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General Aviation mods

5 files

  1. Unofficial XP11.35+ upgrade to Carenado C152II v3.2 by Nhadrian

    Hi, I'm proudly announcing my second generation (still unofficial...) upgrade to the old and outdated Carenado C152II v3.2 XP10 plane!!!
    Previous version will remain available but archived, no further updates or support! Each installers should run over the original Carenado C152II v3.2 plane so if you'd like to have both, you have to repeat installing method on a fresh Carenado C152II v3.2 copy again!!! Before downloading, please consider that first you have to buy the original Carenado C152II v3.2 plane, otherwise installer will quit by an error message.
    It is also important to apply the installer on a fresh copy of the original plane, don't try to upgrade your old plane that is full with third party plugins, liveries etc!!! 
    IMPORTANT NOTES - INSTALLATION of NORMAL (High-resolution) version
    To avoid error messages regarding file mismatches, please follow the following instructions of the installer carefully by.
    Download a fresh copy of your plane from the store you previously bought, this will be a .zip file Extract the .zip file content into the destination directory somewhere inside /Airplanes/ DON'T run the X-plane yet, because it may regenerate the plane icons or modify other files causing installer error Run installer:  Nhadrian_C152II_mod_installer_5-2-0_STAGE1.exe first! DON'T run the X-plane yet, because it may regenerate the plane icons or modify other files causing installer error Run installer:  Nhadrian_C152II_mod_installer_5-2-0_STAGE2.exe Before start X-Plane please read the attached Users Manual to get familiar with basic operation and configurations!!!
    Since there aren't any floating plugin windows anymore, Users who are already using my update should learn the new "Setup sheet and manipulators" !!! Ready to go...! IMPORTANT NOTES - 3rd party liveries
    None of the previously created liveries will be compatible anymore!!! This is because of some serious changes in textures and objects to extended the possibilities in painting (ie. no mirror on fuselage textures anymore...). So if you want to use a previously downloaded livery, please contact the livery author and ask for an update! Leen de Jager made a great helper tool for fuselage paint, can be downloaded here. IMPORTANT NOTES - X-PLANE SETTINGS
    Please make sure you enabled the "Use experimental flight model" on X-Plane settings/General window!!!
    IMPORTANT NOTE on external manipulators
    In X-Plane, cockpit manipulators are only working in INTERNAL views! That means, you have to exit from the plane in an internal view using ',' '.' and arrow keys plus right mouse button for pointing, or use the pre-defined VR hotspots outside the cockpit. In any external views manipulators are inactive so you can't click on cowling, surfaces, fuel caps, tow bar, etc. See Users Manual for available manipulators inside the cockpit and outside! COMPATIBLE LIVERIES
    Livery authors, please include a Config.txt into your new liveries, and modify the line #Tailnumber with the actual tail number of your livery in it. 
    If you want to use the "Bush style" payload objects, set #IsBush value to 1 in Config.txt.
    Leen de jager created a great tool to help livery creators making proper fuselage sections, thank you!
    TF-IFF I-AMAT LV-CHF PT-FCA N49004 S3-BFR USAF Academy N714AF PT-TUB N94268 VH-RYI LV-ONO PR-EJV LV-CHD LV-BXJ C-FFUF PH-JJM PT-APM Official Carenado C152 II v3.2 sources:
    http://store.x-plane.org/C152-II_p_71.html http://www.carenado.com/CarSite/Portal/index.php?accion=product&correl=56 http://store.steampowered.com/app/325142/XPlane_10_AddOn__Carenado__C152_II/ Recommended plugins, addons
    My upgrade is compatible with Headshake (v1.12.3+ versions) and XPRealistic Pro. These plugins improve the immersions, I really recommend one of them! I'm using force feedback yoke with XPForce plugin, works great with the new flight model: http://www.fsmissioneditor.com/XPForce/ AviTab plugin is native integrated into the 3D cockpit iPad object, so I highly recommend using it: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/44825-avitab-vr-compatible-tablet-with-pdf-viewer-moving-maps-and-more/  RealityXP GTN650 for X-plane is recommended when GTN650 option is enabled. But the built-in GNS530 still can be used so GTN650 is not a must. This upgrade is fully supported by FSFlyingSchool 2018, I created a dedicated livery for this great addon to celebrate this event (included from 4.0.0+ versions on)!  Please visit http://www.fsflyingschool.com/ for details, a Demo version can be downloaded here: http://www.fsflyingschool.com/Demo-X-Plane.asp! X-Plane version compatibility statement
    5.2.0 Update is made for XP11.40+ versions, not compatible downwards! Operating system compatibility statement
    The installer is PC compatible only!  I will not create Linux or Mac installer because I'm not a programmer, so please do not ask for it.
    If anyone is interested in doing an installer to those platforms, contact me in PM) For MAC OS or LINUX please use WINE to run the installer. The plane itself and it's plugin is compatible with MAC OS and LINUX.  Another workaround if you have issues with WINE is to extract the original Carenado archive on a Windows PC and run installer on it, X-Plane itself don't have to be installed on that PC at all!!!) After installer finishes (both stages for High-res!!!) simply copy the folder on a pendrive and move it to the Linux or MAC OS X machine, copy inside X-Plane's aircraft folder. VR compatibility statement
    The plane is fully compatible to VR environment including Teleport locations, VR compatible Yoke manipulator, etc! CREDITS
    I'd say big thank you to all contributors who helped me a lot in previous versions: Ekre, Mike Bos, Leen de Jager, Tibor Kókai, Folko, Ollie! Thank you for AudiobirdXP making the gorgeous FMOD package, based on my recrdings and his own library. Thank you for Stephane Cornelis helping in fligh mode refinement and documentation build up. Thank you for Peter Szabo compilig the Manual, making illustration screenshots and taking part in "Bush Style" livery development. Thank you for Propstrike Studios Team supporting "Bush Style" with some beautiful 3D objects. Thank you for Yoyoz giving me useful and important tips for SASL programming. Thank you for Claudio Nicolotti (Nico87) from SimCoders.com making corrections in stall-behaviour. Thank you for Saso Kiselkov (skiselkov) releasing the librain plugin for the community on Github. Hereby I'd say thank you to Carenado who finally allowed the publication of my work, although this is really an unofficial upgrade, all changes compared to the original plane made by myself without any influence by Carenado.  SUPPORT
    This is a freeware upgrade I made for my pleasure in my spare time, but decided to share with the community because this little plane deserves it! Thousands of PPL pilots around the world were grown up on this small bird, so it's time to have something serious for XP11.10+ versions! But please understand that my time is limited so I can't give as detailed full-time support as a Commercial Author can give. Also please understand that I'll not be able to fulfill personal wishes like new functions, liveries, etc that don't match my own ideas.  Support thread: https://forum.thresholdx.net/topic/1453-support/ DONATION
    As I write previously, I did this project for my pleasure, and for the community. So it is freeware and all possible future updates will be free from my side. If you'd like to buy me a beer, you can donate by paypal, please contact me at nhadrian(a)gmail.com . Key features list - some highlights
    BRAND NEW flight model and systems, to match XP11.35+ latest possibilities.  Flight model and systems are tested and dialed in by real pilots, even in aerobatic flights. SASL2 plugin reworked from the ground with extended possibilities, less CPU use and better graphics FMOD sound package COMPLETE "Bush pilot pack" incl. optional tundra wheels and custom liveries with tons of great bush style internal objects ALL plane systems are now modelld and working incl. the missing Fuel shutoff valve, Ammeter, etc. C152 Aerobat roof windows as a selectable feature with new realistic livery REALISTIC "bird strike" effect like never seen before ALL buttons, switches and knobs are animated and working TONS of new working objects like G430, G530, iPad, Autopilot, DME, GS indicator, Stopwatch, etc. NEW normal maps and detailed textures on most of old and new objects  NEW PBR windshield and windows with real reflections, scratches on the inside and outside. New gauges glasses with real reflections, scratches TONS  of geometry model and texture fixes to get rid of preivous artifacts TONS of new small additional details (like realistic door handles, HERO cameras hidden in the glove compartment, etc.) NEW high resolution liveries incl. a blank white livery for painters and a new special livery that gives polished metal surface to the plane! REALISTIC refueling by plugin and animated objects INTERACTIVE floating checklist, Setup and information sheets XP11 style external lights NEW walkaround manipulators, all control surfaces and even the stall-horn can be tested during a walkaround! DETAILED engine and removable cowling VR compatible setup sheet for TOTAL VR COMPATIBILITY USABLE tow bar with manipulator RealityXP GTN650 integration + Garmin G5 replicas Smoke system for Aerobat version AND MANY MORE... For complete and detailed features list, please read the attached "NHADRIAN_version_history.pdf". 
    I wish you all happy flying and safe landings!


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  2. Default Cessna 172SP Librain with xLua

    Librain implementation for Laminar's Cessna 172SP. 
    This implementation is based on an improved version of Laminar's xLua plugin (included) by "aeroplane" and a small part, by me. This way,  you avoid to use an extra plugin to get rain effects.
    C-172SP G1000 Walkaround
    Do the following to make it work:
    Open the file Cessna_172SP_G1000_cockpit.obj with a text editor. Find the last line starting with IDX (should be IDX5455 - Line 7428) Add just below and above the line that says ANIM_begin the line: ATTR_cockpit. Save the file and enjoy flying in the rain! In the future will be included in the download.
    You can use this release as an example of how to use the librain plugin with xLua.
    ABOUT xLua Plugin :
    The xLua plugin here is an improved version of Laminar's xLua plugin, which already exists in the aircraft.
    The new version adds the ability to:
    Print log info to Log.txt file for debugging. Returns a global variable "acfFolder", a string with the full path of aircraft's folder.  


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  3. BetterM20 - Modified Cockpit Textures for AFM's Mooney Ovation II

    BetterM20 improves the cockpit textures of the AFM Mooney Ovation II. I've only done the Ovation II and I'm not sure I will do the others because this was quite a lot of work.
    What was changed?
    - Too many artwork changes to list: panel color, attitude indicator color, weathering/wear and tear, ambient occlusion, etc.
    - Many edits to the normal maps (most of these edits prevent sunlight from peaking through the panel where it shouldn't - an X-Plane issue)
    - Many changes to thee ambient occlusion (ambient light shadowing)
    Step 1: Place the "objects" folder in your root Mooney Ovation II folder. ("X-Plane 11/Aircraft/AFM/M20R Ovation II")
    Step 2: Merge and replace files when needed.
    Step 3: Enjoy BetterM20!
    AFM's Mooney can be purchased here. I highly recommend it.


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  4. BetterTBM - Modified Cockpit Textures for Hot Start's TBM-900

    As we all know, the TBM-900 by Hot Start is hands down the most detailed aircraft for X-Plane (and maybe all of flight sim). But, nothing, not even the TBM, is perfect. That's why I've made this mod. BetterTBM aims to improve the cockpit textures in general and also fix some minor issues, many of them caused by issues within X-Plane.
    What was changed?
    - Many edits to the normal maps (most of these edits prevent sunlight from peaking through the panel where it shouldn't - an X-Plane issue)
    - Many changes to thee ambient occlusion (ambient light shadowing)
    - Very slight changes to the panel color to match X-Plane's lighting
    Step 1: Place the "objects" folder in your root TBM-900 folder. ("X-Plane 11/Aircraft/X-Aviation/TBM-900")
    Step 2: Merge and replace files when needed.
    Step 3: Enjoy BetterTBM!
    Hot Start's TBM-900 can be purchased here. I highly recommend it.


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  5. Carenado Cessna Citation II S550 "Modern interiors"

    Alternate "modern" interior for the Carenado Citation II S550.
        Move the contents (3 files I2.png, I2_NML.png, I4.png) of the V1/V2 folder in the objects folder of the S550 if you want it installed for all of the liveries or in the object folder of one of the liveries if you want it just for that one livery.

          If you come across any issues, don't like something in particular, want something changed (like some of the colours), added or have a question message me on Xplane Forums/Threshold or send me an email to  honu.zelvaatseznam.cz and I will usually respond within 3 days. You can also put it down into comments. You can also find me on Facebook in X-Plane's Paint Shop Group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/226859121175151/).


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