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  2. Finally, the project is done. You can have a look at the news here: https://www.thresholdx.net/news/pslevt and buy the product if you like it!
  3. <Noice! but mah dude, change the decal to less grain ;)!
  4. I've got news! I have decided that this airport will not contain custom autogen. I'll probably make it later with much more quality and it will come in a separate pack, but we will have to wait. Custom autogen for the villages of Estarrona, Gereña, and Antezana de Foronda will be implemented anyways and the trees for the entire ortho area will remain too. The ortho area will remain the same, around 750 sq Km. But this means good news, as the airport was already finished, this means it will be released soon. Beta testing will begin soon and as soon as it's done it will be released. That's all for this post! More news about the release date soon!
  5. Really good looking. Glad to see most of Spanish airport include fire trucks on their sceneries. Most of x plane scenery addons has forgot them.
  6. More news! Finally, the airport itself is finished: Apart from that, I've started working importing OSM data for the surroundings. All the buildings have already been placed, but I still want to rework a little bit the textures so they look more Spanish. That's it for this post. Now I'll start working on some landmarks for the city, and after that, I'll do what I said to the textures.
  7. So, after the first news of the airport published here, I've set this thread so I can publish more progress and previews. In addition to presenting this thread, in this post here I'll also publish some more previews: Some previews of the PBR in the ground textures: Custom rain effects: And dynamic seasonal textures: That's all for this post, more news will be published soon!

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