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  1. It's possibly not. https://www.thresholdx.net/article/737max
  2. That's 2 years ago already... I guess they need to fix some stuff right?
  3. https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/43626-vhhh-hong-kong-chek-lap-kok-international/
  4. I wonder if there will be a kit to set the door position myself
  5. I've made a lot of sceneries and each of those took me a long time to set every jetway up. Can the team develop a system that can automatically do that after i inserted the jetways in wed?
  6. Another prob. I inserted the time as a time like 10 minute later and i got a result saying that there are 30+ minutes left
  7. I'm not sure but it may be a problem of the scenery dev. he may have forgotten to choose the alarm in the settings like me who was a guy who tried to do so and had no sounds XD, you may ask him for help
  8. hey, you can try to use samsuite to update and that gives you the latest update, it is better than manual installation since here won't be installation errors like putting it in the wrong directory.
  9. hey guys, will the models and all the system be mostly the same as the ultimate and zibo? and just an advise, zibo made my computer fps so low, can u like try to improve it?
  10. try to redownload it man it's no use messaging once a day, also read the other forums before asking
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