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Grey A at all SAM airports


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Running Xplane 11.50 with vulcan  and SAM Suite2 using base 2.07 as 2.10 crashes Xplane on startup.  Also, I have checked adding libraries manually in settings.

When I load the Laminar Boeing 737-800 into a  SAM-enabled airport, there is a grey A on the upper left side with no marshaller and no connected gate.  This also applies to the X-Craft E-175. I have also tried to move the aircraft with the map screen, but to no avail. I don't know why SAM is not working.



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Yes, I read the guide.  I've downloaded six airports that authors submitted with SAM parking places so I think it would be unusual for all six airports to have the wrong coordinates for compatible aircraft such as the default 737-800.  I've also used the X-plane map to slightly adjust the position of the 737-800, but this did not work.  Is it correct that the grey A only appears at airports with SAM moving gates?  Also, none of the airports show a marsaller at any gates.

Using your static aircraft, if the plugin is working properly, should static aircraft be connected to gates?


SAM.log Log.txt

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Thanks for taking time to address this.  I deleted KAVP and downloaded the file again - several times - and now it works!

It's strange, perhaps related to the issue, but your version of KAVP is different from the version I have now.  I notice two jetways from each gate in your version, which works? - but my version only has one jetway per gate!  Bottom line, it works!!


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