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World Jetways not working

jan stavela

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just bought the extension for SAM - World Jetways. I did follow the link : forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/141662-samv2-scenery-animation-manager-installation

Then installed and activated the World Jetways throught the SAM Suit.

I have clear install, so

- no plugins
- no sceneries

All airport are default, but yet some have the gates working and some not. As an example ESGG, there are no gates at all...

So no gates, also no docking station at all, nowhere.

(btw. feel free to merge it with any relevant topic)



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Oh the default ESGG scenery is definitely strange. The parking position you used has no jetway, the scenery author didn't place them. There are some on other positions though:



EDIT: Comparing that with the real airport it looks like that the author tried to simulate the fixed jetways that are present at the real airport with this construction without actually using an X-Plane jetway:




I opend a bug report for you: https://gateway.x-plane.com/bug_reports?selected_issue=XSG-11307

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Thank you for this. This could be solution, fix of the scenery. But I was just watching now about an hour long video on YT from Captain K-Man about how to place and set SAM gates and docking stations/marshalers using WED and the setting in the X-plane. I actualy liked that, and I would like to do it by myself now. I fly Vatsim and I use only 3 airports (ESSA, ESGG and ENGM). ESSA works with SAM without problems, ENGM also so I just need to do ESGG.

I just wonder one thing. In the video has been shown on the Washington Airport which is easy to find in Custome Scenery of XP, but ESGG is somewhere in the global airports, isnt it? I am trying to find out where are hidden earth nav data for ESGG airport. Any idea, please?

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Ok, done. Look at the screen bellow. To me it is perfect. Now all the gates are working (12-23). But unfortunately at the gates 21, 22, 23 is not enought space for your moving jetways (they are to long even retracted), so I had to move very decently 3 walls, so I could accomodate them and make them functional. Now, I presume that if someone will open this in his airport those 3 gates wont look top notch, because they will be attached to the window and not to the wall (that is what I had to change). But If someone will want it, I can give whole folder, because I made it as a custom scenery so I basicly use it instead of the default airport. But I am very happy now. Gates 12-23 have fully functional jetways and docking system :).

Solution is that I could do that few small changes and export it to scenery gateway, but will they accept it?



+57+012.dsf sam.xml SAM ESGG.rar

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