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Southwest Airlines schedule format 1.1

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Hello! Thank you so much for downloading my file. If you have any problems installing or any problems in general pls let me know in the comments or add me on discord @chuulxvr#8957.  Id like to give credits to the following Instagram accounts for posting several reference photos to help with this project, @jelfies, @herbjacksonjr, @luvpilotjordan, and many more. Id also like to give HUGE credits to Chris White, TYSM for being an amazing friend and helping me make this, it would be nothing without you. ily<33 



Download the "LINK.txt" file, open the file and paste the link inside of the file in your web browser (ex chrome, Firefox, edge etc.) it will bring you to a google sheets page.

then go to the "File" section in the top left corner, then press "Make a copy", then name it. 

And that's it, I posted some reference photos up above so make sure to check that out. 



In line 1A, you put the Day # ex: 1,2,3, or 4, and the date. Ex: Day 1 Jan 14. 

In line 1E, you put the Report time which is 1 hour before pushback time. Ex pushback time 1620, report time 1520. Keep in mind that all of the times are in **LOCAL** 

In line 2E, you put your starting airport. Ex: your plan for the day is PHX-HNL-KOA, your KCM would be PHX

In line 3A, you put your flight number. Ex WN123

In line 3B, you put your departure airport

In line 3C, you put your arrival airport

In line 4A, you put your Aircraft type for the leg, Ex 700, 800, 7M8, 7M7.

In line 4B, you put your departure time **in military local time** Ex 1825

In line 4C, you put your arrival time **in military local time** Ex 1850

In line 4D, you put your block time, block time is the total time from wheels up to wheels down. **IN MINUTES NOT HOURS** Ex 75

In line 4E, you put your Ground time. Ground time is how much time you have on the ground in-between your last leg and the next leg, Ex 30

Since the amount of legs you may have during a day will vary, I will be using "#" as a variable for the X line. But basically this next step is just the line that's under your  last leg of the day. 

In line #A, you put your Duty time, to find your duty time you add all of your block times up for that day + 60 minutes for the report time + 30 minutes for the bus ride to the hotel. This time **IS IN MINUTES NOT HOURS**

In line #C, you put your Block time, to  find your block time add all of your block times up. This time **IS IN MINUTES NOT HOURS**

In line #E, you put your credits, the higher the credit, the more money you would make. To find your credit, divide your Duty by 100, Ex 415 Duty 4.15 Credit. Note that this is NOT realistic. I am unsure how the real world system works, if anyone has any info pls let me know!


If you have any questions please let me know on discord!! 


What's New in Version 1.1   See changelog


Added "800/7M8"  option for the ACF selection 

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