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Frequently asked questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Check Latest Updates Tab for latest updates. Also - you can ask questions here if you like. 


"Where are we now in development?
Check development of latest version in "Latest Updates" Category.

"What is planned next?"
Roadmap can be found here.

"When will the next update release?"
We never give ETA's (Estimated time of arrival).

"Will the price change with the next update?"
The price will not change and every update is free for existing customers. This goes for all updates within the 1.xx versions of xEnviro. (X-Plane versions do not affect our development path)

"Will xEnviro work in XP-12?"
As we have seen so far: An update of xE will be needed, but yes it will work. There are other ways to do custom post processing in X-Plane other than Modern3D (And yes - that update is also free)

"Where can I download the beta?"
Our beta runs are not public and never will be. We're too small to handle a chaotic public beta.

"Can I be a beta tester?"
If you want to be a beta tester you can sign up in the signup thread under announcements in this club. We pick up beta testers as we need them. Often we pick people with particular systems. Mor often than not we pick potatoes over bleeding edge.


More questions? I'll add them to this QA if I find them to be good

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