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  1. Development has been halted until further notice as I have to focus on other projects. I do however have large plans for this project for the future and I can assure you it is only for the better of this project.
  2. First image of the new and improved terminal. As usual still got a lot of details to add before UV mapping and texturing however I now have more time then ever to work on this so it shouldn't be long until then.
  3. No only the older buildings including the terminal has been scrapped.
  4. The time has come! Now that Scandinavian Mountains are released and doing well, I've decided to finally get back to this old thing. And starting strong, all of the previous building models are scrapped and work on remodeling them to fit with today's standards are underway. I hope you're all just as excited as I am and I look forward to seeing your reactions to the new models.
  5. Possible? - Yes (to a certain degree, and depends on how much time you want to spend on it) Legal? - No
  6. Hello everyone! I have to admit i forgot about this thread. Just popping in here to tell you all that the scenery has now finally been released! here is the link! https://store.thresholdx.net/collections/scenery_/products/scandinavian-mountains-airport-esks
  7. This was just the product announcement. Release is planned late August/early October.
  8. Final touches now. Got some minor things to complete and get ready, the scenery should be ready for release some time this month.
  9. Can't you use the same thread every time? Its very unnecessary to create a new thread for each update.
  10. Thanks! Time for a quick update... Most of the scenery is complete, Altough we are currently delaying the release due to a bug within X-plane itself. Laminar research is aware of this and it will be fixed in the next update for X-plane containing fixes to nav-data. Currently you can not find the airport in any default GPS / FMS and because of that we've decided to wait until full support before we release the airport. Thanks for understanding.
  11. I decided I want the really Dark AO look on the buildings so that has been increased. This is also the first images of the terminal in-game (or sim, whatever) so enjoy.
  12. Now that ESKS is nearing completion I've picked up this project once again and spent the entire day UV-Mapping the terminal.
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