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  1. Xephyr

    Trouble with the application form?

    There appears to be an issue with the forum provider giving errors to applicants - Don't be alarmed, the applications are still going through. I can manually check if you drop your Discord name in the xEnviro Discord server.
  2. Xephyr

    Xephyr's Best Shots

    This is a collection of my favourite screenshots in X-Plane 11.
  3. Xephyr

    Started an xEnviro club

    You're in the club already! This is essentially a sub-forum where you can follow progress on xEnviro.
  4. Xephyr

    1.10 Development screenshots

    X-Plane11 + xEnviro1.10t60 This is mid-production flight test with a lot of stutters, sun through clouds and artifacts +++ This is only shown to give the general feeling of flying over and through volumetric cloud layers. From the Threshold YouTube channel.
  5. An anonymous source provided the Editorial branch of Threshold (you should really check it out ? ) with the release notes for X-Plane 11.30. '30 is still in private beta stage and is due to enter public beta before the end of the year. Check out all the details here. https://www.thresholdx.net/news/xp1130
  6. Xephyr

    X-Plane Screenshot 2018.09.26 -

    Did somebody say 737MAX? I've said too much ?
  7. Xephyr

    Free Airport Charts Websites

    You are the real MVP! 251 countries - I'd be bored out of my mind!
  8. Xephyr

    1.10 Development screenshots

    That last one... wooooow
  9. Xephyr

    Free airport charts websites

    For the USA: https://flightaware.com/ Search up the airport, then "IFR Plates" For my favourite New Zealand: http://www.aip.net.nz/Home.aspx Select the airport, then the charts you'd like. Also, check out VATSIM division websites for charts for their local area, i.e. Germany VACC has this: https://www.vacc-sag.org/?PAGE=airport_overview
  10. Xephyr

    1.10 Development screenshots

    As far as I'm aware: everything but snow is earmarked for 1.10.
  11. Xephyr

    All Aircraft Randomly Roll Left Or Right And Crash

    Are you using the 11.26 beta? This has been an issue for many early adopters. Fix by running the installer and untucking the “check for beta” box.
  12. Xephyr

    Airport Environment HD V2 Available Now

    Covered! Thanks for the tip off. https://www.thresholdx.net/news/aehdv2
  13. Xephyr

    Xephyr Preset

    Version 1.0.0


    Xephyr Preset Hello! I've been hesitant to release my preset before, however I have been asked so many times my lazy a** needed to kick into gear ? I don't really plan on announcing this release much, as releasing would also mean that I'd have to optimize it, which I may do at some stage, but not right now. Should I receive enough feedback on this, I may release publicly, but atm its just a per-request basis. Feel free to pick & choose whichever settings you'd like, but please remember I use ALL of these together in my sim (I won't be able to answer many questions if you're only using "some", sorry) WARNING - This is the "FULL ON" preset, and can be quite frame heavy. e.g. I use an i5-7600, GTX 1060 6gb and 16gb of DDR4. I use XP with ~30fps (FF A320 can take it down to 22ish), which I really don't mind, however others don't really like that idea! FEATURES - MaxxFX (http://www.x-aviation.com/catalog/product_info.php/maxx-p-107) - I use this as a "base layer" it kind of darkens the sim, then xV + Reshade add all of the cool stuff. - Not really needed, however if you own MaxxFX I would still use it due to minimal frame loss. - xVision (http://x-vision.pro) - Shader tweak tool. I use a custom preset based on the defualt "Impressive" setting. - Greens up default terrain, adds better night lighting etc. - Reshade (https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/36509-reshade-xp11/) - Does ALL of the post-processing, I do not use xVision for PP. - Ambient Lighting is likely the hardest on frames, however I deem it worthy as it adds a lot to the sim. - xEnviro (http://xenviro.net/) (https://store.thresholdx.net/products/xenviro) - Does ALL skycolouring and clouds. - Clouds aren't amazing, however the skycolours are just.... Kreygasm INSTALLATION - MaxxFX - Drag "Xephyr Preset" file into C:\\X-Plane 11\Resources\plugins\MaxxFX\UserEffects - Reshade - Install Reshade (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fqLfiqULqUw) - Drag "Xephyr Preset.ini" into your root X-Plane 11 folder. - xVision - Save "Xephyr Preset.xvs" to your xVision installation - Open xVision. Click "Open Solution" (ctrl - O) - Select "Xephyr Preset.xvs" and hit apply. Thanks again for downloading my preset! If you do have any questions, please feel free to ask me. Don't say I didn't warn you about low FPS! I'll work on it if enough people ask ?

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