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  1. Ya something to do with Directx or something that prefers the use of dds, its a special format to make performance better for games that use Directx if I remember.
  2. When they are complete. unfortunately there has been some delay completing them due to an injury I am current recovering from.
  3. dds is a compression format, my understanding is that xplane automatically compressing textures in to dds from png itself, having them already in DDS format makes this process faster potentially saving you performance. The save format I use is BC3 for DDS, you can us photoshop + nvidia dds saving tools
  4. I would not recommend doing any changes to the fuel/range in the ACF there is no guarantee it will work, it may cause more issues as the planes plug may override the ACF. It was spinning in the correct direct the last time I checked it, but the fans do look like they spin in the opposite direction after a minute of spinning, that can not be helped.
  5. If the engine isn't removing when your are switching then you've missed a step in the Manual, most likely an issue with the Kill Data Ref in the ACF/Plane Maker. Check you added them and check for any spaces you may have left in it.
  6. Ah ok ya your using matavia mod, I've already advise matavia of this issue but your folder structure does not match the structure of your liveries so the leap texture won't overwrite the base leap texture, they have to be the same. either have both LEAP folders in the base object folder and the livery object folder as just "LEAP" or have them both as "LEAP Engines" but you'll need to change one, in this case so you don't have to change the acf file change the Livery instead.
  7. I'd need to see the folder/folder structure for your base objects folder where the LEAP engines objects are located.
  8. Looks like you set some incorrect coordinates in plane maker.
  9. Work Continues with the RB211s, Please see current renders of the engines in xplane 11;
  10. Not a big WIP Update but I wanted to show some progress of the RB engines since the last time as it been a little while, I've been busy with some other work, so he is a quick WIP of the beginning of the texture work of the RBs, PBRs included. (This is in Blender so the PBRs/Textures may show little differently in X-Plane)
  11. Check the log see what it says, try disabling all other plugins just have default xplane and the plane + engine see whether it still crashes, check that log file if it does, if it doesn't its not a mod issue. make sure you've not changed any ACF file names for the FFA320 check the basic FFA320 see if it crashes. The Mod is mostly visual, the only 1 file that you edit yourself that has any interaction with the game is ACF file, if thats done wrong it could crash the game, the only other thing that can crash the game is if your out of memory which will say in the log file.
  12. Not a lot of info I can provide, people had this issue but have not provided enough information for me to say what you've done incorrectly in the installation, it has never been something I have been able to duplicate. If you want to video the installation of the engine up to engine start I can look but beyond that its difficult to provide any further info.
  13. Unfortunately you'll never find an engine that will be 100% accurate in Xplane than it is in real world, I try my best to keep as close as possible, but I never pretend to say my engine models are perfect. That being said this engine was a conversion of the CF6 from the 330 so there would be issues with that conversion, like the cowling and the Fans I'm not 100% fond of myself, the GE is something I may come back to it at one point redo the cowling and fans.
  14. Not really something I've looked in to when LevelUp is still around the corner.
  15. The fast N1 fans are suppose to be some what transparent...
  16. at the moment my main focus is on the RB211s which are far from done so no details yet on next engine.
  17. Sounds like you've change something in the ACF you shouldn't of; SASL not working as it says - Check your xplane log.
  18. read the other comments you probably have a space in the "anim_hide" in 1 of the objects.
  19. Hi all, I wanted to give you some previews of the next up coming engine, I give you the RB211 for the FF757;
  20. No idea, the mod is purely visual mod, it should not affect systems, it will only affect systems if you change something in the ACF file you should not of.
  21. the only good sound packs for the PW is the BSS or the FTSim soundpack but both are payware.
  22. Thats probably because you're using old liveries that were for previous releases, so you'll need to find updated livery for those airlines. They weren't ones I included in my mod pack.
  23. Need to see a photo of the issue. Check your Object edits and the changes of the anim_hide, look for any spaces in the anim_hides you edited or any hides you missed in the manual.
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