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    This is a lovely software I use to keep my flight records in order. It sometimes fails to recognize a flight, or I forget to start STKP, but no hassle. I can add my missing flights with my flight plans and IVAO tracker. I believe STKP will continue to develop and be an irreplaceable tool for us.
    Great work with a recent update. Izmir is a major destination for many domestic and international flights. The area also provides scenic flights for VFR enthusiast.
    One of the most popular airports in Turkey. Great work Mr. Hayri!
    Great work for this massive airport.
    This is a great work-of-art. I cannot thank Mr. Hayri Buberci enough for his dedication and hard work to carry Turkish airspace to the virtual world. Along with his other work, LTAC depicts Esenboga airport to a great detail; it lives and breathes with ground traffic, local company logos, Turkish flag and variety of static aircraft.
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