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  1. True that Adam! The FlyAgi GUI & xVision is really all that's needed cause niche as you say, no sim is complete with or without addons. I flew exclusively FS2000 and FS2004 the whole childhood... I've been reluctant due to many factors, mainly, the tweaking needed (thanks to FlyAgi many annoyances have desolved - that of Logitech ProFlight e.g.) - also financially. (as it seems everyone else in 2k19) My dream that I've had since somewhat around 2006-2007 was to code excessively for simulator platforms - was taking courses in school and was on par... then it got weird and still haven't recovered. I've always seen the lack thereof of systems developers to said simulator (or if there are, plox shw mi da wei brudda weir dey ar l0l) This makes me moist; systems and cockpit stuff!! (Secondary is sound & effects and sceneries but it implies modelling meh lol) I do understand that it is "no joke" as it implies severe engineering and real life aviation understanding - both abscent, inc immense hours of practice. All I want is to write books, fly and develop to xplane/simulator(s). And though I now, got carried away in saying this, its one of my few constants through thick & thin. Its there when I break down, its there up & down; learning this seems further away. I've never been too fond of modelling or texture/painting too though... but I go to bed every night dreaming of what I want to create (and many of these things seem to manifest by other developers) Anyhoo, apologize severely for getting carried off topic in your post FlyAgi & spamming rubbish Adam_NZ lol. I bid you good evening and a wonderful safe life, Regards... Creepy noises make my skin creep, I need to get some sleep.... I can't get NO sleep. I can't get sleep.
  2. @FlyAgi - Right on! Haven't diversed enough into the controller options, but with tinkering... flying the "appearing heavy" IXEG is now a charm. In fact, been reluctant to fly for quite some time... alot of possibilities that makes flying yet again fun.
  3. Greetings, Albeit my recent review; I'm saying yet again thank you to FlyAgi - aaaaaaand lo, those considering getting this utility, its great to setup up nullzones and sensitivity zones for your yoke - yes! If yerr using the Logitech ProFlight, known for several design flaws in a lot of products...this no further...however tweaking with FlyAgi... Advanced users might just resort to their current setup, but to counter errors of the ProFlight, this utility does lots more plussssss now you'll be able to actually do things other than taking off only. Though it is a timely customization until yerr get it right. P.s. Where has this been for my ProFlight?? lol
  4. Just a quick note: with version 1.10 did X-Visibility become Atmosphere + Visibility GUI as a tab name?? Can't seem to control the Haze... or its likely though just humane error as there is a sub tab to control Visibility which does seem to emulate Haze Control? Thanks for your creations; they are appreciated by myself. EDIT: Newbie still... likely always lol.
    This has become my new GoTo "can't fly without" plugin that automates visually alot of parameters without the hassle of opening/checking FWLua/Notepad++ Currently setting up a few things, and definitively will recommend this plugin esp. if you are not particularily familiar with XPlane... it allows customization all within the GUI... Top score from myself - now my favorite things are all in one place.
  5. Appreciated in advance... and by the way, best of luck with your projects @Coop1019! I believe that eventually, on a mere basic-moderete level, I will get a hang of the SDK and coding. Regards,
  6. Ahh but it still looks aesthetically appealing... ?
  7. I agree gree... congratulations to everyone envolved in creating this... community.
  8. Its neat & tidy, that's the way to do it... its also direct.
  9. Not to mention how photogenic she is too!! Reshade + xVision right?
  10. Its amazing - haven't fully endevoured into features, but holy. Also increased performance for me compared to 0.9... those runways are slick as....!
  11. Hi Coop, I've been thinking about this post for months now... 'n here we are. ...Can't state enough - looking for tutorials on this .wauv - I'm old(er) now, and looking to spend my next years learning, tweaking; tinkering even... Regards,
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