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Multiple monitor/computer setup


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 I am running 2 computers for my cockpit build. The Computer #1 is my "Master Computer" which runs X-Plane 11 and #2 computer is my "Externals" computer. The weather is displaying correctly on the front view, (windshield view), but not correctly on the left and right screens. Do I need to buy another copy of ES for my second computer to get the weather to display correctly? Or is ES not compatible on a multi monitor sim setup...




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No, you don't need to get another copy of ES for things to work correctly. In theory ES should be compatible with multi-computer simulator setups as long as OpenGL coordinates are sycnhronized between the instances. However it is still a very uncommon use case so it is possible that some issues were overlooked.

I'd recommend requesting a refund if you purchased the add-on for that.

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