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EGLL - London Heathrow (Open Source) by Zero Dollar Payware 0.3.2

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About This File

This scenery is for X-Plane 12 only

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London Heathrow is one of the best known airports in the world. In 2023 it was the 4th busiest airport in the world and sees flights from every corner of the globe. It is home to a greater variety of aircraft and airlines than perhaps any other airport. Not only does it have a reputation known beyond the aviation industry, it also has a very rich history. Aircraft like the 707, 747, Concorde and A380 have been regular sights at Heathrow throughout the years. If you've got a plane and a destination in mind, chances are you can take a flight there from Heathrow. 

This is an open source scenery. It is currently in beta and is not fully complete. Contributions from the community help make this scenery live up to it's best potential. If you have some experience creating sceneries you can click here to see how you can contribute to this project. Tasks range from beginner friendly to more complex modeling and texturing and there is something available for everyone. 

Open source means this scenery will be constantly improving, similar to addons such as the zibo 737. It also means not all features are complete. Below is a list of complete and work-in-progress features. 

Completed Features: 

  • Custom ortho
  • Custom ground textures
  • AI taxi routes
  • Realistic dirt and grunge
  • 3D grass
  • SAM jetways, marshallers and VDGS
  • Custom buildings, including: 
    • Terminal 2, concourse B
    • Terminal 4
    • Terminal 5, concourse C

Future Features: 

  • More custom buildings, including: 
    • Terminal 1
    • Terminal 2, concorse A
    • Terminal 3
    • Terminal 5, concourse A and B
  • Concorde static model
  • Improved clutter
  • Improved ground markings
  • Ground vehicle routes
  • Improved vegetation

Required Libraries

Installation Instructions

Download and unzip egll-heathrow into your "Custom Scenery" folder

It is recommended to use x-organizer to ensure correct scenery load order. This may also be done manually by opening the scenery_packs.ini file in the "Custom Scenery" folder, and moving "egll-heathrow" to the top of the list. 

Troubleshooting Issues

The vast majority of issues reported are due to users not having all libraries installed, or having old versions of the libraries installed. If you have issues, please verify you have the correct libraries installed and make sure they are the correct version. If you've done all that and still have issues you can report a bug on our discord in the #beta-testing channel


Older versions can be downloaded here

Source files can be viewed here


We don't ask for donations but if you feel so inclined you can do so here, all donations go toward buying material for future scenery projects

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What's New in Version 0.3.2   See changelog


  • added BA maintainence hangar
  • added BA training facility
  • added ARFF HQ and surrounding buildings
  • fixed bug with T2B
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Thank you so much ZDP! I assume the gate number ground markings will be covered in a future update per the 4th bullet of "Future Features:". fps is good for me.

Response from the author:

Yep, that's on the to-do list. Some contributors from our discord have worked on some of them, but we haven't had enough volume of open-source contributions to make a big dent in that task yet. Hopefully with this public release more people will be motivated to help contribute here and there. 

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Patrick Mussotte

   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

Absolute gem, must have! Thank you so much


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