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New options for ground handling


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I bought ground services some monthes ago. I am happy with it but would like to propose some options. Personnally i would add a "Bus" option because you don't always need busses if you don't have a jetway (for example at luton). I would also add a button to choose if you want to have catering only at departure, only at arrival or both. I don't know if it would be possible, but a bouton to put a stair at the back of the plane if you have a jetway connected at the front would be very nice too! A nice feature would also be some "boundaries" around the wings when the stairs are installed.

Looking forward to some news from you!


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Thanks for your feedback. We are not a big fan of too many options because it makes the user flow quite complex. Instead we already thought about implementing a specific config depending on the parking position. So if you park at a ramp you won't have a bus, on a tie-down you will get one.

Our latest feature addition (livery dependend configs) also go into that direction. Like you can create a config without a bus to support air stairs. 

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Could I ask how to disable the bus with livery config as an interim step.

Very odd using a bus in my area of the world, and I have stopped using this product because of this.

But if I could disable the bus...


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