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new RANDOM EVENT screenshot competition

Captain Kitten

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OK, this is a thread where you can add your screenshots and have a chance to win a 5$ gift card in the Threshold store.
This event is continous and random by nature. Starting now and never ending.

How to win? Simple - choose your most fantastic screenshots and post them here. (read rules)
Your screenshots may me chosen to be featured on website, promotions, Facebook events and so on.
When chosen you also have a chance to win a 5$ gift card. If your screenshot is especially good you can even win 2 cards at once...

Told you it's random ūüėČ

Admission rules:

  • xEnviro 1.14¬†or above
  • Max 3 screenshots per post
  • 1 post per week
  • Add your real name if you want to be credited. (optional)
  • Light "in sim modifications" allowed such as reshade maxxfx and so on

When adding your screenshots here you agree that

  • We can use your screenshot where ever DarkSpace or Threshold sees it fit
  • You will not necessarily be credited where it is used (but we will try to do so where possible)
  • Your screenshot might be picked but you will not receive the random event gift
  • All gifts are given by Threshold's own selection

(You have to be registered in the Threshold store to receive gift cards. Go to the store via the link in the top menu.)

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New Year, new entries. I just updated xEnviro to version 1.16, looks in my opinion absolutely stunning! Thanks for the plugin!


(1): early Cargoflight with SSG747-8Fv2 out of Cologne (EDDK)




(2) : Loading Cargo in Cologne with a lovely cloud in the backround



(3) : Passengers can't wait to board GOL 737-800




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Has my last entry been deleted? 

Anyways, some more entries after one (or now two weeks, because of deleting the post).

(1) Sunset out of Rio with heading to Frankfurt



(2) Climbing out of Rio, passing FL080 and do some cloudsurfing



(3) RNAV in Bogotá, very interesting approach


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