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  1. I see I will need to tidy up this club a bit... My Updates and announcements drown in comments. Which is a good thing. We want activity here New announcement coming shortly (no, not release or ETA - but an explenation of my absense the past weeks. And development update)
  2. A lot of info is here: https://forum.thresholdx.net/public-pages/updatesandinfo/ But a PM to me or any admin here should tdo the thrick as well =)
  3. Cockpit shadow bug is not an XEnviro bug. It's an xplane native bug. But we have fixed it anyways. As for general shadows I don't know what you're talking about. Xe doesn't remove scenery shadows.
  4. Please upload it to this forum as well We don't ban or censor links to external sources but would appreciate it if you used this forum for those who prefer it.
  5. As some may notice in the images posted here: We had a setback and need to do some steps again to get back to where we were before. We were so close to wrapping up, but the cloud edges plainly did not want to cooperate and got either all grainy or bandy - both ways were ugly up close. So our new approach set us back a couple of weeks =( The fact that "this is the life of a developer" doesn't really help us much - that Andrey managed to whip out some magic after a couple of days in the sauna helps a lot. So, back on track but be aware that the clouds look worse again since several steps h
  6. We will NOT develop 1.14 for Vulkan. I have stressed that point enough times and the reasons behind that decision. No beta chasing will be done until we have finished what we started in 1.14. With that harshness out of the way: We think we're back on track and hope to yet again begin our work towards beta assembly. Some screenshots: (NOT REPRESENTATIVE OF FINAL VERSION)
  7. 1.14 has nothing to do with x-plane 11.50. None at all. And it is the main performance update. I do mention this in just about every status update of xEnviro so do have a read in those.. I might have to post them elsewhere in the future. People seem to not read them at all..
  8. This is what many people seem to get wrong: xEnviro isn't benefiting from Vulkan. Your computer is the factor that benefits from Vulkan. So if your system isn't benefiting from Vulkan, then you won't be able to enjoy xE any more than you do in OpenGL. But most people do see a gain, and that way we can take that in to account and push xEnviro further than we can do in OpenGL. How much we can expect? That is down to the further development of Vulkan up until its release and we don't speculate what that will be. We can see the tendency now with the beta. Definitely. But we won't know before we
  9. Addons are not used in test versions for a reason
  10. Too bad that the detail won't be staying at this level. The grain is what gives the clouds the great contrast in this screenshot and it will be toned back when we deal with the grain. Just sometimes I would love to have the headroom to double the resolution. Too bad that it would cut the fps in half...
  11. Step by step and along the way we iron out what we find. Not in beta yet. But we hope that the steps we take now will make the beta a smooth ride
  12. Atmosphere work: Visibility 1000m (picture above) 2000m (picture above) 3000m (picture above) 5km (picture above) 10km (picture above) 20km (picture above) 30km (picture above) 50km (picture above)
  13. I have huge trouble with the OpenGL version of 11.50. Do NOT opt in to the beta if you want to use xEnviro. Not yet. DO NOT OPT IN TO THE 11.50 BETA IF YOU WANT A STABLE SIMULATOR!!! We do NOT support trouble you get in to on beta versions of x-plane! Beta WILL break your X-Plane install. If it doesn't - you've been lucky. Just because others report stable sims that does not mean that yours is! Beta comes with risk! No developer with a level of sanity develops and releases beta compatible versions of their products. They prepare for the stable release. With the 11.50 BETA(!) upd
  14. Same place, same time. Different conditions. Atmosphere work has begun. Ticking off the last boxes before beta one by one.
  15. Still in test versions - while we have extremely busy days the test team is working on assignements. (Upper atmosphere and final stages still lacking - So not representative of final 1.14). These are test team screenshots
  16. Shadows? Let's talk shadows! How Andrey does some things sometimes is beyond me. His code math is plain magic. And with almost zero performance impact on top... Cloud on cloud shadows is a thing in X-Plane now. No, we won't release yet. We won't release something that is worse than 1.13 visually. Yes, there is a way to go for that still - in regards to grain and artifacts - which we will be able to handle. There will ALWAYS be grain! Question is how much. And no, we don't give ETA's Deal with it
  17. [1.14] DEVELOPMENT STATUS REPORT I need to say something first: We all at DarkSpace and Threshold hope everyone is well and that you take care of each other and are taken care of. Stay together through these weird times and stay safe! Almost everyone at xEnviro dev team have what is called critical proficiencies. Like myself as an IT consultant and with critical infrastructures to take care of. Needless to say, we have our hands full and it eats in to our time for xEnviro development. But we have and are not standing still! One more thing before I dive in to this status update: To
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