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  1. FlyAgi

    FlyAgi Tweak Utility

    The LOD DataRef controls visibility distance of all the autogen buildings including streets and light objects - street lights are part of the streets and when when a street is not displayed because it's out of the LOD range the corresponding lights aren't displayed either so I think it's not possible to increase LOD for the lights only. Regarding the general brightness of all the lights displayed (lights inside the LOD range) there are DataRefs for controlling so this part should be possible, Ultra Weather XP does something like this with it's lights slider.
  2. FlyAgi

    FlyAgi Tweak Utility

    Well... as mentioned, the utility does not work with the FlyWithLua Core Edition, please install the Next Generation edition - the Core Edition does not allow to manipulate private DataRefs.
  3. FlyAgi

    FlyAgi Tweak Utility

    Installation instructions are found on the downloads page in german and english language.
  4. FlyAgi

    A Decent Guide to Crisp Shadows

    You can still change cockpit shadow resolution but in 11.30 the quality is signifcantly lower than in 11.26 (at 4096 I know get the looks of 2048 in 11.26) so you have to set higher values for the same visual quality and possibly this affects your frame rates. What kind of shadows disappear? I did not set other options than raising the cockpit shadows to 4096 and this works as expected (but with worse shadows than in 11.26 at the same settings).
  5. FlyAgi

    A Decent Guide to Crisp Shadows

    Working fine for me in 11.30r1 - I'm using the latest Tweak Utility and changing shadow settings works as expected. Did you possibly install the FlyWithLua Core Edition into your 11.30 installation? This seems to be the most common problem, using the core edition does not allow to change so called private datarefs so many scripts don't work. If this is the case install the FlyWithLua Next Generation Edition.
  6. FlyAgi

    FlyAgi Vegetation

    Version 1.00


    FlyAgi Vegetation is a scenery library which contains volumetric grass, flowers, HD trees, some shrubs and fruits. There are many grass colors in four different sizes available for achiving good results on orthophotos as well as on landclass based terrain. The flowers are available in four different sizes as well to match your arrangement's grass sizes. Sample sceneries: The Screenshots above are taken from the following sceneries using the vegetation library. If there are any questions or you need examples just download them for free and look into the included WED files for the corresponding vegetation and forest layers. EDXE Rheine-Eschendorf EDPW Thalmässing-Waizenhofen EDDK Köln Bonn Some notes: For best visual results the grass colors chosen should match the ground colors. If this is done right the grass will almost seamlessly fade out into the terrain in the distance and from higher view angles when taking off or landing on your airfield When using orthophotos use decals as well for a more natural grass effects When using grass on larger scale airports make sure you're using WED and it's density options for the grass files. The grass can have an impact on GPU performance and on larger airports this impact can be massive if you place the grass with maximum density Installation: Unpack zip file Copy folder 'FlyAgi_Vegetation' into your Custom Scenery folder Start X-Plane
  7. Version 1.00


    FlyAgi Vegetation Global Trees is a replacement library which enhances all trees and forests globally. Installation: Unpack zip file Copy folder 'FlyAgi_Vegetation_Global_Trees' into your Custom Scenery folder Copy folder 'Resources' you can fin in the folder 'FlyAgi_Vegetation_Global_Trees' into your X-Plane 11 main folder and overwrite files Start X-Plane More Screenshots
  8. FlyAgi

    FlyAgi Tweak Utility

    Sounds great. And thanks to your feedback I finally know that it's indeed working on Mac systems - this was a good guess before. I am currently working on a manual for the utility, the current state can be found here: https://flyagi.de/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=153 If there are any more questions, or mabye issues, let me know.
  9. FlyAgi

    FlyAgi Tweak Utility

    Okay... you are using the FlyWithLua Core Edition - this is incompatibel because it does not allow access to so called private datarefs. You should use the Next generation Edition instead: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/38445-flywithlua-ng-next-generation-edition-for-x-plane-11-win-lin-mac/
  10. FlyAgi

    FlyAgi Tweak Utility

    I think I need the whole file... there should be a more specific error description inside which can tell me what is going wrong.
  11. FlyAgi

    FlyAgi Tweak Utility

    Well... the folder got created on startup automatically? Then it should work on mac, basically. Maybe there is a conflict with another script. Du you have any water or xvision scripts running? Water scripts (and the xvision ones too) have to be changed slightly for not crashing lua when used with the utility. I think I can look into this further but you have to reinstall the utility again, crash lua and then send me your log.txt or flywithlua_debug.txt.
  12. FlyAgi

    FlyAgi Tweak Utility

    It is supposed to work on Windows, Mac and Linux. The code does not make use of system specific stuff so it should work - however, the latest version 1.03b has one system specific event for creating the subfolder for save files and I could not test if I did this right for Mac/Linux because I can't test this myself.
  13. FlyAgi

    A Decent Guide to Crisp Shadows

    It has many options. Originally it was a performance tuning script but the gui was to powerfull to stop there so it can handle different things now. If you don't want to use a certain feature you can just tun it of and just use those you really need. The main stuff it can do is: Performance tuning (just stuff that really has an fps impact and is changeable without scenery reload, except extended dsfs) Configure Bird Strikes Configure Shadows Configure Fog (and X-Visibility Haze Control if installed) Configure Controller Settings (deadzone, centerzones, sensitivity, stability) It can make Weight & Balance persistant and has some ohter aircraft related features All settings are stored per aircraft, so you can use different setups in different situations (and always the same setup using the sync function)
  14. FlyAgi

    A Decent Guide to Crisp Shadows

    On request I added some of the shadow stuff to my tweak utility so it can handle (and store) most of the shadow tweaks using the utility gui (submenu 'shadow control'). https://forum.thresholdx.net/files/file/83-flyagi-tweak-utility/ (I hope it's okay to post that here - there is not intention to hijack this thread)
    I never liked the X-Plane 11 haze but using this plugin I really love it. ?

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