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Destination airport not loaded?


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Hello.  I'm still new to SAM but I think I have encountered another error in detection.  I flew to Porto LPPR, using the approved Gateway scenery distributed with XP11.50. I've checked on the Gateway and the scenery was made in 2019 and uses the modern terminal facades for buildings and jetways so it should work with SAM world jetways (I have a registered copy).  However, no jetways were indicated when I arrived at the parking apron... they were there in the scenery but the SAM jetway indicator did not appear. After I logged off, I experimented by manually dragging the aircraft closer to the jetway, in case the scenery parking positions were wrong, but still no jetways.

On checking the SAM log (attached) it looks as though the last airport detected was Braga LPBR, a few km to the North East of LPPR and directly overflown on my arrival route.  Has my lack of jetways been caused by SAM not making the switch from LPBR to LPPR? Check out lines 46599 onwards and let me know if I've read this right.  Thanks


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