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The LevelUp is not dead

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Furture posts (Yes even if it were to be months from this post) will be deleted.

The project is slow. I'll give you that. Seriously slow. But sadly, we're not allowed to force volunteering developers to work on the project. It's frowned upon to threaten them to devote their free time, use their IRL work time or separate them from their kids in their holidays to finish the project... To add to this frustrating human rights, Laminar constantly throws curveballs that affect the flight model, so the development lead (not me) has decided to wait for a stable X-Plane 12 version to release the LevelUp Aircraft.

Our developers are currently swamped with their real-life commitments and have not been as present as we initially anticipated a few weeks back. We're in collaboration with Zibo to modify and integrate the latest Zibomod. Challenges such as integrating the new engine model and addressing the XP12 upper atmosphere physics are on our plate. Additionally, the XP11 ground issue is on our radar and demands attention. At this juncture, our capabilities could be more constrained. There's also the looming possibility that as we advance and roll out fixes, we might come face-to-face with a product-altering change from LR, pushing us back to square one. It's important to highlight that Zibo's engine model is a significant factor in our current work.

We're monitoring and answering questions on Discord (link) when we have time. We're too few to watch Discord and this space, so we answer questions there. I don't get notifications whenever someone posts, "It's dead", and I don't have time to respond. I'm only taking the time to answer those being lied to. Once released, everyone will know and have the choice if they want to try it. In the meantime, enjoy whatever you want to fly. There is no business in LevelUp (quite the opposite..), so we're not dependent on having everyone "believe" what we repeat in the Discord server. Saying that the LevelUp is dead is just uninformed but doesn't affect the actual status of the Aircraft. Sorry. If that helped, it would have been released already. I would have loved for the update to have been released long ago, but it's a freeware, voluntary project, and it is what it is. 

Bottomline is that the project is close to a release, but that doesn't translate into a timeline. Devs who do this in their free time have had summer holidays and are back at IRL work. Devtime is still as sparse as always, but we have a push here and there. Another factor is waiting for a stable atmospheric version of the X-Plane so the flight model doesn't have to be changed again to fit X-Plane 12's constantly moving target. The next one might be it. Not my call. I'm not a project lead.

Now go enjoy the Zibo, the PMDG or whatever fancies your jiffies.

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