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737NG diverges from LNAV path


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Sorry for maybe bad english.

I have noticed a strange behaviour when I am flying on LNAV with the Levelup 737NG.

Without explanation the aircraft diverges from the LNAV path. For example this morning I flew LROP to ESSA with the Levelup 737-700. The flight went well until the aircraft just changed heading from the LNAV path. I created the flight plan in Navigraph Charts and I am using the latest AIRAC cycle.

Can this be some sort of bug? When I am thinking more of this I noticed the same bug(?) in the latest version of the Zibo mod. The LNAV lamp is still enabled when this occurs.

I will now try the same flight with the same flightplan in the default 737 and see if the same happens....


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I could reproduce the exact behavior with the latest Zibo mod (3.51.19). Just after waypoint GELDA the aircraft starts to turn heading 295 instead of going to NILUG. I have attached the flightplan I used as a txt file if that may be helpful. And as I said earlier, the default 737-800 follows the flight plan as it should.

I dont know where to find older Zibo versions to test with. It seems like its not possible to access Zibos Google drive any more. And on the Zibo updater page I just find the latest versions. But I can try the flight with the 737-700 Ultimate too:. I am sure it will follow the flight plan.



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I have tested more during the day. And now I can say 100% sure that this bug(?) only is when I am flying on a flightplan created in Navigraph Charts and flying it with Zibo/Levelup.

I just created some flightplans witn Online Flight Planner and both Zibo and Levelup can fly them without any strange behavior.

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