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  1. Final touches now. Got some minor things to complete and get ready, the scenery should be ready for release some time this month.
  2. Can't you use the same thread every time? Its very unnecessary to create a new thread for each update.
  3. The terminal has been retextured this week. Still some minor things to go
  4. Thanks! Time for a quick update... Most of the scenery is complete, Altough we are currently delaying the release due to a bug within X-plane itself. Laminar research is aware of this and it will be fixed in the next update for X-plane containing fixes to nav-data. Currently you can not find the airport in any default GPS / FMS and because of that we've decided to wait until full support before we release the airport. Thanks for understanding.
  5. I decided I want the really Dark AO look on the buildings so that has been increased. This is also the first images of the terminal in-game (or sim, whatever) so enjoy.
  6. Now that ESKS is nearing completion I've picked up this project once again and spent the entire day UV-Mapping the terminal.
  7. The scenery is planned to be a payware scenery, and currently our only planned store is right here on threshold. Sorry for the late response as usual, I'm not really checking this forum often.
  8. Hello! Sorry for the late response. While this was the original plan, We've decided to take some more time to complete this project. As the project gets closer to completion we will share more images and videos in anticipation of release.
  9. Got the apron textures pretty much done, I've finally found a good mixture between texture detail and repetition, Also dirtied it up a bit
  10. For this week you don't just get one or even two images, you get more than 1700 images! in the form of a video, Hope you like what you see!
  11. I now got all the AO baked and completed. Texturing will commence in a couple of days.
  12. Hello again all! Here is another announcement! I'm currently working on what is planned to be my first Payware airport. That airport being Scandinavian Mountains Airport [SCR] for XP11. Quite undestandably some people might not have heard of this airport before, and there is good reason for that, the airport is'nt even open IRL yet. Hence why there are no sceneries for it, not even gateway. I've been working (somewhat) hard the last couple of weeks scanning the internet for the few actual images of the airport. with that I've been able to start modelling. The model for the terminal is complete, I'm just now getting started with the UV-mapping and AO baking. I plan on releasing this airport before the real one opens December 22nd. (just a quick message, I'm still working on ESPA luleå Airport that project is not dead) Here is a first image for you guys to see.
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