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FliteAdvantage T6A Texan II SimVRlabs Implementation


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Out of the VR Lab: FliteAdvantage T6A Texan II

SimVRlabs is proud to be in collaboration with FliteAdvantage to have our VR quality standard BUILT IN to the aircraft as of the November 2018 update!  If you have any VR concerns or requests with the aircraft, don't hesitate to hit us up on our Discord channel here:


Or talk to the Developers on the FliteAdvantage Discord channel here:


Get the aircraft here!:


For many, the military flying career starts in the T6 trainer.  This is a highly realistic, high-fidelity simulation of that aircraft - with so much attention to detail in systems, flight model, and functionality that it is used by students and instructors in preparation for and in conjunction with flight school. 




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