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FlyJSim Q4XP - Q400 Request for VR!


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Request for: Q4XP Q400

Made by: FlyJsim

Does the addon currently have a VR compatible yoke (does it move with touch controllers)?  Yoke is not detected by controllers

Does the addon have a VRConfig.txt in the root aeroplane folder?  No

Are there any switches broken? If so, how many?  Switches seem to be okay as far as i can tell.  Buttons all seem to work

Are there any knobs broken? If so, how many?  i would say the majority of knobs dont work.  Perhaps 20

Does the addon have any teleport hotspots?  No

Does the addon have any touchscreen elements?  Yes the EFB.  Not fully functional.  Some spots on EFB recognise controllers buy majority do not.

Are there any broken levers? If so, how many?  Gear good.  E Brake good.  Throttle I think is good.  Feather levers seem to NOT work.  Flaps good.

Any additional comments or things that might help:  Sure hope you can get this thing up and running for VR!

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