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  1. Good riddance Magnus!... at least I can tell you & Threshold have been busy.
  2. @Rdtcmttsa Is your NumLock keylock on? This usually is my error with a newly installed plane that I forget to have NumLock 'On'. Mind you; count to '1..2..3' when setting Ctrl + NumPad1 for example. That or.... You can go into the keyboard commands of X-Plane within settings and check what you have under 'Views'. Just type that and adjust your keystrokes. Usually everything can be solved within seconds inside the 'keyboard' commands within the settings. May I suggest you get accquiented.
  3. It is going to be a great update for this addon. : -D
  4. Most of us are...if you are human.
  5. If you are good at something, don't do it for free... as the old saying goes! Your value to the community is priceless Audiobird; so this is welcomed news that you still regardless are at least "lingering in the shadows" and opt to continue development. There's a time for everything and it seems certainly you have had your time thinking about your decision(s) moving forward. I for one, are tremendously delighted and relieved to hear your presence is still forthwhile. Make haste!
  6. Wow, more over a video of how its magic unviels would do more justice to first impressions rather than two photos. Good ones though... but my educated guess is that such a plugin would need near twenty-four seven development in order to sustain & ascertain credability. It is common, rare, but not unknown that weather related addons tend to get selved after a short well; maybe deleption. (not talking about Payware ones in this case) Again, I am only speaking under subjective educated guessing and no not take credability other than my own view on this, including but not limited to degretory
  7. Sea2Sky/ZeroDollarPayware's fantastic Tokyo-Narita RJAA rendition for sure. https://forum.thresholdx.net/files/file/641-sea2sky-zerodollarpayware-tokyo-narita-international-rjaa/
    Recommended for your Canada adventures.
  8. Talk about timing; look at the post above. ; -)
  9. Indeed, but some coverage is better than no coverage still. Likewise. Regards,
  10. Hii again, Yes exactly that and it is in the roadmap; I didn't check or double check as I don't enjoy saying/writing things which aren't correct etc. It is a big feature to miss, and in due time. I think the team is keen on making 1.14 update RIGHT in any and every way. You know how it goes, everything takes time. I am confident they will sort it out.
  11. Hii, I cannot speak on behalf of the product xEnviro. Secondly, I'm pretty sure what you describe is not a bug. It is expected that flying over large portions of water like the Atlantic produces natural results of not drawing clouds outside METAR injected space. The metar service within xEnviro and how it works, I don't know. Neither whether it will be improved, but I am optimistic it will be dealt with and improved. (they are working deligently on improving performance as of recent) Sadly, alot of weather injectors if any, are not compatible with xEnviro. So to conclude, what we s
  12. Sorry for possible bump. But I also would like to know if updates to the -700 are discontinued as for now? +4 Regards,
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