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Realistic Engine Modification

Bringing Close to Realistic Engine Mods to you favourite aircraft.

My main reason for these new engines was to bring more options to many aircraft that didn't have these types of engines, I started out trying to retexture other engines and not overly successfully doing it, mainly because of the size of the textures and modelling issues, so I decided to get back in to modelling and trying to bring engines that everyone could use. The first on my list was the GE CF6-80E1 Engine for JAR A330 we already had the Rolls Royce and I thought we could have more for this plane;

GE CF6-80E1


LINK: Download Page

From here I wanted to provide a detailed model and I wanted to provide other unique aspects to the engine, detailed textures, I wanted to provide the model character and age by adding in grime and dirt to the engine... later I came back and provided a more cleaner texture. But along with this I added in some particle additions during engine start up to provide something new during cold weather operations which are included in most of all engine modifications.

Moving on from GE CF6, I wanted to carry on the JAR A330 with the PW4000 but the demand for NEO engines was growing with the NEO mod that I helped with before the birth of these engine modifications, one of which I wanted to have was the CFM LEAP 1A engine for the FFA320/Toliss A320 Family. So I started working on the CFM LEAP1A taking what I had learnt from the GEs and trying to make something even better. The LEAPs have gone through a few iterations;

CFM LEAP-1A - Version 1;


CFM LEAP-1A - Version 2;


LINK: Download Page

Following on from the LEAP 1A using the original cowling object I decided to move on and make a better variant of the PW1100G instead of the one used with the existing PW NEO Mod;

Pratt and Whitney 1100-G;



LINK: Download Page

Finally the last engine I went for was a conversation of the GE CF6-80E1 to the GE CF6-80C2 for FF767, this was a lot more difficult that it seemed as the cowling was different and pylon is different, it may have been easier to start from scratch but we made it work in the end;

GE CF6-80C2 for FF767;


LINK: Download Page

Work continues in to the future with other engines, stay tuned for future announcements of upcoming engines!

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