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Welcome to the SimVRLabs Lab!


This is the only official page for SimVRLabs projects and VR modifications.


Please read ALL points below:

Please note that in order to download a file from this Threshold Club, you must first have a Threshold Forum account and must have joined the SimVRLabs Club. This is a forum limitation and is not intended to be intentional.

Please keep posts related to the sub-forum topic. Discussions must go in "Announcements and Discussions" or they will be deleted without notice. Requests MUST go in "Requests" AND follow the provided template or they will be ignored.

Please note that in order for us to be able to work on an aircraft, we must also own a license to that aircraft. We will not work on an aircraft that requires us to buy it unless we have a personal interest in the aircraft.

We do not tolerate piracy. If you send us license keys and/or any aircraft files, we will block your access to the SimVRLabs Club and report your license key and ID to the aircraft author and publisher.

We cannot and will not accept all requests. We do these modifications as a hobby and often have many other projects behind the scenes which take time away from user requests.



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