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Raytracing in X-Plane-X-Tracing | Ultimate Lighting Improvement Mod With Rays, Refractions, Reflections, Colors and MORE! 2.0

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About This File

What does it Do? 

If your like me then you are tried of X-Planes washed out look and feel. Tired of flat boring cockpits that don't respond to their environment or dull colors. This mod is here to change that. Using Reshade and a path tracing shader you are able to completely change X-Planes look. Follow along with this tutorial and apply the presets and your sim will be breath taking. 

Try the interactive demo to see the difference.

Or watch a video to see it in actionunknown.png?width=1193&height=671





To start make sure you are running X-Plane 11.50. It may work on older versions but 11.50 is the best. Not tested on MAC or LINUX. IF you want to test try and install reshade first. 

1: Download this file and run the reshade installer. Then select X-planes exe file from the list. [If you cannot find you must browse to your root X-plane install and select the exe]. Then select your rendering API that you use in xplane (opengl or vulkan). Make sure that the first 3 effect packages are selected (Standard effects, Sweet fx and qUINT) and select ok. <- The previous step is VERY important. Do not skip. Finish the install process.  

2: Download and install the required textures and shaders for MartyMc flys RTGI Shader into your reshade-shaders folder located in your X-plane root folder. 

3: Now place the reshade-shaders folder in your root X-plane directory. This will install the bloom shader and presets. 

4: Find your main X-plane exe file and create a shortcut. Right click that shortcut and select properties. Change the target from "D:\X-Plane 11\X-Plane.exe" to "D:\X-Plane 11\X-Plane.exe" --allow_reshade. (THERE IS A  SPACE BETWEEN THE END QUOTE AND DASH)

5: Now run X-plane and begin by setting a reshade menu toggle button in the setting tab and a effect toggle button as well. Go into X-planes settings and turn the anti aliasing off. (we are using reshades anti a). Finally go to the rendering API tab on reshade (Vulkan/Opengl) and select the box with the highest number of vertices. 

6: Now all you need to do is load the preset intro reshade and your good to go.  At the very top of the reshade menu under the home tab there will be a preset selector. You can navigate to your preset folder in the reshade-shaders folder. (We put this folder there on step 3) 


High Quality Shadows (optional) 

My shadow resolution is 16k in ASHA 




With the current settings i noticed a -2 fps hit when toggling the shader. I am running a 2070 super. If you are noticing large fps hits consider turning off SSR or messing with rtgi.fx. On a lower end card. 1060 and below expect 5-10 fps hit. 


If you need help installing reshade watch this. Use the included reshade installer in the file or else you will have issues with the depth buffer disabling. 

If RTGI will not work your input  is either reversed, you don't have depth access set up or xplanes native anti aliasing is on witch interferes with the depth buffer. Watch this for more insight.

Need extra help? Join this discord. https://discord.gg/AtWegAct2f


If this becomes a popular solution to X-planes lighting the dev of RTGI MartyMc Fly is considering a custom RTGI shader for X-plane that would be integrated without reshade. 


If you are having issues make sure your depth access is set up properly in reshade and anti aliasing is turned off in xplane.

Questions? Send me a DM on discord at lars#7639

Edited by fesmash

What's New in Version 2.0   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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