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  1. That's good to know thanks Marten. Trouble is, probably very few sceneries define the airlines in the parking position (at least from my experience of lots of airport sceneries). I also have trouble with the SAM static aircraft being rendered on top of the sceneries hard-planted aircraft so there really is no good solution with integration with existing airport scenery static traffic.
  2. I have the same problem. Looks like the developer is radio silent on this issue
  3. Good day Nanobot and thank you for this most promising and exciting project. Sadly I cannot get the controller GUI to even be recognized by XPlane. The volumetric clouds certainly take effect in the sim but the controller, which is critical I'm sure to help get the best performance to quality balance, simply isn't available in the XPlane plugins menu. I followed the install directions to the word (its a very basic install since you have all the folders arranged in the Resources folder to begin with). I have noticed the error message in the log.txt that there was no UI_prefs.cfg file found in the Scripts folder. Not sure that has something to do with it. UI_prefs.cfg is not provided in the download of EC. Any help getting this plugin and emersion experience moving would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Thanks is it possible them to edit the xml and delete them manualy?
  5. It seems to have fixed itself with a total reboot of XP. However another issue has arisen, "Ghost VDGS". When I look to add a docking guidance, and I know that there are none to be added, SAM seems to detect one. It certainly doesn't exist as its not recognizable in trying to identify it in the sim and its coordinates do not match any coordinates in the WED of the VDGSs I've added there. Simply put, if I know for a fact there are 4 VDGS in the WED file I exported, I can see that SAM sees 5 VDGS. 4 of them Ive added to the scenery and programmed appropriately, the last one is the "Ghost" one. It doesn't go away, not even in a reboot. What's happening?
  6. Hello I was very experienced with SAM. Added hundred of gates and VDGSs over the years but I went silent on WED for a while. Started to work again tonight on a new project. I added a jetway and marshaller, exported successfully scenery etc. The jetway appeared in the sim as I added SAM to the scenery and created my label... I set the jetway up and set the limits and starting configuration, etc, named the jetway by the gate #, tested it and worked great. Marshaller doesn't appear at all. He shows up when I override but when I add the VDGS and park the aircraft the marshaller doesn't appear. How dis happenin you tink?
  7. Title says it all. Jetways don't work (i.e. CYYZ stock airport XP11.51 stable release. Whether I spawn at a gate or arrive at one.) They used to work for me.
  8. Yup same for me too. I only have Global Trees & World Jetways installed. No Follow Me Car nor Airport Vehicles installed and activating the jetway crashes XPlane to desktop. V2.1.6 of course. I went back to V2.1.5. No crashes on jetway use. I have Short Final EDDM and many gates are far enough away from the VDGS that you cannot see the digital screen. You need to zoom in to see the text. That should be fixed by SFD.
    Great work. However, the original JDA330 livery format is having .png files for both left and right engines. So its not loading the livery correctly as your is a single file for both LE and RE. Any ideas?
  9. heres the screen shot showing the jetway connection point vs the door position.
  10. I reverted back to 2.0.7 after you described how to do it. Ill post a screenshot of the jetway connecting but considerably off the door
  11. Thx. I actually found 2.0.5 on the XPorg forum and switched last night. Ill try to reinstall 2.0.8 and recreate the log and send to you. Im also having issue with the jetway not connecting to the LF door on the JAR 320neo. Its about 3-4 feet off (too close to the nose of the aircraft). Ill have to check the aircraft datarefs to see if coordinate is good or not. Do you have the LF door coordinate of the JAR 320n?
  12. I just updated to SAM Base Plugin 2.0.8 and updated world jetways, seasons, and trees. Its an immediate CTD on loading. I can see a SAM window trying to open for a second on aircraft just loading at the gate and then BAM! CTD. How can I get the previous version back until this update is made stable?
  13. Pardon me for piggy-backing onto this topic, however my question is somewhat related; there is available a jetway with 0.0m height in the library. I assume this is to allow connections to facades and whatnot (without the need for the support column). However in WED, I cannot set the elevation of a 0.0m jetway to my liking (like one can set the height of the bridges in the SAM lib within WED). Otherwise I have no idea what the 0.0m jetway can be used for. How is the 0.0m jetway intedded to be used?
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