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  1. For people who don’t have extra sources. For Netherlands use GO2 bing gives me white tiles all the time and airport regions are pixelated. With GO2 it’s clouds 99% Color match ca 90% tested all ZL16-19. very high quality pictures.
    Nice photos. can I submit photos for you? heres a little preview of one of my shots. (these PBRs are custom and I cant use them as the textures have changed but youll have similiar results)
  2. Phoenix990


    to all the people not being able to download this. Save this in your google drive make a copy and download the copy. (bypasses the download limit) Have fun
  3. Phoenix990


    have been waiting for a long time and now its kinda here. Cant wait for the new flight model! I guess you wont work on a 600? I can understand as it was a commercial failure. But I saw one once. SAS B737 600 at ESSA.
  4. Could you add ground service (catering, loaders, fuel trucks, air stairs etc) Also do you plan adding smooth switch animations like you did with the engine mode selectors? Also How about the possibility of toggeling eyebrow windows and switch analog standby instruments to standby PFD
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