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Issue When Installing JAR A330 GE Mod

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Hello all, 

When installing the GE mod for the JAR A330 I came across this issue that appears to keep part of the RR engine and move the spinning textures



. I know I have followed the instructions properly as I even re-installed the JAR and went back through the install as a result of this issue. Is anyone able to offer any assistance?

Thank you.



X-System 7_22_2022 8_46_07 AM.png

_D__X-Plane 11_Aircraft_JarDesign - A330 GE_objects_330_fusel_2.OBJ - Notepad++ 7_22_2022 8_47_20 AM.png

X-System 7_22_2022 8_49_23 AM.png

objects 7_22_2022 8_46_33 AM.png

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