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Bad performance in 1.14?

Captain Kitten

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Bad performance in 1.14?

Here is a list of things that you can do:

  • Restart X-Plane11 - some users experience bad performance on the first startup
  • Do not use reshade or other confliciting addons! Reshade breaks performance completely.
    • Reshade needs to be removed completely by deleting the opengl32.dll in X-Plane directory
  • Check your sliders! Ultra will halt your performance - good solution might be a mix of high and mid
  • Delete shadercashe: X-Plane folder\Output\shadercashe
  • Set X-Plane reflections to minimal
  • Use FXAA2

Lets gather some solutions in this thread. And let me know what worked for you 😃

For other issues please read the announcement and look for known issues


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Tried them all, only going down to FXAA actually made a difference in my case.
My framerate is really good during the day, but i lose a ton of fps during the night, i even tried to change the time of day so early that the scenery lights were still lit to see if it was the lights that was the problem, but it wasn't.
I had excellent framerate on all the other versions from 1.10 and up at these settings, but on 1.14 my performance takes a big dive down to unplayable framerates during the dark hours.
I also tried to lower the cloud settings, but it didn't really make any big difference.

My specs: i7 9700K at 4.9ghz, 32gb DDR4 2666mhz RAM and RTX2070 Super.

Kind Regards

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Tried all of them, only lowering FXAA helped a little bit but not flyable in my view.

Specs: i7 8700K, 32GB DDR4 3200mhz, RTX 2070 Super

XP11: 11.41

Default airport ESDF at 1100z in Cessna 172 (Default) RealTime WX: Visibility 10km+ and broken 700ft
(Tried other airports with same result.)

XE Version   -    2x FXAA    -     4x FXAA     
    1.13                 42-50 fps       38-43 fps
    1.14                    20 fps             10 fps       (Whit all sliders on low and all boxes unticked.)

No other changes in XP11 was made other than the FXAA.
No XP sliders at Ultra and Reflection at Minimal as always.
I made sure any traces of Reshade which I haven't used for months was deleted.

Not any solution to offer I'm affraid but hopefully the report can help someone to find one.

Kind regards

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