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Felis 747-200 Jetway profile. Has anyone made one for this plane? The wrong......


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I recently purchased the Felis 747-200 and I noticed that it's always the wrong jetway, the second one, that connects to the wrong door, the first door, and there's no door switches in the control panel in SAM3 WorldJetways to use that to disconnect or reconnect them with.  Also, I read that the beacon switch and fuelflow zero are the parameters for retraction now.  As far as I can tell, the fuel is flowing for the APU start once the power is turned on.  Turning on the fuel pump for the port inboard tank isn't even necessary, so I assume you can't override and starve the APU by turning off the pump.  Would that be an issue at the destination airport to reconnect or call a jetway?

I don't mind learning how to make my own profile, but I can't find a manual to learn how to write one.  Is there one for SAM3 so I  could write my own file?
Thanks and Merry New Year! 

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  1.  The incorrect jetway connection is most likely caused by an incorrect jetway arrangement/config. Did you test multiple airports? Give us a detailed test case with a default scenery (with worldjetways if you have) if possible.
  2. The variables for various SAM actions are the same like in SAM2. What is your actual problem in that regard?
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