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  1. Out of curiosity, how do you modify the colors on the PFD? Photoshop?
  2. Okay so I attempted to repaint the engines for an Omni air livery I have, but I am getting an error in XP saying "some textures for your aircraft could not be loaded". I believe I have them installed correctly so I am not sure why they are still not showing up in the sim.
    Fantastic livery! I am not sure if TAG avaition is still operating this bird or not. Looks like she may be in storage. https://www.airfleets.net/ficheapp/plane-b757-26330.htm
  3. I appear to be somehow missing a texture for the cockpit door. From the cockpit you cant see through the door, but in the cabin it appears there is no texture. Can someone help me find out what texture file this is? Maybe I can copy it over from the zibo 738.
  4. I am having issues loading up the -900. I keep getting a white livery and have no sound and a bunch of "failed to find resource" errors in the log file. Log.txt
  5. Same problem here. Are you using traffic global by chance?
  6. Zibo releases updates quite frequently so it doesn't take long for the -700 to become outdated and miss important features and fixes. Is this project going to continue being updated as time goes on or is this a final release?
  7. Most aircraft you can go into plane maker and edit payload weights, fuel capacity, etc. without a problem. However with the -700, it messes up the navigation and the flightplan will not show up on the MFD. Is there another way to edit the fuel capacity without planemaker? I am trying to loosely convert this model to a BBJ.
  8. It is doing it with flights of all different lengths. The one in question was 1400nm.
  9. Having an "unable cruise alt" error whenever I choose FL410, this is with only 5000lbs of payload. I have tried different cost indexes and it still wont take that altitude.
  10. I only have this problem when I depart out of an airport without a SID, but the cruise alt and dest fuel are missing from the FMC. Once the top of climb is reached the plane immediately enters descent mode. is this a bug? https://prnt.sc/njrzws https://prnt.sc/njs04x
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