless in 11.50 anyway and I don't want to add a new menu with just one option to manipulate scenery shadow distance. If you want to set them automatically at startup just use the following lines in a new and empty script (a text file renamed to .lua): set("sim/private/controls/shadow/csm/far_limit_exterior", 2000) set("sim/private/controls/shadow/csm/far_limit_interior", 2000)
  3. You can attach a log.txt file to the messages by just dragging it or use the 'choose files' button. Anyway, the latest version (1.13a) possibly fixes this as there is no aircraft settings file any more so please download and try the latest version.
  4. Copy Resources into your X-Plane root folder as stated in the manual.
  5. The HUD module test script is incompatible it seems. Asthereare lots of compatiblity issues because of dataref access conflicts I can't fix them all easily but have to rewrite the whole thing. I'm planning to do this step by step but this will not happen anytime soon, next step will be removing some non-essential features and decreasing the need for datarefs as well as code complexity to reduce compatibility conflicts but I can't say when I get this done right now.
  6. The intensity is the strength for lod reduction, higher values mean faster fps recovery but also less objects visible. The value is indepent from the target fps setting, increase intensity to get more stable fps or decrease if lod is too low (not enough objects visible) most of the time.
  7. This sets the lod to maintain target fps as set in the target fps button. If fps fall below thespecified target, objects visibility range is reduced to recover fps.
  8. Copy the following files and folders from the zip archive into X-Plane 11/Resources/plugins/FlyWithLua/Scripts: FlyAgi_Tweak_Utility (folder) FlyAgi_Tweak_Utility.lua FlyAgi_Tweak_Utility_Static_Override.lua Then start X-Plane and the utility will show up. :-)
  9. Do the following: Copy the folder SAM_Seasons_SDK and the library.txt file you find inside the main SAM_Seasons_SDK folder into your Scenery If you already have a library.txt copy the contents from the one provided by the package except the header (A 800 Library) into your library.txt To get an independent library (recommended for payware or if you want to make changes to the SDK assets) open library.txt with a texteditor and search for the line "# export path is SAM_Library/SAM_Seasons_SDK/..." Replace "SAM_Library/SAM_Seasons_SDK/" with "My_Unique_Scenery_Name/SAM_Seasons_SDK/" for all occurances (results could look like "AS_EDLP/SAM_Seasons_SDK/" for Aerosoft Paderborn) Now you have an exclusive library for your scenery only and can place all the contents from the path "My_Unique_Scenery_Name/SAM_Seasons_SDK/" in WED You can also modifiy all SDK contents without braking other sceneries as long as you are using your own library path To get seasonal changes you have to use a library and musst not place the assets from the local path in WED. If you already have placed lots of stuff you can simply change resources in WED so you don't have to start from scratch. If you don't want to ship the SDK you can also use it as a normal library. In this case just copy SAM_Seasons_SDK into your Custom Scenery folder and place assets from "SAM_Library/SAM_SEasons_SDK/" path. Of course, users then need the SDK installed as a library themselves - I recommend this if your scenery is already depending on lots of libraries so one more or less does not really matter.
  10. This is a compatibility problem with other scripts - you will have to remove them or rename their datarefs so they match the FTU datarefs names.
  11. Without a complete log.txt I can't do anything.
  12. Glad to hear - may I ask you what framerates you get when this happens? And, if this happens once gain, could you please check in the launcher options if the 'global settings' save file has been loaded properly (before reloading the scripts)?
  13. The messages should disappear by themselves once the save files have been loaded properly. If the don't disappear I think there is something messed up with the save files. When this happens try a scripts reload (XP header bar > FlyWithLua > Reload all scripts), this should solve the issue for this session. I experienced something like this myself but only once and only with exccessive testing some stuff, loading and changing aircraft and if this is done too fast the save files writing and loading can get currupted - this is why the message actually exists, this is for making sure the user waits for the utility too finish loading before doing anything. If lua scripts reload does not work try deleting the save files for the aircraft affected by this issue and try again - the message should disappear if the save files are okay.
  14. In Atmosphere + Visibility check the DSF visibility buttons and set them to default values: min 20.000, max 100.000 This is the only utility setting affecting the lights because the lights depend on the DSFs to be drawn.
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