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You know, Flying with X-Plane 11 is great, especially for what concerns the visual aspect. So many progresses have been done since the previous releases and the newer Laminar PBR aircrafts look great with their new detailed and realistic cockpits. But what about an even better experience? That's what I'm aiming for with my new addon series, a brand new collection of textures for default and 3rd party aircrafts that will literally make your 3D cockpit literally shine, totally for free! Enjoy the new, ultra-realistic rendition of materials such as leather, plastic, glass and metal, which now reflect the light coming from the windshields in a perfectly natural and immersive way. Bring your simulation a whole new level of realism!
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  2. Put on "Aircraft\Laminar Research\Cessna 172SP\objects" CMIIW
  3. When will this be available?
    First, tks a lot. Second, don't work. What did I do wrong? See the msg: "There were several minor problems loading the aircraft: Aircraft/Laminar Research/Cessna 172SP/Cessna_172SP.acf
  4. Looks awesome! Your files are highly appreciated and your work too! I love it! May I ask about the reshade preset?
    Ever since I started using xplane 11, I've been looking for something like this. It's the ultimate C172 visual enhancement. Thank you so much for your work! Keep it up!
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Cessna C172 SP - PBR Cockpit Overhaul (dark cockpit edition) Package provided by Enrico del Bono, the creator of FSE. v1.0 03 - 02 - 2019 This addon is a total overhaul of the default Laminar Cessna C172 SP cockpit.
  6. FSE

    Zibo 737 - 800

    Textures based on AudiobirdXP's work.

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