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Marshallers not appearing


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I was very experienced with SAM. Added hundred of gates and VDGSs over the years but I went silent on WED for a while. Started to work again tonight on a new project. I added a jetway and marshaller, exported successfully scenery etc. The jetway appeared in the sim as I added SAM to the scenery and created my label... I set the jetway up and set the limits and starting configuration, etc, named the jetway by the gate #, tested it and worked great. Marshaller doesn't appear at all. He shows up when I override but when I add the VDGS and park the aircraft the marshaller doesn't appear. How dis happenin you tink?

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If it pops up when overwriting the animation in the authoring tool that could usually only have 3 reasons:

1. The Marshaller has not been saved into the xml for whatever reason -> check if the corresponding entry is present in sam.xml

2. You entered a wrong coordinate for the final parking position -> retrieve it through the button in the authoring tool if your aircraft is in the final parking position

3. Your aircraft is not in the correct state -> engines on, slew the aircraft into the parking spot to trigger the animation 

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It seems to have fixed itself with a total reboot of XP.

However another issue has arisen, "Ghost VDGS". When I look to add a docking guidance, and I know that there are none to be added, SAM seems to detect one. It certainly doesn't exist as its not recognizable in trying to identify it in the sim and its coordinates do not match any coordinates in the WED of the VDGSs I've added there. Simply put, if I know for a fact there are 4 VDGS in the WED file I exported, I can see that SAM sees 5 VDGS. 4 of them Ive added to the scenery and programmed appropriately, the last one is the "Ghost" one. It doesn't go away, not even in a reboot.

What's happening?   

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I am new to SAM and implementing Gates and Marshals for the first time. 

Cruising along just fine until I get to A9 at KTUL which is very close to A7A.  there seems to be some confusion between the two marshals.  When parking at A7A (and having reset the airplane coordinates) A7A works OK, where before parking at A9 woke the A7A guy up.   I don't know if this related to the problem or not, just sharing for background info.

When taking the same approach to A9, SAM3 seems to think that the marshal is there, but the little guy does not appear.  If I can figure out how, I will attach a screenshot of the situation with SAM settings, the sam.xml file and the log.txt file, but that seems unlikely.  I see the Blue Box arrow indicating where he should be, and WED thinks he should be there, but he is a no show.

Engines are running, I just pulled up to the gate.

Thanks for your help.




In reviewing the attached image, i noticed that the marshal at A7A is now activated.  I have attached an updated screen shot.




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