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  1. Yes... I cann see the benefits already as I don't have to roll over them on departures.
  2. Thank you... I got it now. The marshallers are not visible on departure (as with the autogate plugin) so it works now.
  3. Well... I started near a marshaller at the parking position. Do I have to move before the marshallers appear?
  4. Hi there. I placed some marshallers into a scenery but can't see them in X-Plane. I also tried one of the sceneries from the supported airports list to investigate but this happened there as well - is there something I did wrong? Thanks, Agi
  5. Version 1.00


    This is an upgrade for the default LOWI Demo Area containing the following features 30 cm/pixel orthophoto covering the LOWI Airport and ist close surroundings (data source: Land Tirol - data.tirol.gv.at, license: Creative Commons Namensnennung 3.0 Österreich, https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/at/legalcode) Custom groundpolys including bump and specular effects Volumetric Vegetation and HD trees TerraMaxx seasons Winter textures for JSGME based winter mods
  6. The LOD DataRef controls visibility distance of all the autogen buildings including streets and light objects - street lights are part of the streets and when when a street is not displayed because it's out of the LOD range the corresponding lights aren't displayed either so I think it's not possible to increase LOD for the lights only. Regarding the general brightness of all the lights displayed (lights inside the LOD range) there are DataRefs for controlling so this part should be possible, Ultra Weather XP does something like this with it's lights slider.
  7. Well... as mentioned, the utility does not work with the FlyWithLua Core Edition, please install the Next Generation edition - the Core Edition does not allow to manipulate private DataRefs.
  8. Installation instructions are found on the downloads page in german and english language.
  9. You can still change cockpit shadow resolution but in 11.30 the quality is signifcantly lower than in 11.26 (at 4096 I know get the looks of 2048 in 11.26) so you have to set higher values for the same visual quality and possibly this affects your frame rates. What kind of shadows disappear? I did not set other options than raising the cockpit shadows to 4096 and this works as expected (but with worse shadows than in 11.26 at the same settings).
  10. Working fine for me in 11.30r1 - I'm using the latest Tweak Utility and changing shadow settings works as expected. Did you possibly install the FlyWithLua Core Edition into your 11.30 installation? This seems to be the most common problem, using the core edition does not allow to change so called private datarefs so many scripts don't work. If this is the case install the FlyWithLua Next Generation Edition.
  11. Version 1.00


    FlyAgi Vegetation is a scenery library which contains volumetric grass, flowers, HD trees, some shrubs and fruits. There are many grass colors in four different sizes available for achiving good results on orthophotos as well as on landclass based terrain. The flowers are available in four different sizes as well to match your arrangement's grass sizes. Update: I added a seasonal package for TerraMaxx support and an additional JSGME ready winter version for the classic winter textures mod to the download page. Sample sceneries: The Screenshots above are taken from the following sceneries using the vegetation library. If there are any questions or you need examples just download them for free and look into the included WED files for the corresponding vegetation and forest layers. EDXE Rheine-Eschendorf EDPW Thalmässing-Waizenhofen EDDK Köln Bonn Some notes: For best visual results the grass colors chosen should match the ground colors. If this is done right the grass will almost seamlessly fade out into the terrain in the distance and from higher view angles when taking off or landing on your airfield When using orthophotos use decals as well for a more natural grass effects When using grass on larger scale airports make sure you're using WED and it's density options for the grass files. The grass can have an impact on GPU performance and on larger airports this impact can be massive if you place the grass with maximum density Installation: Unpack zip file Copy folder 'FlyAgi_Vegetation' into your Custom Scenery folder Start X-Plane
  12. Version 1.00


    FlyAgi Vegetation Global Trees is a replacement library which enhances all trees and forests globally. Update: I added a seasonal package for TerraMaxx support and an additional JSGME ready winter version for the classic winter textures mod to the download page. Installation: Unpack zip file Copy folder 'FlyAgi_Vegetation_Global_Trees' into your Custom Scenery folder Copy folder 'Resources' you can fin in the folder 'FlyAgi_Vegetation_Global_Trees' into your X-Plane 11 main folder and overwrite files Start X-Plane More Screenshots
  13. Sounds great. And thanks to your feedback I finally know that it's indeed working on Mac systems - this was a good guess before. I am currently working on a manual for the utility, the current state can be found here: https://flyagi.de/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=153 If there are any more questions, or mabye issues, let me know.
  14. Okay... you are using the FlyWithLua Core Edition - this is incompatibel because it does not allow access to so called private datarefs. You should use the Next generation Edition instead: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/38445-flywithlua-ng-next-generation-edition-for-x-plane-11-win-lin-mac/
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