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VDGS animation on departure - how should it work?


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Hello. Quick question from a new user...how should the VDGS animation work while you are on blocks preflight?  Here's what I observe:

  • When parked at the gate, with jetway attached, chocks on and ground power on, my VDGS is blank
  • I can import my flight details from SimBrief or VATSIM and the AOS dialogue window shows EOBT and OPT, but the VDGS is still blank
  • The VDGS comes alive and shows EOBT at some point around when I call for pushback... I haven't figure out what triggers it? 
  • The VDGS does not update, unless I open up the AOS window again. It does not countdown EOBT unless I open AOS 

Is this really how it should work? What action in the sim triggers the first animation?

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Hello Marten, this was our old friend the Safedock-T2-24 that I've added to most of the gates on C and D piers at EHAM...the scenery pack I attached on the bug thread last week.

I'm not claiming a bug, here...I just can't find anything that tells me how it should work, so I don't know if what I'm seeing is the correct behaviour.

To clarify, when the animation does kick in for the first time it is accurate, but it only comes alive very late in the pre-flight and it does not update itself unless I re-open the AOS plugin dialogue window


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