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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Ex-Air New Zealand (ZK-NGJ) for the IXEG 737-300 ABOUT ZK-NGJ, formerly operated by Air New Zealand, was sold off to Southern Cross International after it began retiring it's aging B733 fleet by the end of 2015. The aircraft now operates under the flag of the aforementioned Southern Cross International, a company which performs ferry services. As it is no longer an Air New Zealand aircraft, ZK-NGJ no longer sports ANZ's iconic koru icon - however the remnants of it are still visible. A little about myself, this is my first 'from-scratch' livery, so go easy on me INSTALLATION Simply un-zip the file to the following path: >> X-Plane 11\Aircraft\X-Aviation\IXEG 737 Classic\liveries
  2. Xephyr

    1.10 Development screenshots

    Night Environment will not be implemented in 1.10 - it will come later in the update cycle.
  3. Xephyr

    Help: Orthos not loading despite correct scenery order

    The line between where ortho ends/default begins will always be there - it's an unavoidable occurrence that we've all got to deal with.
  4. It is in-development and thus not available at this time.
  5. Xephyr

    CRZ playlist

    Victory is the backing track to one of the most motivating videos I've ever watched:
  6. Xephyr

    I need to boot up P3D more...

    Obligatory ignore "Activate Windows" watermark Flown at the time they were actually operating this... just not with any pax - this was due to an av-gas leak at NZAA, forcing them to fly down to Wellington to refuel. Pretty rare to see anything larger than a 777-200 at NZWN, so was good to see -300s and 787s paying a visit
  7. Xephyr

    737-9 update roadmap?

    I'll direct you to the most recent roadmap, released in late November - https://forum.thresholdx.net/topic/206-roadmap/?tab=comments#comment-1687
  8. Xephyr

    737-900 ultimate and 737-800 x

    Moved to the 737 Ultimate club help section.
  9. Xephyr

    OpenSceneryX 3.2.0 Released

    Article is now online here: https://www.thresholdx.net/news/osx320 Thanks again for the tip off, Austin!
  10. Xephyr

    OpenSceneryX 3.2.0 Released

    Fantastic news! I will write up an article now
  11. Xephyr

    1.10 Development screenshots

    No, not yet. 1.10b00 (the last test version before beta) is currently being built.
  12. Xephyr

    Southwest 733 hops

  13. Xephyr

    Aircraft in development for X-Plane 11

    Fantastic! It's a very complete list.
  14. Xephyr

    1.10 Development screenshots

    taken on my dji drone
  15. Xephyr

    1.10 Development screenshots

    Sorry, should have added a disclaimer - yes the last set are using a medley of MaxxFX and Reshade

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