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Is it possible to disable SAM in the sim?


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I have SAM (Jetway, FollowMe, Airport Vehicle) working very well in almost every airport except one. 

In Aerosoft "The DFW - Dallas Fort-Worth" the sim crashes to Desktop. My guess is due to the extreme size/complexity of this airport. 

If I start my flight in KDFW then no issue but if I start somewhere and as soon as I reach near the airport the sim crashes.  If I remove SAM then KDFW approaches remains stable. There is nothing in the log file that indicates the cause of the crash. 

This is the reason I am looking for a way to disable SAM plugin on the fly in the sim when I am near certain exceptional airport. 

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First you should try SAM 2.2.2

Second it might be due to the amount of vehicles being loaded at such a big airport. You can try our 2K mod for the vehicle textures to reduce the load: http://sam-suite.com/SAM_AirportVehicles_LOW-RES-MOD.zip. Simply extract it into Resources/plugins/SAM/lib/SAM_AirportVehicles and overwrite the existing files.

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I am still having crash to desktop even with lowres version.  I took additional action like deleting Vulkan shader cache, the temp dir in SAM, etc . I just disabled KDFW and using default one to able to fly in the area.  

I notice some of the files in low res .zip seems big like 6 ~ 7 mb for example, cart_dolly_ALB, cart_tug_ALB, fuel_truck_large_NML, etc .  I have a 2080TI card with 11 GB memory. 

I sent a message to the airport author Omar Masroor, and he is aware of it and will look into it as well.

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Good news.  I was able to communicate with the author of KDFW Omar Masroor and he supplied me with a special apt.dat with much reduced number of GSE in the terminal area.  After installing the modified version, sim didn't crash anymore with full SAM Suite.

This is with the low res version of Airport Vehicle.  This is already good enough for me in terms of visual quality so I didn't try the default version. 

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I found more custom airports that causes sim to crash.  Trying to get hold of those author is not possible as many no longer develop scenery anymore.  The reliable work around I am using is turning off AoS through plugin admin. 

If you want to debug this, you will be able to reproduce this using default airport.  For me the sim will crash to desktop when fly between default KJFK and default KLGA. Is it possible for keep track of the nodes SAM is controlling and if it exceed certain amount then SAM stops controlling anymore jetway/GSE/etc?

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