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  1. Ahh but it still looks aesthetically appealing... ?
  2. I agree gree... congratulations to everyone envolved in creating this... community.
  3. Its neat & tidy, that's the way to do it... its also direct.
  4. Not to mention how photogenic she is too!! Reshade + xVision right?
  5. Its amazing - haven't fully endevoured into features, but holy. Also increased performance for me compared to 0.9... those runways are slick as....!
  6. Hi Coop, I've been thinking about this post for months now... 'n here we are. ...Can't state enough - looking for tutorials on this .wauv - I'm old(er) now, and looking to spend my next years learning, tweaking; tinkering even... Regards,
  7. I started simming in the late nineties - what got me going and originally intriuged about XPlane since v8; hesitated cause eye candy was a dealbreaker. Anyhoe, being that ESP is as it is basically being repacked and rescaled. With introduction of v11 in conjunction, with my few years of vacancy...what got me started into XPlane was not primarily the eye candy upgrades & more. It was the physics and flight model...definitively! It feels like you're flying - Remember the Beta /early on... I felt the plane, stickshaking, wind... it all! Was instantly hooked and its only gone up. After growing up on the Microsoft platform, since grown indifferent & sparse to addons. Being that I seem to be lost in mid-2005-07 ish when with MS... around 2011 was burned out... XPlane made me a fan from first day I invested in a mild yoke system and flew the Beta again (after giving away + thrashing my equipment; or some of it either way)... shortly on followed with getting the whole lot - and then as setting up shop, my rig then, not available to resume flight status. I now feel like my little child again! Thank you Laminar! Regards,
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