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Rotate MD-80 SimVRlabs Mod


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Out of the VR Lab: Rotate MD-80

Nearly everything that is movable in this aircraft has been customized and tuned with VR controllers in mind.  10 Hotspots created, and yoke, tiller, and throttles have been brought into the cockpit.  Haptic feedback on the levers bring the VR immersion to an entirely new level.


Highlights of things tweaked to work in VR are:

-VR Yoke in realistic mode
-Throttle tuned
-Flaps with every detent added to haptic vibrational feedback
-Perfectly tuned working tiller
-All knobs tuned
-All switches tuned with respect to functionality
-Speed Brake, long trims, CG wheels tuned for controllers
-Teleport Hotspots for both side window seats at seat 11, 22, and both front and back cabin doors.
-Perform the fire loop test using both controllers (click and hold A and B simultaneously)
-Rudder and Aileron trims tuned for accurate speed

Things that still don't work correctly:

*The APU start/run switch doesn't spring back to run after switching it down to the start position with VR controllers.  This does NOT affect functionality, it operates as if it is in the run position, and DOES spring back with VR mouse, just not VR controller.

*The BATT switch toggles on and twists automatically when using the VR controllers, instead of two different movements.

*When using VR controllers in "realistic" yoke mode, the yoke has a hydraulic dampening built into the pitch when you pitch down at a hard angle, so you have to push a little harder when pushing down toward the limits.


What's new in V101:

The Autopilot toggle switch was bugged and not working, this has been fixed for 101.

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